People from all over the world celebrate Day of the Unborn Child with letter to an unborn baby with anencephaly

Jose's mother, Bernardita, was very pleased to receive the letter of support for Jose, and greatly appreciated 'the affection expressed by so many people from so many countries.' She added that 'we hope that Jose can stir many hearts.'
Mon Mar 30, 2015 - 10:43 am EST
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March 30, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) -- The International Day of the Unborn Child, March 25, was celebrated this year by proclamations, speeches, marches, prayer services, and other activities.

About 150 people from 22 countries decided to celebrate the day in a novel way, by sending an open letter of love and solidarity to an unborn baby named Jose.

Jose is due to be born in a few weeks, but he is very sick. He suffers from anencephaly and may die very soon - either before birth, or soon after birth. 

Jose lives in Chile, where an effort by the new government would deny protection to babies like Jose. He lives in a country that for a long time has had no legal abortion and protects mother and unborn child equally, but the new government wants to change that, and open up Chile to "legal" abortion in so-called "limited" circumstances. According to Christine Vollmer, president of the Latin American Alliance for the Family, the Venezuelan-based organization which helped organize the letter to Jose, "The government does not value the life of babies like Jose, if they are willing to take away his legal protection.” 

Fortunately, Jose's mother, Bernardita Vial, would never consent to abortion, and has spoken out publicly against the government's efforts to approve abortion. Her powerful and moving interview on CNN - Chile can be seen (in Spanish) here.

Bernardita was very pleased to receive the letter of support for Jose, and greatly appreciated "the affection expressed by so many people from so many countries", wishing she could thank each one personally, and saying "just think how Jose is feeling from all this attention!" She added that "we hope that Jose can stir many hearts."

Here is the text of the letter:

An open letter to little Jose, care of his mother Bernardita Vial: 

Dear Jose, 

We want to let you know that we love you!

We have heard from your mommy that you are not well. In fact, you are so sick that you might die soon, maybe just before birth, or maybe right after birth. Some babies like you live for days, months or longer, but most die soon after birth. 

Even though your life on this earth may be short, we rejoice that you are part of our world. We are so happy your mommy is committed to loving you as long as you live. She is a wonderful mommy who is taking such good care of you before you are born.

She has felt a lot of pressure lately. Some people, even some doctors and other important people are confused, and don't see the "whole picture"; they are good people but they do not see the value in your life, and they do not want to protect your life nor those of other babies like you. They probably don’t understand that they are really "playing god". Fortunately, there are laws in your country to protect you. 

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We hope that those who want to change these laws to take way protection from babies like you will have a change of heart. We pray they will change their minds and be able to see the beauty of each and every baby, whether "perfect" or not. We hope they will understand the damage and the consequences that come to a country when babies like you are not welcomed. The mommies that are pressured to end the lives of their babies (called abortion) are also damaged when they reject the child in their womb. They suffer a lot, sometimes for years and years because they know deep down inside babies like you, and all babies, are precious and deserve to live as long as God allows, whether that be just hours, days, or for many, many years. 

While you are safe now inside your mommy, and can hear her loving heartbeat, and hear her sweet voice, you are blessed. And you will continue to be blessed when after birth, you meet her and your daddy and big brothers. They will hold you in their loving arms, and care for you as long as you are in this world. You are a blessed child, and they are a blessed family. 

We love you, Jose, and we are so happy to be your friends! 

God bless you and your whole family. 

God bless Chile! 

With much love and affection,

Your friends from all over the world, 

(Approximately 150 names from 22 countries)           

Alexandra de Skinner-Klee/GUATEMALA

Sally Ladky/USA

Kerry Lawlor/USA

Shantel Jose/CANADA

Patrick Buckley/IRELAND

Denitze Veludo/VENEZUELA

Jose de Jesus Magaña Martinez/COLOMBIA 

Roxanys Paredes/VENEZUELA

Thelma de Atha/NICARAGUA

Luis Fernando Calvo Díaz/COSTA RICA 

Alejandra Marín Murillo/COSTA RICA

Marina Videgain de Españo/PANAMA

Christine Vollmer/VENEZUELA

Valeria de Salaverría/EL SALVADOR


Ana Maria Ramírez/COLOMBIA

Suyin Pariata/VENEZUELA

Allan López Saborío/COSTA RICA

Sandra Españo de Calderon/PANAMA

Karla Solís Marín/COSTA RICA

John Smeaton/UK

Anthony Murphy/County Claire, IRELAND

John Deighan/SCOTLAND

Dr. Majid Katme (MBBCH,DPM)/UK

Julia Regina Sol de Cardenal/El SALVADOR

Christine Zainer MD/USA

Patricia de Fortín/EL SALVADOR

Pilar Arango/COLOMBIA

Marcel Arguello/EL SALVADOR


Paola Cholele Retana/COSTA RICA

Leonora de Bustamante/EL SALVADOR 

Gabriel Esteban Rodriguez Escandon/COLOMBIA

Evangelina Sol/NICARAGUA

Carmen Margarita Mantica/NICARAGUA

Tatiana Alvarez Araujo/ PANAMA

Dr. Thomas Ward/UK

Georgina de Rivas/NICARAGUA

Sandilly Echeto Jorge/VENEZUELA

Nathalia Sandoval/COSTA RICA 

Margaret McIntyre/USA

Yennileth Rivas/VENEZUELA 

Ariadna Españo de Ponce/PANAMA

Edgar García/VENEZUELA

Fr. Louis Di Rocco/CANADA

Dr. Rafael Jose Cabrera Artola/NICARAGUA

Elida Solórzano/NICARAGUA

Irene de Alfaro/GUATEMALA

Miguel Jiménez Brenes/COSTA RICA

Jorge Roldán Carranza/COSTA RICA

Evelina Stagg/PANAMA

Ana Melissa Españo/PANAMA

Dan Zeidler/USA

Lenise Garcia/BRASIL

Marijo Zivkovic/CROATIA

Darka Zivkovic/CROATIA

Deny Dieleman/CANADA

Margaret Van Dyk/CANADA

Bryan Kemper/USA

Susan Roylance/USA

Alicia Miranda de Parducci/ECUADOR

Mary L Davenport, MD, FACOG/USA

Katharina Rothweiler de Gomez Serrano/MEXICO


Viviana Gavilanes/ECUADOR

Andrea Gavilanes A./ECUADOR

Laura Linn/USA

Betty Boland/USA

Martha Peña Martinez/MEXICO

David Manly/IRELAND

Patrick Carr/IRELAND

Ryan Bomberger/USA

Bethany Bomberger/USA

Blanca Gonzalez Espinosa/MEXICO

Maritza Sialer/CANADA

Robert Cartwright/CANADA 

Maria Ines Franck/ARGENTINA



Bradley Mattes/USA

Diego Romero/ARGENTINA

Florencia Castro/ARGENTINA


Ximena Olavarrieta Gonzalez/MEXICO

Eric J. Scheidler/USA

Jill Stanek/USA

Lorena Lacayo/NICARAGUA

Maritza Grifo/PANAMA

Maria Auxiliadora Parducci Miranda/ECUADOR

Sonia Maria Crespo/ECUADOR

Dallys Grifo de Zuñiga/PANAMA

Dr. James Linn/USA

Jean Linn/USA

Gloria Grifo de Rodriguez/PANAMA

Jahzeel Perigault de Arango/PANAMA

Joe Brinck/USA

Troy Newman/USA

Martha Olavarrieta de Gomez Serrano/MEXICO

Dr. Ashley Harrell/USA

Rodrigo Gomez Serrano Olavarrieta/MEXICO

Patricia McEwen/USA

Maria Gomez Serrano Olavarrieta/MEXICO

Andrea Gomez Serrano Olavarrieta/MEXICO

Jorge Amione Cevallos/MEXICO

Charles T. Kenny, Ph.D./USA



Matthew Wojciechowski/CANADA

Jim Hughes/CANADA

Chris Slattery/USA

Nicolas Lafferriere/ARGENTINA

Walter B. Hoye II/USA

Monserrat Barreto/ARGENTINA

Peter Smith/SCOTLAND

Olivia Núñez/MEXICO

Jo Tolck/USA

Cheryl Sullenger/USA

Marija Turčinović/CROATIA

Maria del Carmen Torras Mercader/MEXICO

Maria de los Dolores Azuela Bohigas/MEXICO

Xavier Ernesto Méndez Alvarado/MEXICO

Joe Austin/USA

Fr. Stipe Renić, USA/CROATIA

Stipe Jolić/CROATIA

Rebecca Kiessling/USA

Monica Migliorino Miller/USA

Thomas Glessner/USA

Jorge Eduardo Rivas Ch./ECUADOR

Lola Velarde/ESPANA

Ligia De Jesus/HONDURAS


Carlos Polo/PERU

George Archibald/USA

Julie Archibald/USA

Virginia Sandoval de González/MEXICO

Francisco Alejandro Velasco Sánchez/MEXICO

Gabriela González de Meléndez/MEXICO

Marcial Padilla González/MEXICO

Norma Treviño de Villarreal/MEXICO

Esperanza Puente Moreno/ESPANA

Ruth Heras Puente/ESPANA

Nieves Laporta Diaz/ESPANA

Maria  del Mar Gómez Salva/ESPANA

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