Planned Parenthood gave us talking points to defend mass child slaughter at Thanksgiving. Yum…?

Just what we needed: a 'step-by-step' guide to promoting abortion over dinner.
Fri Nov 25, 2016 - 1:57 pm EST
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November 25, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) -- Exposed human trafficker Planned Parenthood thinks the conversation at Thanksgiving should have been about abortion.

The abortion conglomerate published an online "step-by-step guide" to talking about their grizzly business over turkey with cranberry sauce and cherry pie, titled, "How to Talk to Your Family about Planned Parenthood this Thanksgiving."

Narcissistically presuming that their corporate survival is what everyone should want to talk about at family gatherings, and ironically assuming that abortion is what family dinner conversation is best suited for, the nation's largest abortuary franchise wants to make sure its existence is the number one priority at the dinner table.

With the dubious beginning of, "’Tis the season for gathering ’round the holiday table with...your in-laws you have no choice but to tolerate once a year," Banned Parenthood's "guide" goes one step beyond cynicism to expose the hatred for humanity behind their industry.

One would not describe the Planned Barrenhood Guide as "warm" or "fuzzy."

But since the Trump election, Planned You-Know-What has entered Fear Mode, as is evident from their insistence that at the Thanksgiving table, "one of the most important questions people will ask...is: 'What will happen to Planned Parenthood?'” 

Do they actually believe that?  How unfathomably out-of-touch can they be?

The pressure to donate in the "guide" begins with blind flattery.  The foremost promoter of killing the innocent wants to encourage you to "be the holiday hero" by interrupting thanks to God with a desperate defense of their existence. 

"Hi, mom!"  "Hi, dad!"  "Mmm, turkey smells great!"  "Let's have a long talk defending our country's most racist murderer of children (not to mention exposed illegal human trafficker in bloody baby parts)!"

The first thing Planned Parenthood wants you to regurgitate for your family at the dinner table is that, "Planned Parenthood’s doors stay open, no matter what."  Whew!  That's a relief.  Now I can eat my mashed potatoes in peace, because Planned DestroyMotherhood will keep ever vigilantly fighting to murder as many vulnerable human beings as possible.

Of course, this PP claim is not true, as pro-life laws restricting the lucrative business of abortion have successfully closed "clinic" after "clinic" in state after state.

Why?  When Banned Parenthood is soooo concerned about women and committed to keeping them surgically sterile?  Because it's about the money, stupid.

Lots of money.  Half a billion in your tax dollars, for a starter.  Billions more in slush funds from the likes of globalists Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and George Soros.

"I want a Lamborghini," as one Planned Parenthood official explained in haggling over the price of "fresh," still-beating baby hearts for illegal profit.

The family dinner "guide" then wants you to succumb to peer pressure, and false peer pressure at that.  "The majority of Americans support Planned Parenthood and don’t want to see it defunded," they claim.

Yeah.  That's why rabid abortion extremist and Planned Parenthood bosom buddy Hillary Clinton lost the last election by an electoral landslide – and why Americans voted into office what is shaping up to be the most pro-life administration in the history of the United States, not to mention electing a Vice President at the forefront of the fight to defund the abortion behemoth, a Republican House, a Republican Senate, and pro-life state legislatures across the country.

Then the "guide" to defend abortuaries offers some plain 'ole lies: "Millions of patients rely on Planned Parenthood every year for essential health care, like STD testing and treatment, birth control, cancer screening, well-woman exams, and, in some locations, hormone replacement therapy."

Overlooking the fact that STD testing and treatment is only "essential care" if you are a fornicator or adulterer, and overlooking the fact that most of PP's "birth control" pills and devices are abortifacients, what's that about "cancer screening"? 

Planned Parenthood doesn't do cancer screening.  No mammograms.  No pap smears. 

As if following Adolph Hitler's advice to "make the lies bigger and repeat them often," the "guide" brazenly claims, "Opposing Planned Parenthood is an unpopular position with American voters of all parties."

Oh, really?  The fact is, 80 percent of Americans support significant restrictions on abortion.  Sounds like a majority to me.

To buttress their false claim of overwhelming American grassroots support, the "guide" points out, "Just ask soon-to-be-former Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire."  So, they pick the one-and-only incumbent prolife loss in the Senate (in a very close race), out of dozens of pro-life victories in that hallowed chamber and across the country. 

Hey, Planned Parenthood:  Just ask Indiana.  Just ask Kentucky.  Just ask the U.S. House of Representatives.  Just ask the U.S. Senate.  Just ask the White House.  Just ask... pretty much everybody this election.

"Could you not also ask Senators Johnson, Toomey, Rubio, Isakson, Blunt, and Burr, along with incoming senator Todd Young, all of whom strongly support defunding Planned Parenthood, and all of whom won their swing-state Senate races, many by imposing margins?" the National Review asks.

Once again, Planned Parenthood boasts of its "power" by noting its supporter base has poured in contributions since the election but conveniently neglects to give the total amount donated, indicating nothing more than a lot of small donations.

The National Review begs the question.  "Is this really a sign of strength?  After all, if the group’s financial health is as robust as it claims, perhaps Americans shouldn’t be forced by the government to contribute to the group’s bottom line."

Good point.

Then comes the inevitable plea for money, volunteers, and "charity" to help kill sixty million more Americans in the next few decades.

Again, why does Planned DeadBaby need your tax dollars, and, your freely-given donations?

Anyone who attempts to use this "guide" should reconsider their table manners, let alone the reason for the season.  We have much to be thankful for, but abortion is not one of them.

Nevertheless, perhaps there are some folks so radically pro-death, so uncaring toward their fellow human beings (let alone their relatives at the table) as to apply Planned Sterility's "guide" at Thanksgiving.

"Please pass the squash, and, uh, hey, Aunt Mary, let's start a conversation about dismemberment abortions, and putting together the bloody legs and arms and heads and bodies of the babies afterwards, so as to make sure the profuse bleeding stops and an infection is less likely, okay?"

Or, maybe...

"I love this stuffing!  And the coconut topping is delicious!  You know, Planned Parenthood helps abortionists crush the skulls of late-term babies, a lot like coconut growers broke open this coconut!  Let's give more money for abortion!"

Or, maybe...

"Dear God, thank you for this food, and for the barbaric and extremely painful mass slaughter of our fellow Americans.  Amen."

If you're disgusted reading this, congratulations, you are a sane human being.  If only Planned Parenthood could free itself from such destructive insanity.

Here's to hoping and praying that Trump/Pence and Co. make a dent in it.

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