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(LifeSiteNews) — Editor’s note: The following is an open letter written to Senator Elizabeth Warren, on the subject of her vehement support for abortion, particularly in light of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, 309 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington D.C.  20510

Dear Senator Warren:

Your political commentary and actions in recent weeks have called this Massachusetts constituent to publicly express opposition and disapproval for the harm you are doing. Attempts to call your office have found I am funneled elsewhere – and this, in itself, is a sad commentary on our current representative government. We are now far from being a democratic republic, as established constitutionally. For the record, regarding these attempts to make phone contact from our home, this family does not need any more directives regarding the so-called COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, you are long-overdue in not referring to the disease as the Wuhan Lab Issue. Why run from the truth of its origins? We are not.

Your recent comment that crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) are committing “torture” on women is not only totally untrue and a disgrace – but it is bizarre. Yes, bizarre – and far beyond what we have observed first-hand. How you, our U.S. Senator, could have characterized them in this manner is inconceivable. In fact, it goes far beyond accuracy – let alone professionalism.

We have financially supported national organizations such as Birthright for many decades and your words are demonstrating a complete lack of awareness of the good things they do. These CPCs are literally life-saving endeavors. We have seen evidence of this first-hand.

I have personally viewed, live on the clinic’s ultrasound, a newly-created child in utero of a woman who had come to the CPC in Worcester to seek their aid and assistance. It was such a life- affirming experience that this memory can never be erased. She saved her child from being destroyed. In fact, this is so eye-opening and edifying that we invite you to do the same with us.

It is a source of pride that these CPCs outnumber so-called abortion clinics by 3 to 1 in this Commonwealth. The title “clinic” has traditionally been applied to healing centers. No one is healed by an abortion sadly. But the beating human heart seen on the ultrasound is stopped – forever!

The 2 crisis pregnancy centers vandalized this summer in Worcester seem to have been ignored by you. We cannot help but see a connection between the type of invective being railed against them and these events. Reflections on a half-century of their work and a correction of your view is very much in order. They save HUMAN lives!

Roman Catholic Churches are suffering likewise – with vile, death-dealing graffiti since the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s memo prior to the release of the Dobbs decision. There are many other very serious issues, including the attempt to murder Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Yes, with hope and prayer, we trust your priorities and quest of objectivity will see a realignment in your Senatorial representation.

None of these issues, including threats to Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s family – which even placed their Church attendance at risk – have received the attention deserved by you, as our U.S. Senator. You hypothetically gave the grade “F” to 5 Justices based solely on the views of those Justices in opposition to Roe v. Wade’s constitutionality.

What is completely absent by you is any reference of late – or ever – to the pre-born human in the womb. This omission is glaring!

Shrill rhetoric we are being saturated with from every angle; what we are now calling for is some true statesmanship from our elected officials – and a cessation of the former.

This writer is not without world experience, as prior to meeting my wife and having children, my life involved travel to 5 continents, even to being behind the Iron Curtain in the USSR. It was precisely this background which drew me to the Right To Life movement a half-century ago. Needless to say, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade now in 2022, I am a firm believer in God’s Providence.

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As regards CPCs, on 2 occasions I have actually laid my hands on the heads of young twins saved from having their pre-born bodies and limbs torn apart while they were still in the womb. Your comments at our southern border in Texas a couple of years back – about our government officials “ripping children from their mothers” brought back memories of these 2 sets of twins, one set in Boston and the other pair in Adams.

As you are well aware, Justice Harry Blackmun, who actually wrote the Roe v. Wade decision in 1972, admitted he was only dealing with the act of the woman aborting a pregnancy – and never addressed what others would call “the product of conception.” However, unlike an appendectomy, it is the humanity of “the product of conception” which is the moral and legal core of the issue – not the act itself.

“Follow the science,” is now the by-word of our medical research efforts since 2019 – and this has to be the focus in this new post-Roe era. While Roe v. Wade dealt with the act of abortion itself, and did not even discuss the personhood of the new distinct human in the uterus, science has confirmed considerably more since the decision was handed down in 1973. Fortunately, Roe is now in history ­– on a par with the Dred Scott decision.

Revelations of the scientific complexities of human development in utero can only be described as awe-inspiring. Surely, you have seen and studied the photography and allied statistical data. Whether we use the Latin term fetus (little one) or much broader terminology such as “product of conception,” the moral and legal focus – must essentially be on all the human aspects.

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Defend the Rosary: The Atlantic should apologize for anti-Catholic attack
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The Atlantic has launched an open attack on the Rosary, and won't stop there unless we push back today.

All praying Christians are at risk unless we ACT NOW and send a powerful message that sacrilegious images and anti-Catholic smears in a major publication will not be tolerated.

The article, which has been edited significantly since publication, scaremongers about "militant Catholics", implying they are capable of extreme violence because the Rosary is used as a weapon in the fight against evil spirits.

Editors have already changed the original image and headline because it was clearly anti-Catholic, but the article remains in place despite the unfounded smears about the Rosary inspiring violence. 

What The Atlantic published is just the tip of the iceberg: it's an indication of what the entire mainstream media establishment thinks of traditional Catholic prayers and Christians as a whole. To the left-wing establishment, Christian values stand in the way of...

  • LGBTQ agenda
  • race-based hiring and Critical Race Theory
  • "affirming" gender-theory and sex-changes for minors
  • climate change alarmism
  • abortion and sexual promiscuity

These, and so much more, are the values the media want to push on you and your family, and demonizing prayer is an essential step to succeeding.

Do not let them win — join the national outcry demanding accountability from The Atlantic. Force The Atlantic to issue a full retraction immediately!



The Atlantic openly labeled the Catholic rosary an "extremist symbol." However, the publication began scrambling, changing their headline to stop the initial outrage.

While this may seem like a start, The Atlantic has not changed the thrust of their message: traditional Christians are a threat to the liberal agenda and must be ostracized from society.


In their new version, The Atlantic is trying to paint "gun culture" as hijacking the rosary... a clever move to disguise the magazine's feelings on both guns and prayer.

This pathetic attempt at playing both sides will not succeed. The damage has been done, and we need you to send a firm and demanding message: Demand that The Atlantic issue a full retraction of this anti-Catholic diatribe.

SIGN now and SHARE with everyone you know — only a tremedous outcry will silence the propagandists running our major news publications and turn the tide of the mainstream narrative!


And watch more coverage from Fox News below:

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The act of “aborting a pregnancy” is in no way “reproductive rights.” Already reproduced is a completely distinct human being – whose heart will be intentionally stopped from beating. It is granting “destructive rights” – of a scientifically proven, though not yet legally acknowledged, DISTINCT human.

Linguistics have distorted the Roe v. Wade issue for a half-century, but objectively the humanity of what is destroyed in the act we know of as abortion is undeniable. And herein is the very core of what you obviously have been avoiding in your public pronouncements.

A summer fund-raising letter on July 19 stated, “As we are losing reproductive freedoms,” referring to Roe v. Wade’s overturn, but there is no mention of the pre-born who now have been saved.

Also, why no mention of the 63 million beating human hearts which were legally stopped from January 1973 to June 2022 while Roe v. Wade was the law of the land? You reminded us this year that you once were a professor at Harvard Law School, and this certainly calls for a broad multi-dimensional view of every landmark decision. It is intellectually dishonest to avoid all these current medical facts.

READ: Republican state senator from Nebraska equates banning abortion with mandating vasectomies

There are always 2 human beings involved in the act of abortion. It has to include the mother and her baby. In this letter you stated that the people have the last word, although “a small majority” have gained control. Yes, we agree the legality of abortion has been foisted on us “by a small majority” and we personally – before you ever became our U.S. Senator -heard that directly from the mouth of the plaintiff, “Miss Norma” McCorvey, who agreed to be the plaintiff and assume the pseudonym Roe.

Right in our own dining room “Miss Norma” related to us just how the landmark Roe v. Wade decision came to be – together with all the lying and deception which ultimately rendered the 7 to 2 decision on January 22, 1972. She was exploited by two Texas lawyers, Sara Weddington and Linda Coffee for their own gain. Norma, we considered a true friend and we were with her on several enjoyable occasions. May her soul rest in peace, as she now has been vindicated – as she long sought.

Allow me at this point in this correspondence to extend to you the same invitation, for you to be seated in the same chair, as we relay to you our own life experiences – and why we are devoted to see the day when ALL human life is legally protected – and respected.

The “extremist” designation and grade of “F” which you would have assigned at Harvard Law School to the Supreme Court Justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, clearly shows how far you are from our nation’s origins. My soul reverberates with the real-life words of ‘Miss Norma” McCorvey herself as the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, rather than these being now uttered by the individual who has pledged to represent us in the Halls of Congress. They are poles apart, and worse still, run counter to those expressed by the Founders of this nation that so many millions of us were willing to die for.

In the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, we read that our rights are endowed by our Creator. Yes, they come from our Creator, and the first of these is life. Of course, without life itself, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are impossible to pursue.

Senator, if this correspondence comes across as strong, it is intended to be. Its subject is the most important one in all civilization: innocent human life. Destruction of them deserves only the strongest of responses – by all of us.

Yet, in your last July fundraising letter to us, we are called “extremists’ by you because we opposed the Roe v. Wade decision. Beyond this you seek to codify the right to willfully destroy countless millions more of our innocent brothers and sisters. We strongly object!

READ: Georgia declares unborn babies ‘natural persons’ who can be claimed as dependents on state taxes

Senator Warren, where are the strong words of denunciation of whomever released the text of Justice Alioto’s memo on the vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, as well as the law-breaking picketing and terrifying death threats to affirming Justices and their families. How can you tolerate pro-abortion protesters denouncing the Roe v. Wade opponents as Nazis? We, who have lost close relatives in fighting Hitler’s Third Reich, take strong issue with them. Their history is completely upside-down.

Abortion supporters have not only been vile, but clearly in violation of written law. Your silence does not speak well, in the light of revelations regarding your professed Cherokee heritage. Citing your Law Professorship at Harvard also raises a multitude of other unanswered questions. The first being: how many undocumented immigrants have been dwelling with you in your Cambridge home?

The law-breaking charade before our Supreme Court by 17 elected U.S. Representatives, including 2 from Massachusetts, went beyond the ridiculous. It was puerile. Feigning being hand-cuffed, while intermittently raising the right arm and wrist, is indicative of a maturity level far below that of an elected member of the United States Congress.

Having peaceably and lawfully protested myself in that locale to overturn Roe, this effort showed the distinct difference in the intellectual level of the 2 positions. To observers of the contemporary political scene in the USA, it was educational but terribly distressing.

Since Miss Nellie Gray instituted the annual March For Life to the Supreme Court 49 years ago, it has been a peaceful and mature lawful protest. At times it numbered over 200,000 Right To Lifers. Surely, as a former Harvard Law professor and currently an elected member of Congress, this latest protest by fellow legislators must have been very embarrassing to you.  I did not hear that you expressed any concern in this regard.

Senator Warren, your announced effort to expand the Supreme court by 4 or more Justices has been seen as a purely political move. Rightfully so! We all know that the Constitution does not specify any number of Justices, but the phrasing of what you are seeking is unequivocal. You want our highest court ideologically tilted toward the current Democratic Party positions.

READ: Trump-backed candidate wins easy victory over Liz Cheney in Wyoming Republican primary

Any reading of our beloved U. S. Constitution clearly spells out the Court’s purpose – and in no way is it intended to be another legislative body. We are forced to question how much study or reflection you have done in this regard, including a review of FDR’s effort to do the same thing. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed – and he failed.

We citizens want our Supreme Court to act as the highest one in the legal system, and to have the final say in deciding Constitutional issues based on the original intent of the Framers and not the political climate in vogue.

You are well aware that the word “abortion” was never mentioned or even alluded to in the U.S. Constitution. Roe v. Wade was cut from whole cloth, and this is made obvious by any objective study of how it came to be. RIP “Miss Norma.”

This once-great nation was based on the principle of self-governance, maintained by a system of checks and balances. We are also unapologetically a Godly nation. In 2022, while the intent of the Founders has been affirmed by the Supreme Court in many decisions including the overturn of Roe v. Wade, your words and actions relative to them have been very disappointing.

With these thoughts, I will respectfully close awaiting your commentary and a response to our dinner invitation. Surely, this could be very productive and a genuine American truth-seeking venture. Our nation is undergoing very serious times. Truth must be victorious for our survival.


R.T. Neary

R.T. Neary is the director of ProLife Massachusetts and past president of the Massachusetts Citizens For Life. His parents emigrated to the USA from County Roscommon, Ireland.