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Post-abortive actress finds healing while filming October Baby

Jael Zeballos

April 3, 2012 (Bound4Life.com) - October Baby, a moving film with a message of life at the center of its story, surprised many in the media during its opening weekend by doing very well at the box office despite many odds.

What resonated with viewers? I suspect that in addition the film’s genuine and heartfelt approach to the issue of abortion, authenticity was key in the performances by actors. During the end credits, viewers got a glimpse of how true one particular performance was when the filmmakers decided to include an interview clip of Shari Rigby, the actress who plays a post-abortive mother, which you can view by clicking here.

Rigby shares how her role in the film mirrored her own life, to the surprise of the filmmakers who did not know that she had undergone an abortion in real life when they offered her the part of the mother. For Rigby, the role offered a chance to disclose a long-held secret, to find healing, and give voice to the story of so many women who have undergone abortions.

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“It was easier to get rid of the child, to not be questioned again, rather than to have a child and be looked up at the time like another failure,” Rigby says of the circumstances surrounding her abortion, breaking down in tears. “So many times, especially as young women, we carry that burden that we’re going look like a failure, that it’s shameful. And you can hide a secret for a long time, of abortion, unless you really speak about it.

In one of the most gripping scenes towards the end of the movie, Rigby’s character and Rigby herself, found healing in the forgiveness of God. On filming that scene:

“We went into it and I remember the cameras rolling and I just, right as I walked into the room, I just knew that the Lord was with me and it was just complete healing…that wasn’t acting, that was my moment with God and Him with me, saying ‘it’s okay, it’s over, and you’ve been forgiven.’

Reprinted with permission from Bound4Life.com

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