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August 4, 2015 (PregnancyHelpNews) — “It’s all just a matter of line items.”

This hardly sounds like it fits Planned Parenthood’s official axiom, “Care. No Matter What.”

But give Melissa Farrell credit, it’s a touch more palatable than the “menu” of baby body parts Planned Parenthood Medical Director Dr. Deborah Nucatola mentioned in the July 14 video in which she starred.

Farrell, who bears the sublimely Orwellian title, “Director of Research” for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast—the flagship mega-center for the worldwide leader of abortion—is the fifth and latest undercover video released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).

While the video is guaranteed to spur the Soma-intoxicated mainstream media (pardon the mixed dystopian author reference) and the ever-watchful White House to increase their opposition to the undercover journalists, no amount of ear-and-eye plugging or mantra-regurgitation will drown out what video No. 5 shouts from the mountaintops.

Planned Parenthood, the face of Big Abortion, is lining its pockets on the plight of women and the—tip of the cap to George Orwell's 1984—“products of [their] conception.”

In the 15:44 condensed version that is not approved for mealtime viewing, Farrell and her staff join the rank ranks of her forerunners, Nucatola, Dr. Mary Gatter, and Dr. Davita Grinde, openly discussing what it will take to get an “intact fetal cadaver.”

Yes, it may depend upon “how cooperative the patient is during the procedure,” but, provided she—the mother undergoing the abortion that is—can sustain enough “passes with the forceps” without “max[ing] out” on her pain threshold, it should be no problem to get a 14-22 week-old baby delivered whole.

The perfect “specimen” full of “line items” ready for resale.

As the undercover actors posing as buyers sift through a strained-out bowl of “[central nervous systems], brains, kidneys, thymus, liver, spleen, femur, bone marrow, hematopoietic stem cells” (an in-demand list cheerfully recounted by Farrell), the reality of what represents a “line item” is driven to the heart, one baby body part at a time.

There’s also a memorable moment where a staff member assures the buyer that pulling out baby eyeballs is “so easy, like 95 percent of the time.”

Is this what it means for a woman to experience “Care. No Matter What.”? Is this form of downright cannibalism what we mean when we say, “Every Child a Wanted Child,” “reproductive freedom,” or “right to choose”?

Or, should we understand this, as the “squeamish” side of a greater good, where hope for “potentially life-saving treatments for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and sickle cell disease” outweighs the plain atrocity of dismembering living, unborn—and born (see 7:55 in the video)?

Laying aside the fact that the cures to these ailments all lie—pardon the doublespeak—in the fantasy world of “potentiality,” we’re faced with a gut-wrenching question.

How many babies is it worth killing to stem the onset of Alzheimer’s a handful of months? One? Three? Three-hundred twenty-seven thousand? One million? Fifty-five million?

We pro-lifers may be simpletons who fell off the truck sometime before the grand sexual revolution, but the answer to that question seems pretty simple.

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Try zero. None. As in, one or two or 55 million wrongs don’t make a single right.

Here’s another simple truth: Every woman, every baby, and every abortion industry worker who has likewise been crafted in the image of God, deserves better than abortion.

With video No. 5, we have an even clearer distinction between life-taking abortion businesses and life-affirming pregnancy help organizations. The difference is death and life.

Every mom, every daddy, every grandparent, every kid is worth more than Big Abortion’s itemized bottom line.

Down with Big Abortion.

Reprinted with permission from Pregnancy Help News