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(Campaign Life Coalition) — It seems we’ve gotten under the skin of the Chatham-Kent, Ontario, municipal councilors who viciously canceled one of their colleagues, Rhonda Jubenville, for daring to stand in the way of total cultural domination by the LGBT juggernaut.

Have you heard about this?

They howled bitterly during the February 6 Council meeting, and then ran to the local media to complain about constituents sending them postcards which called for their resignations because they had attacked democracy by canceling a duly-elected representative of the people in Ward 4.

Campaign Life Coalition had designed the postcards and made them available through our petition.

During the meeting, one of the councilors, Marjorie Crew, even held up one of the postcards she received and railed about it during a lengthy diatribe against the democratic participation of Chatham-Kent ratepayers who had the audacity to make their opinions known to her.

Woke Ward 6 Councillor, Marjorie Crew bemoans receiving a postcard from a Chatham-Kent ratepayer asking her to resign.

Imagine the gall of those voters!

How dare they disagree with her decisions in Council and ask her to resign!

Who do they think they are?

After all, they’re merely voters, while she’s a member of the elite ruling class who knows better than the rest of us, and is morally superior to us!

Remember your place, lowly peasants!

Defiantly – some might say arrogantly – Crew snapped, “I won’t resign and I support democracy… Don’t waste your money sending anything to me…”

What unforgivable crime did Councilor Rhonda Jubenville commit which caused Ms. Crew and a majority of councilors to cancel her by issuing a 3-month suspension and stripping her of salary for 3 months?

Rhonda had introduced a neutrality motion to ban the flying of all flags on municipal buildings, except for the flags of Canada, Ontario, and the one for the municipality of Chatham-Kent.

It was a commonsense motion, supported by many of the voters who Ms. Jubenville represents, but this small group of authoritarian overlords decided that duly-elected councilors cannot speak or advocate for their constituents on certain issues.

That’s why we launched our petition, calling on the mayor and 12 councilors to resign.

Part of the campaign includes an option for CLC supporters to send a postcard about the issue to their local official, and that’s what triggered council members like Crew on February 6.

They don’t like being told when they’ve done something wrong, and they don’t like hearing from concerned citizens voicing their disapproval.

They whined during the public meeting about voters sending them the postcards, and a few even took their “grievances” to the media.

Here’s a report from The Chatham Daily News. Councilor Marjorie Crew, said this to the paper:

I don’t think people realize how much of this we have been putting up with… There’s petitions online that have some very derogatory, hateful things that we don’t stand for in Chatham-Kent… This is wrong and I’m not going to put up with it.

Ms. Crew also described the individuals who sent the postcards as being from “a very limited, but loud, group of people.”

To me, that sounds like she’s channeling Justin Trudeau, when he described peaceful, Freedom Convoy protesters as being from a “small fringe minority… who are holding unacceptable views.”

Well, I have a news flash for Ms. Crew…

She ran for office to be a councilor. Getting feedback from her constituents, even when they aren’t thrilled with her, is part of the job!

Other news outlets picked up on the crocodile tears from this group of anti-democracy council members, but it looks like they forgot to mention Campaign Life Coalition in their reporting.

CK News Today published the full text of our postcard, without naming CLC, but characterized the messages as “hateful.”

The Chatham Voice, meanwhile, gave a platform to Councilor Anthony Ceccacci, who played the victim, claiming that it’s him and his colleagues who are facing the real persecution here, not Ms. Jubenville, whom he canceled, nor her electors in Ward 4 whom he disenfranchised by silencing her.

Ward 2 Councillor Anthony Ceccacci holding up CLC’s postcards during a public council meeting.

Then, The Penticton Herald jumped in on the action, too, republishing The Chatham Voice’s first article about the uproar.

However, a February 14 editorial opinion in The Chatham Voice defended the right of ratepayers to call on councilors to quit when they disagree with their decisions. It gently chided Councilor Marjorie Crew and the others who complained to the media about simply receiving a postcard.

Let’s turn up the heat!

Our campaign against these anti-democracy council members is still ongoing, which means you can add your name to the growing list of people who want them to resign…

And you can still send a postcard!

There is a small fee involved, which covers the mailing cost, but we’ll print them up and deliver them on your behalf.

This issue about the lack of municipal neutrality in Council’s flags policy isn’t going away, and you’re going to hear more about it as we get closer to June. Right now, we need to re-double our efforts to call on these democracy and free speech-hating councilors to resign.

They might be annoyed by getting more mail, they may even crumple up the cards and toss them into the trash, but one thing is clear…

We are speaking Truth to power and they are taking note.

The mayor and his 12 councilors, this “Disgruntled Baker’s Dozen,” know that a growing number of citizens across the municipality are fed up with LGBT “Pride” ideology being shoved down their throats and hung on government buildings, while other groups who are not ideologically aligned with the mayor, like the local Right to Life group, are denied a flag raising.

So, if you haven’t done so already, please sign our petition and check the box to choose the postcard option

Because you know this is having an impact, so let’s keep up the pressure.

Reprinted with permission from Campaign Life Coalition.