July 27, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Saturday morning, people filled Wright Street in Sacramento, California. Parents were smiling, children were laughing, and young adults gathered together and were talking to some of their best friends. Everyone held balloons. It was an unusual sight at an abortion clinic, particularly the Women’s Health Specialist.

When people hear the term “flash-mob,” some think of angry mobs bent on violence, whereas others think of pointless actions by choirs in clothing stores. This one was different. It was a prayerful, peaceful, gathering with the purpose of changing hearts and minds in Sacramento about the issue of abortion.

This was no small event. With over 150 people participating, as well as reporters from Fox 40, Univision Noticias 19, Channel 13, and the Sacramento Bee, it was well attended. However, this is just the beginning of a new wave of the pro-life movement in the capitol of California.

Before all the excitement, a group of young adults met at a local restaurant, filling up large yellow balloons with the word “LIFE” on them. One of the leaders of Dixon, California’s Theology on Tap group, Jeff Gilmore, thanked everyone for coming, and communicated our need to take a stand against this injustice.

John Johnson, another leader of Dixon’s Theology on Tap group, pointed out that the abortionist told media, “they ‘were still there for women’ despite the demonstration, but the bottom line is, due to our overwhelming presence, there were zero abortions performed that Saturday.”


In fact, the parking lot was empty except for some of the upper-level management’s cars. Also present was Women’s Health Specialist’s attorney, Mark E. Merin. Mr. Merin did not see any harassment or blocking of entrances. Instead, he saw models of unborn children at the various stages of development, a closed abortion clinic, and many smiling and happy people (except his clients). It was interesting that Mr. Merin even showed up at all, considering there were no abortions that day, no escorts or security guard, and no abortionists. Those gathered made sure to make Mr. Merin’s job boring that day, and he went home.

Perhaps Sacrament’s most faithful pro-life activist, Wynette Sills, said, “Saturdays are typically the busiest abortion mornings of the week at Women’s Health Specialist. On average, 10-20 women will arrive to terminate the life of their child, as that is the only ‘service’ they offer on Saturdays. Yet, Saturday, the clinic owners completely closed their business down, in anticipation of the pro-life prayerful presence. In the time I have been present at Wright Street, I have never observed them completely closing down their abortion business. Even when Bishop Soto led a Rosary Procession there earlier this year, the clinic only delayed their opening until later in the afternoon, but on this past Saturday, they were completely closed; no women were hurt, no lives were lost. If on average, they charge $300-$500 for each abortion, I would estimate the clinic lost several thousand dollars by closing on Saturday. Therefore, we need to maintain our presence, praying for conversion of hearts and minds.”

The pro-lifers in Sacramento do not gather to harass women— they help them. This event was not a picket or a protest. Instead, they show them how to choose life for their unborn children. Women deserve to know facts about fetal development, the risks of abortion, and the free resources that are available to them. While the abortion industry is not forthcoming about this information, Sacramento has a crises pregnancy center available, which can tell them the truth. Sacramento has come together to help mothers in need, with strollers, car-seats, baby clothes, maternity clothes, groceries, even kitchen appliances, a family car, and rental assistance for some very needy families.

This is a cause worth joining, and if anyone is interested, please send an email to [email protected].