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December 21, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Abortion is the right to choose what, exactly?

To have a pre-born human torn apart piece by piece? 

It's the right to choose…yourself, according to a new piece in Teen Vogue defending abortion as often the best and only choice for young women.

Written by “Violet,” the article describes why she had an abortion as a college senior because “I did not want to bring a child into the world of abuse.”

“We considered adoption, and dismissed the idea after much thought,” she wrote. “First and foremost, I could never share my predicament with my parents, out of fear of their anticipated disapproval. Second, the thought of physically carrying a child and building a bond over those several months, only to have it taken away upon birth was too difficult to bear. The commitment to regular doctor’s appointments and a complete lifestyle overhaul simply to produce a child from someone else was a sacrifice I was unwilling to make. Producing a baby in a country with thousands of children waiting to be adopted seemed unfair.”

So bonding with a “child” is too difficult to imagine, but having her dismembered and killed isn't? 

It's unfair to allow a baby to live when there are children who are waiting to be adopted? (Really? There are millions of parents hoping to adopt in the United States.)

But in her message to millions of teen girls, Violet recalled how “thankful” she was that her Planned Parenthood nurse muted and turned away the screen of the ultrasound machine so she didn't have to see or hear her unborn child's heartbeat. 

The story of Violet's abortion “is one of the choice to choose myself,” she wrote. And choose herself she did–at the expense of her baby's life.

What struck me the most about Violet's story was that she openly used words like “child” and “baby.”

But teen and women's magazines have become so blatantly pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, and anti-life that it's hardly noteworthy when they publish articles like this. 

Seventeen now has an “LGBTQ editor,” who co-authors articles like “Your Ultimate Guide to Coming Out.” Cosmopolitan publishes articles like “This Transgender Woman Talks About What Having Her Penis Turned Into a Vagina Was Really Like.”

And formerly “mainstream” National Geographic will next month feature on its cover a nine-year-old boy dressed as a girl as part of its special issue on the “gender revolution.”


Amidst the pain and deep confusion that manifest themselves in articles like this, I feel hopeful about the restoration of our broken culture. 

For every article like Violet's, there are dozens of articles that expose the pro-abortion lies that hurt women, kill babies, and destroy families. For every article like Cosmo's claiming castration is normal in the process of “becoming” a woman, there are dozens of articles rebuffing the lie that our bodies are meaningless. Only the truth can combat the culture of death's deceptions and heal those who such an ideology seeks to incinerate.

With God's grace, LifeSiteNews is able to play a part in healing the deep wounds that have rendered our society unable to recognize the difference between a boy and a girl or a tiny human being and a piece of medical waste. When I meet readers, they often speak of their gratitude for our pro-life, pro-family reporting that can't be found even in many Catholic outlets, and how much they appreciate LifeSite's work for the culture of life. The reality is they're just as much–if not more–a part of LifeSite as I and other writers are. 

Readers send us tips, share articles to get the word out, and act via petitions, postcards, or phone calls to fight injustice. LifeSite's reports would hardly have the worldwide effect that they do if no one was reading them.

Readers are also the lifeblood behind our pro-life, pro-healing apostolate. Reader donations allow us to report on often distressing cultural news, keeping the pro-life and pro-family community informed and inspiring people to be catalysts for positive change. And reader donations allow us to publish stories that counter Violet's, like the story of Maegan Chen, who chose life despite intense pressure to abort from the actor who plays Luke Skywalker.

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