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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

(LifeSiteNews) — Affiliates of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) continue to push for chemical and surgical alterations on gender-confused kids despite the biological fact and moral truth that it is not possible to change sexes in addition to the mounting evidence of the harms of transgenderism.

An opinion piece headlined “Supporting Our Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth” says that doctors should always help kids get surgical and chemical interventions and dismissed the idea of waiting to see if children grow out of their dysphoria (which an overwhelming majority do). Even those who continue to persist in gender dysphoria do not undermine the truth that it is not possible to change genders.

The statement from two Dartmouth Health Children’s medical professionals also falsely implied that Dr. Lisa Littman’s research on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria was “immediately withdrawn.” It was republished with changes but with no “corrections” as social scientist journalist Jesse Singal noted.

Dr. Frances Lim-Liberty and Jessica Smith wrote:

Some providers may worry that patients “coming out” as transgender in adolescence is due to external factors such as peer influence, social media, or past trauma. Much of this fear stems from a poorly written article that resulted in the fictitious phenomenon, Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Study participants were distinctly biased, and the design and analyses were flawed.

Though the article was immediately withdrawn, we continue to field questions about rapid onset gender dysphoria from families and pediatricians. The reality is that these talking points are used by those who have an anti-trans agenda, to insidiously undermine the work that is being done in transgender health centers.

But, in fact, there are documented cases of people attributing their identification as the opposite sex to the Internet and social media, such as Helena Kerschner, who told Michael Knowles that Tumblr users encouraged her to identify as a boy.

The medical professionals wrote they had to “fight against legalized transphobia and disinformation” and that it’s the pediatricians, not the gender-confused kids, who need to learn more.

Furthermore, medical professionals should not wait to see if kids grow out of their confusion as they progress through puberty and grapple with the physical and emotional changes that hormones bring.

“When pediatricians lack knowledge about the needs of transgender and gender-diverse youth, they may default to the ‘watch and wait’ approach,” the two authors claimed. “This method is outdated and harmful, denying resources needed to explore gender identity.”

“When a questioning young person opens up about their gender identity, the response needs to be one of unconditional support, which will resonate for a long time,” they said.

“Thank your young patients for trusting you enough to share their authentic selves with you,” the two wrote to wrap up their opinion piece. “Diversity makes this world a more interesting and special place.”

But the advice stands in contrast to established harms of transgender drugs and surgeries, including suicide, depression and of course regret, as some adults realize they will have physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

Consider how doctors “affirmed” Chloe Cole by removing her breasts at age 15, only to have her regret this decision a few years later. Now she can never nurse her children and the effects of the drugs on her fertility remain unknown.

The so-called “treatment” of individuals also has been shown to lack proper safeguards.

For example, a producer for Matt Walsh obtained an endorsement letter to have a surgeon remove his testicles after only a 22-minute video chat and several messages where he clearly indicated he was not eligible for the surgery even under the already loose guidelines of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

The documented harms of transgenderism have not stopped the AAP from pushing the interventions. One reason is that left-wing activists within the group have taken over the guidance writing while silencing dissent, according to The Washington Free Beacon. In fact, the AAP has asked the federal government to shut down dissent.

“Though the organization’s guidelines are framed as the consensus position of the AAP’s members, only a handful of physicians had a role in shaping them,” the Free Beacon previously reported. “Instead, insiders say, the AAP is deferring to small, like-minded teams of specialists ensconced in children’s hospitals, research centers, and public health bureaucracies, rather than seeking the insights of pediatricians who see a wide cross-section of America’s children.”

While the AAP is a liberal group, it also has an ally in at least two presidential candidates – Chris Christie and Asa Hutchinson. Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, does not believe that there should be any limits on kids having their healthy body parts removed or taking powerful drug injections.

Hutchinson, the former governor of Arkansas, said he opposes permanent physical changes but is OK with drug injections (even though they can cause irreversible damage).

Mike Pence, meanwhile, thinks once someone turns 18 it is OK to have their bodies mutilated, calling himself a “libertarian” on the issue.

In reality, it is not possible to change sex and the law should absolutely prohibit it for all ages.

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.