Updated: 07/30/2012 at 5:57 pm EST

July 30, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – For over four years, the American public has been told repeatedly by the President and his surrogates in the media and politics, that Barrack Obama is a “Christian.” Yet, according to a recent poll, fewer people recognize his claimed religious affiliation than in 2008.

The poll, conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life, and released on Thursday, indicates that only 49% of Americans believe that President Obama is a Christian. Another 17% called him a “Muslim.” Just before the 2008 election, a majority, 55%, had described then-candidate Obama’s faith as Christian, while just 12% said he was Muslim.


Major media outlets spun the story, as they have in the past, as an issue of voter ignorance. The left-wing New York Daily News declared that “Poll finds Americans still confused about Barack Obama’s religion,” while ABC’s Amy Bingham titled her blog entry: “Half of Americans Do Not Know the President’s Religion.”

However, the statistics tell a different story. It hardly seems possible that the responses stem from mere ignorance of the man’s self-professed religious identity (“Christian”) when more people identified him as such in 2008 (55%) than do today. Surely after living under the Obama administration for almost four years, people should be more, not less aware of his putative religious beliefs.


Mitt Romney, a mere candidate for the office who, compared to the sitting president, is relatively unknown to American voters, is correctly identified by 60% of them as a Mormon. If a significant majority can get Romney’s religion right, why can’t they get Obama’s?

A simpler and more obvious way of reading the poll is not to conclude that millions of people have forgotten Obama’s religion over the last four years, or that they have been somehow misinformed about his religious beliefs, but rather that they simply do not believe him.

Indeed, how believable is it that Barrack Obama, a man who battled to prevent the passage of legislation requiring that infants born alive after an abortion be given care, is even remotely inspired by the Gospels? It was hardly believable when he ran in 2008, and it’s even less believable today, after four years of bitter experience.

During those four years, the Obama administration has passed legislation creating a medical insurance system that funds the killing of unborn children, and forces Catholics and others to fund abortifacient contraceptives that violate their consciences. He has endorsed laws to declare that homosexuals can “marry,” and has used the U.S. State Department to push the homosexual agenda worldwide. He has spent billions on population control measures that are rammed down the throats of impoverished nations as a condition for receiving usurious loans and foreign aid handouts.

Since when did Christianity begin to endorse baby-murder, sodomy and sexual license? Of course, many mainline Protestant denominations have been doing that for years – but who seriously thinks of them as Christian any longer?  One wonders how such groups would fare in polls about their own religious beliefs.

In practice, the term “Christian” has become associated principally with two American religious groups: those who identify as “Catholic” and those who identify as “Evangelical.” Barack Obama is hardly a candidate for either of them, something a majority of Americans seem to get, even if the media doesn’t, or won’t.

Obama’s surrogates in the media should calm down. Americans are not fooled by Obama’s protestations of piety. Their incredulous headlines will do little to change that.