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Eva Vlaardingerbroek and her parents pictured with Msgr Newton Eva Vlaardingerbroek / Twitter

(LifeSiteNews) — In a ceremony in London, England, on Sunday April 23, Dutch farmers’ activist and lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek converted to the Catholic faith. She posted a video on her Twitter feed, showing the moment she was received into the Catholic Church alongside her father. “I’m home now” she wrote. 

A legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

Vlaardingerbroek’s mother is a Roman Catholic, but both she and her father, whilst practicing Christians, were not. In this light, the choice of the church at Warwick Street in London is a significant one. It is home to an Ordinariate created by Pope Benedict XVI to address the spiritual needs of Christians wishing for full communion with Holy Mother Church.

In November 2009, Pope Benedict XVI issued the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, writing: 

In recent times the Holy Spirit has moved groups of Anglicans to petition repeatedly and insistently to be received into full Catholic communion individually as well as corporately. The Apostolic See has responded favorably to such petitions.

Indeed, the successor of Peter, mandated by the Lord Jesus to guarantee the unity of the episcopate and to preside over and safeguard the universal communion of all the Churches, could not fail to make available the means necessary to bring this holy desire to realization.

Her conversion was performed by Monsignor Keith Newton, a former Anglican bishop who was ordained as a Catholic priest in 2011. Newton leads the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham at Our Lady of the Assumption and St. Gregory at Warwick Street, London.

Since its creation, the Ordinariate has seen over 80 former Anglican priests received into the Catholic Church, bringing thousands of laity and forty former Anglican parishes with them. 

It is fitting that Vlaardingerbroek should choose this setting, made possible by the then Holy Father, to join the one true faith founded by Christ.

Reject globalism – embrace God 

The 26-year-old Dutch lawyer has been at the forefront of the protests by Dutch farmers to halt Net Zero measures which would see thousands of Dutch farms forcibly closed. Yet she believes the issue is neither confined to farming, nor to the Netherlands.

In a video interview in March 2023 with The Spectator she observed, “This Net Zero plan is not actually about saving the climate or avoiding the world from being destroyed – it is a political decision that is used to crack down on people’s freedom and people’s rights.”

In an address to the Brussels National Conservatism Conference on March 23, 2022, Vlaardingerbroek outlined a manifesto for a renewed political movement. 

During her talk  “Reject Globalism – Embrace God she argues that the reason conservatives are losing so many battles is because “we have lost track – and sight of God.”

A journey home 

What brought Vlaardingerbroek into the sight of God? In an April 23 email interview with the National Catholic Register she expands on her belief that the difficulties facing the modern world are the result of a spiritual battle. 

Born to a Catholic mother and Protestant father, Vlaardingerbroek, 26, was brought up a Christian, but it was the COVID-19 pandemic that fully awakened her to the reality of the spiritual battle the world is facing, and a realization that the Catholic faith is ‘the most powerful weapon’ against the moral relativism of today.

She is not the only Christian to have noticed this, of course. What then brought her to Catholicism? 

I found professor Peter Kreeft’s speeches on YouTube. I watched his content for hours on end till I stumbled on his video called ‘Seven Reasons Why Everyone Should Become a Catholic.’ I watched it, and I simply couldn’t argue with what he said.

Returning home from Christmas Mass in 2022, she received a message from her friend, Father Benedict Kiely. “When are you going to become a Catholic?” it said. She realized that the time had come, and that God was calling her home. 

A message of hope in dark times 

Vlaardingerbroek combines a clear-sighted view of the political and social evil of the world of today. Yet her faith both guides and consoles her, as the madness of modernism is foretold by God – whose goodness is certain to prevail. 

Politically and socially speaking, I think we live in incredibly dark times. An upside down world, where people call men women, women men; a world where people call evil good and good evil, as described in Isaiah 5:20.

Good will win because Christ has already conquered death and set us free.

The banner of Christ

Vlaardingerbroek is already an accomplished and intelligent political commentator – and activist. She does not rely on empty slogans, but allies her steadfast faith in God with a penetrating analysis of the ideology of evil which we as Catholics face today. 

She reminds us that we have the supreme weapon – in Christ’s help – and we should no longer be afraid to use His name in defense of the good. 

We are fighting such a large evil, that we can only win with Him on our side. And we have Him on our side. But if we spend our energy on hiding Him, why would He be there for us?

This is not a mere posture. Vlaardingerbroek believes, as I do, that politically and socially we face a diabolical wickedness which masquerades as the highest virtue. 

We will have to recognize that we are dealing with an evil ideology that is fundamentally opposed to everything we, as Catholics stand for, if we want to stand a fighting chance.

The replacement of God

This, of course, is the familiar program of deception, seduction, lies, and ruin. It is the work of Satan whispered in flattering terms – offering man as the replacement of God. This is a strategy which exploits human limitations and weakness alike, and is heavily reliant on the manipulation of mortal fear. 

The problem is that many Christians fall for the ‘pretty words’ the globalists use to sell us their plans.

Whether it’s climate change, COVID or transhumanism, they present their ‘solutions’ under the guise of equality and noble pretexts, but in fact, if you look at what they’re really proposing, it always comes down to the fact that these people want to play God.

She is equally precise on the propaganda employed in the information war, to convert populations to a posthuman – and Godless – agenda, 

And the solutions they offer – vaccine passports, transhumanism, ‘saving the planet’ – always feed off of people’s fear of death.

Which, sadly, if you believe this life on earth is all there is, is not a strange thing to be afraid of.

Does Eva herself see the ultimate depth of this evil? Certainly. Her closing remarks serve as a rallying cry for Catholics everywhere:

So what I believe needs to be done is that Christians, especially Catholics, openly reject any type of cultural or religious relativism. The narrative of ‘you can have your truth and I have mine,’ is I think exactly what the devil wants people to say.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek took the confirmation name of St. Joan of Arc on Sunday. It is clear she understands the fight ahead, to which she appears to have devoted her life. Welcome, Eva Joan, to the Catholic faith.