Despite its cries of foul, claiming Texas has removed choice from women and all but confined them to coat hanger abortions with its new laws, Planned Parenthood continues to prove its priorities are wholly focused on making bundles from the killing of babies.

A San Antonio news station reports that the abortion giant is planning to open a $5 million abortion clinic. The clinic will meet all of the surgical clinic requirements so that Planned Parenthood can continue to do abortions in San Antonio. The station reports:


Planned Parenthood South Texas is fighting to stay open.  The organization announced it is raising $5 million for a new abortion facility that will meet the new ambulatory surgical center standards. … Officials with Planned Parenthood say women’s access to legal abortions is now limited with clinics around the state folding including the Rio Grande Valley.  There’s a chance many will be traveling to Planned Parenthood’s full scale clinic in San Antonio for services.  So far Planned Parenthood has raised $3.5 million for the new facility.  They haven’t released the location of the center.

The abortion organization denies the reason for its new facility is abortion focused:

Mara Posada, Planned Parenthood of South Texas Director of Communications said, “Prevention is our number one priority.  This new facility will not just provide abortion care there is a new expansion of services.”

However if abortion were not Planned Parenthood’s priority, the building a new clinic would be unnecessary because prevention services, as well as all of the other services Planned Parenthood provides, could be done without a new $5 million facility.

Meanwhile, another San Antonio news station reports that Planned Parenthood of South Texas CEO, Jeffrey Hons, said that women seeking abortions make up “just a very small number of all our clients.” Yet, Planned Parenthood’s website shows that San Antonio already has four Planned Parenthood facilities to serve the women of the city, if that’s the real intent.

This situation begs the obvious question: If Planned Parenthood’s clientele for abortion is so small, and non-abortion services are such a priority, then why not use the $5 million to help women in need – to fund pregnancy care and non-abortion services?

The answer is clear: The only prevention services Planned Parenthood prioritizes are the services that prevent babies from being born.

Reprinted with permission from LiveActionNews.org.