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Pierre Poilievre, new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada YouTube

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(LifeSiteNews) – While Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre is certainly superior to Canada’s current Prime Minister (Dictator) Justin Trudeau, his voting record and statements regarding the dignity of human life and the traditional family show a lack of concern with core conservative values that Canadians cannot afford to overlook.  

Truth be told, I wish Poilievre was a true conservative. He is economically literate, young, politically savvy, and far from a slouch intellectually. He frequently uploads short and impactful videos to YouTube in which he interviews regular Canadians, hears their complaints, and exposes the reality of the economic mess Trudeau and his globalist puppet-masters have thrust upon the unsuspecting and overly polite citizenry.  

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But the fact of the matter is, outside of the current political framework in which everyone to the political right of Stalin is considered conservative, Poilievre is a liberal.  

Out of Christian charity, I will say that I cannot know whether his liberal voting tendencies align with his true moral outlook, or are simply a political strategy to appeal to a wider-range of Canadians, but the fact remains that it is quite hard to consider a pro-LGBT and pro-abortion politician a “conservative” simply because he is not a communist like his political adversaries.  

‘I see that gay marriage is a success’

In January 2020, Poilievre gave an interview to the French-language La Presse, in which he lamented the fact that he voted against gay marriage “15 years ago.”  

“I support gay marriage. Period. I voted against it 15 years ago. But I’ve learned a lot, as have millions and millions of people across Canada and around the world. I see that gay marriage is a success. The institution of marriage must be open to all citizens, regardless of their sexual orientation,” he told La Presse.  

Now, one would normally think that an integral part of being conservative would involve the desire to conserve something as integral to the social fabric as the definition of marriage, especially considering how quickly the LGBT narrative went from “just allow us to get married” to “if you don’t call your daughter your ‘son’ you will go to jail.”

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Parents' Pledge: We will pull our children out of explicit sex-ed classes
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There are countless reasons to conclude modern sex-education is less about critical thinking and more about indoctrinating and sexualizing children at as young an age as possible.

Consider these 3 questions: 

  • Why are politicians around the world pushing radical transgender theories on children as young as 5? 
  • Why is the World Health Organization calling for 4 year-olds to be taught how to masturbate?
  • Why are children in schools being shown graphic images of sex and told anything goes so long as consent is established, if not to encourage our sons and daughters to become sexually active? 

A sane society would try to shield impressionable children from becoming sexualized, and encourage them not to watch pornography, take puberty blockers or mutilate their genitalia, but our schools increasingly promote these behaviors.

In reality, the media, most politicians, and many education chiefs are obliterating a parent's ability to protect their child's innocence and identity. 

We must realize: these elites want children to have THEIR values, not YOURS. SIGN THE PLEDGE!

The results of this explicit, inappropriate sex-saturated culture and education have been startling: there have never been more children claiming to be transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual, nor have we ever seen such high levels of sexual assaults by minors.

Countless politicians, media personalities and education chiefs are too busy promoting woke trends to realize that sexualizing minors amounts to grooming, and has devastating consequences in many cases.

Children whose inhibitions are broken down risk addiction to pornography, teenage pregnancy, STDs, gender dysphoria, online shaming, and a whole host of other negative outcomes. 

Parents, not the government, must be in control of what their child is taught about sex.

Just listen to the type of materials public schools in the U.S. are promoting: 

That's why we are asking you to sign the Parents' Pledge that you will pull your children out of sex-education classes if your school chooses to sexualize your child.

The Parents' Pledge is our best chance of winning back our children's schools before they're entirely lost to radical sex-obsessed teachers' unions who are foisting these curricula on teachers.

Do you really want other adults deciding what your child is exposed to? Of course not.

Please share this brand new grassroots Parents' Pledge with like-minded parents and join a growing movement of mothers and fathers who are wise to the threat of their child being led into sexual activity.



Most teachers are disturbed by their unions' push to sexualize children

Planned Parenthood tells middle-schoolers about avoiding parental consent for abortion and contraception

The corrupting influence of sex-education is causing widespread abuse among school children 

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Nevertheless, Poilievre followed up his pro-LGBT change of heart to a change in action, and in 2021 voted in favor of the Trudeau government’s pro-LGBT “conversion therapy ban,” which used a broad and ambiguous definition of “conversion therapy” that included any attempt to “repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour or non-cisgender gender expression.” 

Critics warned that under this broad-scoped legislation it could be considered a criminal offence for a parent to tell their own son not to wear a dress if the son desired to do so, as that would be attempting to “repress” his “non-cisgender gender expression.” 

While that particular bill was not made law due to the fact that Trudeau called a snap election killing all open bills in parliament, an even more radical version of it, called Bill C-4, was passed unanimously by the House of Commons, providing a near-fatal blow to parental rights and religious liberty in Canada.  

Poilievre vows ‘never’ to introduce pro-life legislation

In the same interview with La Presse, Poilievre stated that his government would “never” introduce legislation seeking to restrict abortion, and if a private member’s bill was introduced to that effect, he would ensure its failure. 

In similar fashion to his newfound fondness of homosexual “marriage,” shortly after clarifying his pro-abortion views Poilievre voted against a bill seeking to ban sex-selective abortion in Canada.  

A far-cry from an outright ban on the abhorrent practice of abortion, or even the imposition of term limits, as Canada currently allows abortion on demand until the moment of birth, the bill was simply attempting to make it illegal for a child to be murdered in the womb because of his or her sex. 

It is worth noting that the sex of a baby usually cannot be determined until week 11 or week 12 of pregnancy, at which point the child has a heartbeat, internal organs, increasingly functional limbs and even active salivary glands, meaning an abortion carried out at this stage often requires surgical instruments.  

81 Conservative MPs voted in favor of the ban, while 38, including Poilievre, voted against the ban. To focus on just this one issue, not only is Poilievre not the most pro-life of the Conservative MPs, he is apparently not even in the top 80. 

There is more to conservatism than low taxes

The point of this piece is not to say that Poilievre is not the best chance at defeating Trudeau (which is undoubtedly a necessity), but rather to illustrate that while Poilievre may be smart economically – he accurately and consistently calls out the recklessness of the Bank of Canada and the Trudeau government as the primary causal factor of inflation – the problems that exist within Canada long predate and heavily outweigh financial stupidity and COVID mandates.  

Can a nation that allows the slaughter of the unborn really be all that surprised when our overlords remove our freedom to make medical decisions for ourselves? If we have a leader unwilling to ensure our most innocent have something as basic as the right to life, do we even deserve any of the other rights we hold dear? 

When we consider what it means to be a conservative, what’s more important? Repealing the carbon tax or saving the nation’s children from death in the womb or anti-family indoctrination through the redefinition of marriage, gender, and love?  

Of course, repealing the carbon tax is wise (even Liberal voters think that, they just won’t admit it), but if being a conservative has been reduced to a lackluster defense of freedom that takes place two years after government mandates ravage the country, and no-brainer arguments against delusional communists, then conservatism is nothing more than the useful idiot of outright malevolent liberalism.  

With last night’s endorsement of Poilievre by former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, it is likely that he will win his bid for leadership of the CPC and may well become the next prime minister. 

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Considering the fact that he did indeed stick his neck out for the Freedom Convoy, and the fact that true conservatives like MP Leslyn Lewis still rally strong support in Canada, there may yet remain hope that he change course and allow for the social conservative revival within the wayward party.

Help Mike del Grande defeat pro-LGBT school board: LifeFunder