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(LifeSiteNews) — I have written about the topic of no COVID-19 vaccination for children several times, raising my strong objections against vaccinating America’s children (or any children around the globe) with the current COVID-19 vaccines.

These vaccines are all risk and no benefit for children. One serious paper was published in Brownstone Institute basically saying that our children must be considered already “vaccinated” and immune. There are strong molecular and biological reasons for this, and children have a natural protection, especially in their beautiful, potent, and innate immunity, which I call their first line of defence.

Vaccinal antibodies from these sub-optimal ‘leaky’ imperfect non-sterilizing (non-neutralizing) vaccines could potentially suppress the innate antibodies of children’s immune systems, and this will leave our children vulnerable to a range of pathogen their immune systems routinely vanquish.

Vaccinal antibodies that are specific and havee high-affinity for the antigen will outcompete innate antibodies that are non-specific and of low (that is, short lived) affinity, though potent across a broad range of pathogen and variants. My core thesis for this brief op-ed offering encompasses a resounding “NO” to vaccination of children for COVID-19. Under no condition!

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PETITION: Appeal to Catholic Leaders to reject abortion-tainted COVID vaccines and mandates!
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As governments across the globe seek to mandate abortion-tainted Covid-19 “vaccines” on millions of people against their will, medical autonomy continues to diminish worldwide, setting a dangerous precedent for future generations. 

In response, during this Season of Advent, we have an important petition sponsored by Deacon Nick Donnelly of England, which makes the case that reception of the COVID vaccines currently available in the Western World is “morally illicit” for virtually all, if not every individual, in ordinary circumstances. 

The Bethlehem Declaration” has already been initially endorsed by four Catholic prelates, including Bishops Marian Eleganti, Rene Henry Gracida, Athanasius Schneider, and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, along with ten priests and many scholars, activists and journalists from the United States, Europe, and Australia.

It also provides a compelling presentation, rich with hyperlinked resources documenting that not only are these injections morally illicit, but ineffective, unsafe, and unnecessary.  

Calling mandates for reception of these chemicals “acts of violence” and “criminal,” the document also encourages those facing these difficult situations to exercise the virtue of prudence to the best of their ability while providing plenty of information to assist them in doing so. 

Deacon Donnelly said this manifesto received its name since the Church is presently contemplating the “baby Jesus who manifests the sanctity of life of all babies, created in the image and likeness of God.”  

“Bethlehem is also associated with the massacre of the Holy Innocents by King Herod,” he said. “This petition gives us the opportunity to protest on behalf of these silenced victims of the pharmaceutical industry” who have been exploited and used for the development and testing of COVID-19 vaccines. 

Another signatory, child advocate Elizabeth Yore, called the Bethlehem Declaration “an outstanding document” which serves as “the definitive response to the globalist tyrannical health Madness.”  Encouraging everyone to read it, she said, this petition “must resonate strongly amidst the noisy covid clatter.” 

“I so love the gravitas of this grace-filled and divinely inspired document,” Yore said. 

The Bethlehem Declaration concludes with the following appeal expressing the intention of this petition: 

We therefore respectfully appeal to the Holy Father, the CDF, all Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, lay faithful, and all people of good will to vehemently oppose the reception of these morally tainted, dangerous, and ineffective products, along with the gravely unjust mandates for their reception being imposed upon millions of students and workers across the Christian West. 


The Bethlehem Declaration:  
Challenging the moral liceity of the abortion-tainted experimental injections for COVID-19 and calling for universal opposition to ‘vaccine mandates’ 

 'For by His incarnation the Son of God has united Himself in some fashion with every man’ (GS 22). 


Whereas the Second Vatican Council rightly summarized the horror of abortion classifying it as an “abominable crime” which also encompasses a “supreme dishonour to the Creator” (GS 51 § 3; 27);  

Whereas St. John Paul II taught all must oppose such deliberate “murder” of the most vulnerable with “maximum of determination” (EV, 58; CL, 38); 

Whereas, the sanctity of pre-born babies, created in the image and likeness of God (Gen 1:27), is gravely violated by their utilitarian exploitation and commodification; thereby furthering the descent of the human race into “a civilization of ‘things’ and not of ‘persons’, a civilization in which persons are used in the same way as things are used” (St. John Paul II, GS, 13);  

Whereas all of the experimental COVID-19 gene-based vaccines currently available in the Western world, are abortion-tainted having been tested or developed through the abuse of stolen fetal cells from the bodies of murdered pre-born children… 



**Photo Credit:  Mike Baumeister on Unsplash

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No public health official has proven their case as to why our healthy children must be vaccinated with these vaccines, and we could end up killing thousands of America children with them. No one under 70 who is healthy warrants a vaccine for COVID-19. No healthy child, no young person. There is zero science to support its use in the young, and there is potential serious harm. It is as simple as that.

The vaccine makers did not conduct optimal research and did not study the harms for a group such as children. This is very reckless. The benefits do not outweigh the harms, and the CDC, Dr. Fauci, and all who are pushing vaccinating our children with this set of COVID-19 vaccines are very reckless, unscientific, and specious. They are dangerous to our children.

I call on them to reverse course. I argue that it is very dangerous and reckless to push to vaccinate low-risk children with vaccines untested for safety. This vaccination could leave children with decades of severe disabilities and even death. I am saying that unless the vaccine makers and all involved, including Pfizer’s Bourla, the CDC, NIH, FDA, and their officials are held liable, unless they remove the liability protection they enjoy, then parents must not trust them.

No liability should mean no trust by parents. Stand up now to defend your children and their safety; it is up to you now as parents. Parents, you must stand firm and be prepared to fight fully to protect your child. These vaccines could kill your children, and the vaccine makers and Fauci have not proven they won’t. The burden is on them, and they have failed to demonstrate an exclusion of this risk of death.  

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