Planned Parenthood: The master of disguise and deception

When a community stands up, stands together, and stands strong, Planned Parenthood will leave.
Wed Dec 7, 2016 - 1:50 pm EST
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Editor’s note: Rod Goodemote leads an effort in southwest Iowa that is fighting Planned Parenthood’s offensive sex indoctrination programs in the schools. His message in this article is one of hope and encouragement that these programs can be, and have been, defeated.

December 7, 2016 (STOPP) -- In Iowa, Planned Parenthood comes in a multitude of forms and disguises. At first, it was Planned Parenthood. Then it became known as PP. After the release of the undercover videos showing the sale of baby body parts, it conveniently began hiding behind the acronym TPPI (Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative). 

TPPI began its Iowa quest by inviting the public to community meetings intended to raise a groundswell of support for getting its curriculum into local schools. These efforts backfired. The opposition came out of the woodwork. Community members attended TPPI’s public meetings, wrote editorials, sent letters to county supervisors and hospital boards, contacted school board members and administrators, and held public rallies. After a few months of this, TPPI left town.

However, like a bad dream, Planned Parenthood/PP/TPPI continued to linger. Its next stealth attempt came through the diversion of its grant dollars to county public health departments. Perhaps this ally could target Iowa children and implement TPPI’s perverse curriculum in the schools. Perhaps they could get additional free condoms into public parks. This is the battle we now find ourselves facing. 

How does a community or county or region create a pro-life environment that can effectively fight Planned Parenthood? First, be vigilant! Pay attention to what goes on in your school. I assure you, it is not easy. Often the teachers do not know what goes on because they are busy focusing on their own classrooms. There are usually three pathways PP uses to get into a school: family consumer science, physical education/health, or the school nurse. 

Second, pay attention to your school board’s agendas and minutes. Sadly, the agendas are often written to disguise their objectives. Human growth and development often shows up as HGD; condom machine shows up as health dispenser. So it is important to ask a lot of questions and read between the lines. Get to know your school board members and attend their meetings. They work hard and need your support. They also need to know where you stand. Most school board members think they are doing the right thing by supporting Planned Parenthood's curriculum because it is presented as “age-appropriate,” “medically-accurate,” “evidence-based,” and “grounded in peer-reviewed science.” 

However, the truth is that the studies show that PP’s impact is minimal. Their evidence is based on studies done in large metropolitan areas, participants are paid, and targeted populations may or may not be similar to your children. When you examine their data, the results are not good. They are not even close to being good. Additionally, their studies are often completed by agencies that are affiliates of Planned Parenthood. The bottom line is that Planned Parenthood promotes and encourages sexuality and sex outside of marriage. This is sin. It promotes the idea that everybody is doing it, so everybody should do it, and PP can make it safe. Then PP tries to come to the rescue, telling girls that, if they get pregnant, PP can help. Call us, PP says, but don’t tell your parents.

In addition, you can support a pro-life environment by praying. Pray for your superintendent, school board, school nurse, teachers, and students. Pray for PP employees. You will see God’s faithfulness!

Publicize your message. Get pro-life billboards in your community. Do you have land where a billboard could be placed? Do you have construction skills? Can you donate money for billboards? 

Be persistent and commit to the long haul. When a community stands up, stands together, and stands strong, Planned Parenthood will leave. May the Author and Creator of Life bless your efforts!

Rod Goodemote is president of Heartland for Family Values and is leading a spirited fight against Planned Parenthood in southwest Iowa. Heartland for Family Values was born in SW Iowa out of deep concern over the entrance of Planned Parenthood into local public schools. Reprinted with permission from STOPP

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