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October 31, 2018 (Life Issues Institute) – Elections have consequences. Pro-abortion activists know that full well after the election of President Trump. His efforts to advocate on behalf of America's most vulnerable citizens – unborn babies – have eclipsed those of any previous president in our nation's history.

The election of pro-life governors and state legislatures has resulted in over 600 pro-life laws enacted during the last nine years.

Planned Parenthood knows that its federal funding is in jeopardy as long as pro-lifers control the House and Senate. That's why they're investing $20 million to gain control of Congress. This threat is real.

But pro-lifers aren't resting on their laurels. Life Issues Institute is utilizing all of its resources to educate Americans on the importance of this election and to vote pro-life. Our daily radio commentary, Life Issues, heard on nearly 1,200 stations in all 50 states, is alerting listeners to the importance of this election. And we're engaging with Americans on our various social media platforms and websites.

Pro-life motivation and mobilization are essential to winning hearts and minds.

Toward that end, we've created a series of pro-life educational quizzes on our mobile app Life Impact – a joint effort with Susan B. Anthony List (SBA). Join us there.

We are proud to be part of the SBA family, which is leading the way in impacting key races for life. They've targeted the states of Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Arizona and West Virginia. They've also mobilized ground troops to visit two million households in these states to turn out pro-life voters.

If Planned Parenthood succeeds in controlling the Senate, President Trump's efforts to confirm judges who won't legislate from the bench will be paralyzed on all levels of the judiciary, the Supreme Court, Appellate Courts and District Courts. And our hope of passing life-saving legislation will end.

Elections are crucial, and November 6th is no different. The lives of countless unborn babies depend upon your vote. It's absolutely vital that you identify where your candidates stand on LIFE and vote. Absolutely vital!

In my 43 years of pro-life advocacy I've never seen such advancement during the past two years for the babies and their mothers! Never. But that momentum is now jeopardized by those who profit financially off the blood of innocent babies.

If you do only one thing for the babies this year (and I hope you do many more) it would be to vote pro-life on November 6th. Yes, it's that important!

We can't match the dollars of the well-funded abortion industry and its fellow cronies. But we can activate our grassroots networks to turn out the vote.

Published with permission from the Life Issues Institute.