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Donald Trump speaks at the 2016 Values Voter Summit.Andy Parrish / LifeSiteNews

February 19, 2019 (American Thinker) — Dan Balz, chief correspondent for the Washington Post, has written a powerful screed against President Donald Trump wherein he repudiates Trump's declaration of a national emergency. He expresses in word and tone his hatred and contempt for Trump the man. Sadly, he, along with most Democrats and some Republicans, has qualms about Trump's “national emergency.” With compressed lips, they express fears about there being an assault on separation of powers. Or they insist his motive is not national defense, but mere egotistical self-assertion. The many betrayers of the precious soil of the USA offer rank, impromptu renditions of their theme song, called “Besmirch Trump,” but in the end, their own inadequacies are on display.

Actually, Balz's animus, and that of the arrayed MSM anti-Trump contingent, is due to Trump's incessant campaign against the agenda of the globalists both here and abroad. President Trump's insistence on the integrity of the American nation-state is profoundly at odds with the globalist mindset, which has taken over the minds and worldviews of many of those in positions of political power as well as the MSM and many of the technology gurus of Silicon Valley. His outspoken desire to improve our border security as well as to defend against Islamic terrorism is causing the apostles of globalism to react in rage against both the man and his policies. I see not only a “derangement syndrome,” but a paranoia and extraordinary flight from reality.

One aspect of this campaign against the globalists is Trump's ability, both during his campaign and during his presidency, to look beyond individual accomplishments and likeability of various Americans who are Muslim. Policy issues and likeability quotients of people are two different dimensions of existence and must be addressed differently. Only President Trump took it upon himself to openly and without malice take on this difference, and to express concern about the radical jihadist nature of a percentage of Muslims in the world, and he openly stated that this issue should be addressed in American society before we go the way of Europe. Even when he spoke in Saudi Arabia, he had the courage to denounce jihadism.

The open-door policies of the Left and the weak, go-along accommodation of more conservative elements have enabled unconscionably large numbers of citizens of Islamic countries to move into Europe. This hijrah or flood of Islamic immigrants is clearly a Trojan horse operation — an invasion, as has sometimes been stated — with “seeking a better life” as a cover for “seeking a violent takeover.” Most are welfare recipients. Their communities are often so hostile to the laws of the countries where they reside that “no go” zones for non-Muslims, even police, exist in England, France, Belgium, Sweden, and other countries. Native-born non-Muslim women have been attacked in unacceptable numbers by immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.

Why do European countries hold these policies? Answer: The Left has a history of being against the nation-state concept. Remember one of their original slogans, “Workers of the World Unite”? The ideal and idea of workers united across nation-state identities would to their minds become the basis of a new internationalism, where control of the means of production would be taken by workers with common interests — whether they be in Russia, Peru, France, or the Congo. This fantasy was never even close to being realized, but it's an ever burning flame in the hearts of the Left. President Trump clearly does not want to see the European experience vis-à-vis Islamist immigration repeated here.

Our relations with Islam and with Islamic immigration are only one dimension of our need to regain our identity as a nation-state, a nation-state that saved liberty and justice twice in the twentieth century. Also by our protracted Cold War against communism (of which many of our young people have little knowledge or understanding), the values of liberty and justice for all were preserved, however imperfectly, from the murderous control freaks of the USSR and the People's Republic of China. Another dimension is the systematic deterioration of our controls over immigration to our country, particularly at our southern border.

The porous southern border poses a different sort of threat to culture from Islamic jihadism. As with unwillingness to have a fully engaged discussion of the dangers of the excessive presence of illegals, the Left wants to exploit this for its own advantage. Leftists want to have these folks come in and vote for Democratic candidates. They want the violence to help de-stabilize our prosperity and security and send a message to the people that America the beautiful is not beautiful anymore. They want to destabilize society in order to effect change, change away from capitalist and toward socialist-communist values (government must grow when there is widespread crime and social disorder), and they want a society where the welfare state is the model of what caring and love look like. (The welfare state model of values and goodness is quite different from the image of peace, charity, love, and goodness advanced by the Bible.)

Trump has dared to challenge this globalist vision that has been growing for decades. He has challenged this alliance at its heart, and sixty-two million Americans realized in November 2016 — however vaguely — that the patriots, lovers of America's history, of our traditions, of Judeo-Christian morality, and of family life, needed to turn back the clock in order to go forward successfully in time and space. The momentum of the past few decades away from our national unity and consciousness has increased exponentially in recent years. Our prosperity, our identity as one country under God, as well as heirs to a tradition of personal autonomy and responsibility, can continue only if we re-affirm our historic, abiding appreciation for the nation-state concept — fifty stars on a field of blue emblazoned on the upper left corner of thirteen red and white stripes. Trump was our choice. Little did we know how effective he would be in challenging the globalist status quo.

Despite differences among various factions on the Left, they have in common their desire to ally not with the underdog, as they profess, but with the unstable, disruptive, dependent, and profoundly anti-American elements in our world. In this way, they hope to increase dependence upon big government for security, jobs, education, health, transportation, homes, and energy. President Trump sees through this power-mad vision that is at its core un-American. This is why we must continue to support his attempt to build a wall, control our border, and stay strong in the face of criminals crossing our borders and Islamic de-stabilizing attempts.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.