‘Pro-choice’- but only when it comes to killing babies

Exactly what does the pro-abortion crowd think a university is for, if not for a free discussion?
Thu Jan 12, 2012 - 2:28 pm EST

January 12, 2012 (Unmaskingchoice.ca) - As the abortion debate in Canada heats up and growing numbers of young people join the fray, abortion advocates are getting increasingly nervous. This isn’t surprising, of course.  With biology, embryology, and a philosophically consistent view of human rights on the pro-life side, abortion advocates have very few coherent arguments left to present. The “pro-choice” answer to this dilemma? Soviet Union-style censorship and suppression.


While both censorship and suppression of pro-lifers has happened with increasing frequency in the last few years—pro-life clubs being decertified and defunded, university students at Carleton being arrested on their own campus for attempting to display the Genocide Awareness Project—pro-abortion students at Carleton university upped the ante this week when they submitted a referendum question to the Carleton University Student Association.  It reads,  “Are you in favour of banning groups such as Lifeline, the Genocide Awareness Project, Campaign for Life Coalition and other organizations that use inaccurate information and violent images to discourage women from exploring all options in the event of pregnancy from Carleton University?”

Keep in mind here that Carleton Lifeline was decertified and defunded by the student union in December of 2010. This, of course, occurred several months after campus security summoned a large contingent of police officers to have four university students arrested on their own campus for attempting to erect a graphic abortion display. With pro-life students already thoroughly censored in every way officially possible, pro-abortion students have stepped up proudly to protect the fragile minds of university students at risk of being exposed to new ideas. Essentially, they are asking the student union to evict pro-life students from campus. Pro-lifers already have no officially sanctioned club—but the very presence of differing views has led these open-minded “students” to conclude that not enough has been done. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? That probably got covered up by an autographed poster of Kim Jong Il.

It’s hard to express in words just how disgusting the actions of these totalitarian abortion advocates are. They have essentially appointed themselves the Commissioners of What is Acceptable, and only views that they consider to be “non-offensive” should be permitted. Exactly what does the pro-abortion crowd think a university is for, if not for a free discussion? Bad ideas should hang themselves, not be lynched by the self-styled thought police. I’m not sure what these people expect from university, but it is certainly not an education.

As columnist George Jonas noted, “The Charter of Rights and Freedoms should be kept in a cool and dry place, out of the reach of children.”

I think the intellectually honest will admit that there is something fundamentally suspicious about a group that claims to have all the answers and claims to occupy the moral high ground, yet refuses to engage in any sort of rational discourse, instead relying on police officers and official censorship to ensure the prevalence of their views. This is arrogance mixed with a crippling fear—the fear that if the discussion takes place, they will lose.

And so they will.

Reprinted with permission from Unmaskingchoice.ca

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