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Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre delivering a speech at the CPC 2023 convention in Quebec CityGlobal News/YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — As polls continue to project a massive Conservative victory in the upcoming election, many Canadians are hoping that the tide is turning and that our country will soon be led by a worthy leader. 

However, as the election draws closer, some have begun to question Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre’s true colors. In addition to his pro-LGBT and pro-abortion record, Poilievre has recently refused to answer if he plans to pull Canada from the United Nations’ Paris Climate Agreement.  

In addition to advancing many moral evils including abortion and contraception, the agreement allows Canada to be taxed for its emissions and has been criticized as a way for globalists to undermine national sovereignty.   

It seems odd that Poilievre, who has repeatedly called out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for dodging media questions, should do the same thing.

Moreover, considering the fact that Poilievre already promised last November that he would not remove Canada from the globalist, anti-life coalition, one has to wonder if his refusal to restate his previous statement is merely his way of hiding his true intentions because he knows it would be perceived as a betrayal by his base.

Indeed, while Trudeau may be a tyrannical pro-abortion leader who taxes Canadians and tramples our freedoms, Poilievre may prove to be equally inauthentic, leveraging his charisma and political chops to again dupe the public into voting for more of the same. 

Poilievre is neither pro-life nor pro-family, except when it benefits his campaign  

In December, Poilievre’s wife Anaida made headlines for championing the couple’s pro-abortion views. Poilievre has been previously “red lighted” by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) which rates politicians on their commitment to pro-life and pro-family values. 

CLC noted that, “In the 2022 leadership debates, Poilievre flatly stated that he is “pro-choice” and “pro-choix” on abortion, in both official languages.”  

Similarly, Poilievre has previously voiced his support for homosexual “marriage.” Additionally, Poilievre delayed defending children from the worst effects of the LGBT agenda until he felt that public opinion was with the pro-family movement.  

The Conservative leader is known for waiting to make strong statements until after the public reacts. In fact, in February, Poilievre muzzled his own MPs from speaking Alberta’s ban on “transitioning” kids, only to come out days later in favor of the move after public support for Alberta’s policy rolled in.  

Despite his statements in favor of the pro-family movement’s opposition to puberty blockers, he has refrained from pledging any action if he were elected prime minister, choosing instead to insist that such matters are best left under provincial jurisdiction. 

Similarly, Poilievre was notably missing at the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination in schools last September and, much like the Alberta situation, even went as far as having his office tell his caucus to refrain from making any statements about the movement.     

This led many online to accuse the Conservative leader of cowardice and having missed a good opportunity to rally his grassroots base.    

Following the outcry of Poilievre’s muzzling of MPs, along with overwhelming evidence that conservative Canadians are in favor of pro-family legislation, Poilievre voiced support for parental rights and blasted Trudeau for “demonizing concerned parents.”  

‘Axe the tax’ but not the ideology 

It is hard to argue that Poilievre’s most well-known campaign slogan is “axe the tax,” which refers to his future government’s plan to scrap the carbon tax introduced by the Trudeau government as a way to reduce emissions in order to meet the UN’s climate goals.  

However, Poilievre’s recent refusal to denounce Canada’s involvement in the UN’s Paris Climate Agreement has caused some to wonder if his plan to “axe the tax” is about an easy political victory rather than an opposition to “green” ideology. 

“You’ve made it very clear if you form government you will axe the carbon tax, but will you also withdraw us from the underlying United Nations Paris Accord agreement which allows us to be unfairly taxed on our emissions while giving China a pass?” Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey had questioned Poilievre during an April 1 press conference.  

“We will not be unfairly taxed on our emissions, and I will not give China or any other country a pass,” Poilievre responded.    

“We will reduce emissions and cost,” he continued. “But our approach is completely different than Trudeau’s.”  

“His approach is taxes, mine is technology,” Poilievre added. “His approach is to raise the cost of traditional energy that we will need, my approach is to lower the cost of alternatives.”  

This emphasis on technology and “alternatives” may suggest Poilievre overall supports the end goal of the climate alarmists – bringing about the end of the traditional energy sector – and that he just prefers a more politically pragmatic approach than Trudeau’s punitive tax.

Building his new government on sand 

Looking at Poilievre as the next likely prime minister, Campaign Life Coalition offered LifeSiteNews its own views on the admittedly popular leader.

“Pierre Poilievre appears to be a charismatic and pragmatic leader,” CLC President Jeff Gunnarson told LifeSiteNews. “But he is building his campaign and by extension, his new government on sand.”

“As with all political leaders in Canada, he has set-aside God’s rights. Our constitution recognizes the supremacy of God, and he would do well to acknowledge the one true sovereign King that is Jesus Christ.”  

“Abortion, euthanasia, contraception, special rights for those who identify as ‘LGBT+’ will continue in Canada under his rule,” he continued.   

Gunnarson questioned how God could bless an administration which supports the murder of its own babies.  

“Any improvement we may experience under his administration in our economy, housing, education, and health care will be short-lived as the nation’s moral compass will continue to guide us down the road to Perdition,” he warned.  

“If we don’t start or continue to vote for those candidates who acknowledge first the throne ship of God before party lines, we will never see the end of the culture of death that is so entrenched in our nation,” Gunnarson declared.   

“We must put God before party, before our own comfort if we want to return Canada to a state of Christian virtue,” he continued. “Let the political parties know we will not accept the status quo on abortion and euthanasia.”