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(LifeSiteNews) – Without apology, Maryland lawmakers have introduced a bill that would offer protection to those who seek abortion and those who aid and abet in the act. Known as the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act, the proposal certainly does not protect the freedom to be born for the child who is growing inside his mother, but rather it sanctions his intended death by abortion.

The proposal is designed to remove all criminal penalties regarding abortion from not only the expectant mother but those who facilitate the killing. The bill states:

“For the purpose of altering certain provisions of law relating to the termination of a pregnancy and investigations of or criminal penalties or civil liabilities for a pregnant person or a person assisting a pregnant person; prohibiting a certain provision of law that requires the termination of a pregnancy by a licensed physician from being construed to apply to a certain pregnant person; and generally relating to the termination of pregnancy.”

In other words, the proposal would legitimize killing the preborn child to the extent that nobody involved with the act could be held accountable under the law. This is an egregious attempt by lawmakers to deny that the expectant mother is with child, relegating pregnancy to the category of a condition in need of treatment. There is nothing just about it.

The bill protects the termination of another human being’s life as nothing but a normal decision that an expectant mother might make once she determines that she does not wish to be with child. Aborting her baby is defined as “abortive care” and would free the abortionist or another person acting as an abortionist from any possible punitive actions.

A careful reading of this proposal underscores the intent of those who wrote it. The language relegates the preborn child to the category of disease and the person killing the child to the role of healer — someone who is “curing” the mother of her condition.

This proposal would enshrine in law an act of barbarism, relegating the preborn child to a problem requiring a solution. The current version of the proposal states:

“The physician is not liable for civil damages or subject to a criminal penalty for a decision to [perform an abortion] PROVIDE ABORTIVE CARE under this section made in good faith and in the physician’s best medical judgment in accordance with accepted standards of medical practice.”

This language is cruel and inhumane, providing cover of law to the abortionist who is really a hitman in a white coat. There is nothing noble about abortion, and yet this proposal makes it sound like nothing more than another form of medical care.

This is the level to which those who favor aborting children have gone in their quest to satisfy their appetites for more dead babies, wounded mothers, and scarred families. It is more than challenging to find one word of sound logic in House Bill 626, and thus we urge those considering it to toss it in the nearest circular bin.

Maryland’s House Bill S. 626 is trash; babies are human beings.