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(LifeSiteNews) – Editor’s Note: Upon the promulgation of Fiducia Supplicans, a Vatican document which breaks from perennial Church teaching by suggesting that homosexual “couples” can be blessed, LifeSiteNews urged readers to ask their bishops to forbid such scandalous “blessings.”. One priest in Australia, Father Francis Ferriggi, answered the call by asking both his local ordinary, Bishop Tim Harris, and Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane to request the withdrawal of Fiducia Supplicans. He also wrote to Pope Francis himself. Subsequently, Fr. Ferriggi sent copies of his letters to LifeSiteNews. With his permission, we publish them below, and we thank him for his example of courage and fidelity.

Letter to Bishop Tim Harris of Townsville

Sat. 10 Feb 2024

Dear Bishop Tim,

Greetings and peace be with you.

Recently through you Pope Francis sent us “Fiducia Supplicans.” I wish to beg you to ask the Pope to revoke the document.

It mentions male-male, female-female relationships, and these look like love but they are not love. They are imitation love, fake love.

Such ways of life help people to live a lie, and so they harm themselves. They also harm the children when there are children. Above all, they place their immortal souls in danger. Whatever the sin or sins, pride, anger, hatred, theft, murder, sexual immorality, their future is the same: eternal damnation.

Many people say that there is no hell or that it is empty or nearly empty. St. John Bosco was granted among other vision and mystical experiences visions of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. To impress the reality and pain of Hell, St John Bosch’s guide (in a dream) forced the priest to touch lightly the outer “wall” of Hell. His hand hurt and left a foul smell in his room for some days.

Bishop, I ask you, please ask the Pope to withdraw the said document. People can deny and ignore the Revealed Truth, but at the end of life we all have to stand before Our Just Judge.

Fr. Francis Ferriggi

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Letter to Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane

Thursday 22 February 2024

Greetings and peace to you, Archbishop Coleridge.

I am Fr. Francis Ferriggi, a retired priest from Townsville.

Recently Pope Francis sent us “FIDUCIA SUPPLICANS.” I wish to ask you as Archbishop of Queensland to please ask the Pope to withdraw this document.

It is based on a mistaken understanding of love and relationships. The ‘love’ it promotes is fake and destructive to all involved: the couple, the children if there are any, and to society.

More importantly, the eternal destiny of those involved is in danger. Jesus’ words remind us that those who die in sin—whatever the sins—and are unrepentant—will be excluded from Heaven. Of their own free will, they choose Hell. Jesus Christ’s warning in the Four Gospels is very clear.

Archbishop, I beg you to ask Pope Francis to withdraw this document. This can help people to rethink their decisions in view of their eternal salvation.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Francis Ferriggi

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Letter to Pope Francis

Monday 12 February 2024

Dear Pope Francis, Your Holiness,

Greetings and peace be with you!

I am a common retired priest in Townsville Diocese, Australia. Recently you published “FIDUCIA SUPPLICANS” with the aim of welcoming more people into the Church. Sadly, Fiducia Supplicans can confuse people and blur distinctions regarding sin, Revelation, guilt, judgement, and Hell.

I ask you please, Holy Father, to withdraw the Document. We already have confusion in the world and the Church. Why add more? We need clear, unambiguous statements.

Holy Father, a resemblance of love is not really love. It is fake love—an illusion of love, a deception.

This fake love hurts in many ways those involved in the relationship. It hurts children involved.

More importantly than these temporal faults, it places the eternal salvation of those involved in danger. We know through Revelation that those who die confirmed in sin will be separated from God forever—Hell. As Shepherds, it is our responsibility to call people to conversion and repentance.

Dear Holy Father, please let us help these brothers and sisters from eternal loss. God wishes us all in Heaven, but we have to use our freedom the way He wishes through His authentic teaching.

Bless me!

Fr. Francis Ferriggi