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(LifeSiteNews) — After an hour and a half weather delay due to an ice storm which swept through central Michigan, the courtroom opened back up at 10 AM on Thursday, February 23 for the resumption of the Red Rose Rescue trial.

As soon as the jury had taken their seats, the assistant city prosecutor Bonnie Fitch brought out her next witness, Cornelius McNeis who works for Strategic Protective Services as a security guard. The Southfield abortion mill has a contract with this agency, providing them with abortion blood money to get security employees in return who will guard their killing center. The job of an abortion mill “guard” is to make sure that the gruesome operations and cash flow continue without any interruption.

The witness testified that he carries a gun with a basic civilian conceal license, and that he has received no formal training in being a security guard. He explained that the abortion mill owner Renee Chelian tells him what to do. Later he would claim that she authorized him to violently grab, push, throw, and physically jump on top of anyone who seems to be creating a “disturbance.”

This, of course, does not apply to those who are disturbing the growth of human life in the womb by deadly violence.

When asked by the prosecutor if he was working on the day of the rescue, April 23, 2022, Cornelius replied that he was NOT on duty. He was not on the clock. He was not getting paid. He was not working. And yet he put on his “security” vest and was perfectly happy to violently, and even cruelly, eject three peaceful rescuers from the abortuary waiting room. Video evidence clearly revealed his rough and disturbing conduct.

McNeis, unwilling to engage in any real dialogue, first grabbed rescuer Jacob Gregor who was simply standing in the waiting room with red roses in his hand. The video footage shows Jacob courageously refusing to defend himself or offer any resistance to the unlawful assault being committed by the off-duty “guard.” On the big screen monitor in the center of the courtroom, just above the head of the witness, everyone was able to see Cornelius literally throwing Jacob out of the waiting room and landing in a heap in the hallway outside. Thank God Gregor was only roughed up a bit, and sustained no permanent injuries.

But McNeis was not finished with his spree of violence.

The abortion mill video camera showed that Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, CFR, was in the waiting room and had been speaking respectfully with pregnant mothers. He sat down and was plainly seated in a chair. Cornelius and another large security firm employee entered, approached, then appeared to get angry with Father. Suddenly, McNeis grabbed Fr. Fidelis’ backpack which was filled with his Franciscan religious habit, pregnancy resource brochures, and red roses. Fidelis attempted to hold on to his property, but Cornelius roughly pushed him down to the groun,d throwing him into metal chairs while the other large abortion guard grabbed him and held him down.

This was a very disturbing and violent assault for the entire courtroom to observe by video.

Thankfully, apart from some bumps and bruises, Fr. Fidelis suffered no serious injuries.

Cornelius described this situation to the prosecutor as Fr. Fidelis “struggling” and “kicking over tables and chairs.” This claim was totally absurd. Father was tossed into the chair. Plus, there were no tables as the footage clearly shows.

Since Father had gone completely limp, the two large men picked him up by his arms and legs and carried him out the door of the room. Other video footage showed that Fr. Fidelis placed a hand on the door frame while the two men were carrying him out, at which point they roughly grabbed his arm and violently dragged him into the hall.

In the dim hallway light, the other man, who weighs about 300 pounds, jumped onto Father. “Get off me now,” exclaimed Fidelis. But the heavy man would not. This was an outrageous further act of assault. Again, apart from some minor injuries, Fr. Fidelis did not have any of his bones broken or organs crushed under the extraordinary weight of the abortuary “guard.”

Cornelius returned to the waiting room and to his atrocious, abusive behavior.

Elizabeth Wagi, a thin and fragile grandmother, was offering roses to pregnant moms who were there next to her. When McNeis approached to confront Elizabeth, she gently sat down on a chair. But he came behind her and picked up the back of the chair and ripped it out from under her as she was seated. This startling action ejected her forward head first towards the ground.

There were a few gasps in the courtroom gallery as, thanks to the video, viewers saw the gentle woman treated so harshly. This spontaneous sign of shock and sympathy angered prosecutor Fitch who complained to the judge. Judge Arvant used the opportunity to admonish the courtroom for their involuntary sounds which indicated surprise, disgust for the violence, and compassion for Elizabeth.

Next, the off-duty McNeis grabbed Elizabeth with unnecessary force and pulled her by the arm and shoulder out of the waiting room. He also tossed her to the hallway floor, but he pushed her right in the direction of a glass window! Fortunately, his forceful assault of Mrs. Wagi didn’t end with her being thrown through the glass. By God’s grace, she was shaken up but did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

The prosecutor then asked McNeis, who, to repeat, was not working that day, if he told the rescuers in the hallway to leave. He said, “No one left.”

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Red Rose Rescue trials are unlike any other

Whenever there is a rescue trial, one must keep in mind that it is very different from almost every other kind of trial there is. Words and phrases have different meanings from what one might usually assume. Giving a few examples, we evaluate some of these from a pro-life perspective.

The guard said, “No one left.” This is a wonderful and precious thing! When those involved with killing the babies asked the rescuers to leave and no longer work to protect the innocent—THEY DID NOT!

The police officer remarked, “They did not cooperate with the arrest.” This too is a marvelous witness! When threatened with an unjust arrest made at the service of the murder industry, the rescuers DID NOT COMPLY with UNJUST commands of erring law enforcement. Bravo!

The guard complained, “You cannot be here.”  This is the deceptive opinion of those who kill for cash, but it is not the opinion of the babies whose lives are in danger, nor is it the opinion of Almighty God Who calls us to “rescue those being taking to their death” (Proverbs 24:11) and not to run away from those in grave danger.

The police officer claimed, “I was unable to perform my duty because they remained kneeling on the floor.”  Those who are “sworn to serve and protect” should always serve and protect human persons, not a business that destroys babies for profit. When rescuers continue to pray and remain in solidarity with the helpless preborn, they bear extraordinary witness to the real duty each of us have to defend life. Not only that, but by their presence they offer actual practical protection to the babies who are scheduled to be butchered alive.

Returning to the trial, when Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center arose to cross-examine McNeis, his voice became louder while his questions and comments turned sharp and direct:

“By what authority do you physically assault my clients? By what right?”

“A 300 pound guy lay down on top of Fr. Fidelis, and as he yelled ‘Get off me,’ […] you did nothing?”

“This is assault, and you have no authority to do so, no charge from the City of Southfield to touch another person!”

“Who said that it was okay for you to grab and throw people?!”

Cornelius basically said, “I don’t know” to most of these questions. At one point he again asserted that the abortophile mill owner Renee Chelian gave him permission to assault others in the building. Later, he would backpedal and claim that she only gave him permission to tell others they were trespassing and to call the police.

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In one of the videos played before the court, Dr. Monica Miller can be heard in the office building hallway telling Cornelius and police officers that he has “no authority” to tell the rescuers they must leave the building. And yet, the police told this man, who was not even on duty working for the abortion mill, to issue warnings to the rescuers to depart before the cops start making their unjust arrests.

Muise asked McNeis if he heard the rescuers say that they could not walk out “because innocent lives were in danger.” At this point the prosecutor blew up and hollered, “Objection!” Her claim was that such statements had no relationship to the charges of trespass. The judge sustained the objection, stating matter of factly that since there is no permissible necessity defense, Rob must not speak of the defendants’ beliefs, adding “because a ‘belief’ is not an element of the crime of trespass.”

Again, rescue trials are unique to nearly all trials because the most important facts are hidden, even forbidden, by the state.

On redirect, the prosecutor attempted some damage control by asking Cornelius if while he works he follows the orders of the abortion mill manager. He said he does. Hence, McNeis claimed that Sarah Flabell ordered him to “remove [assault] them [the rescuers].”

At this point Muise objected and asserted that Sarah had “no such legal authority” and that the question of the prosecutor was calling for a legal opinion.

Fitch was noticeably annoyed at Muise and begged the judge for a bench conference. During this long meeting of the two attorneys with the judge, the courtroom watched the prosecutor become livid, even expressing her anger through obvious bodily gestures and facial expressions.

While this prolonged discussion raged before the judge’s bench, the large monitor had a paused with a photo of Fr. Fidelis kneeling in prayer in the hall with Monica and Jacob in the background. The visual object lesson was quite poignant. For while prosecutor and judge nitpick the minutiae of tangential law, we saw high above on the screen the photographic evidence of bold rescuers engaged in a true life-saving mission.

Officer Kenneth Miller testifies

The next witness for the prosecution was Officer Kenneth Miller. What stood out most in his testimony was a clip from his body camera in which he had a conversation with Dr. Monica Miller. After telling her that he had a child of his own, he added, “It would have been okay for me to abort my baby.” Monica can be heard in the video responding, “How can you even say that about your own child?” The officer said further that he would even tell his child that he could have killed him if he had so desired. Monica said, “You love that child now; what about the murder of babies here?” Kenneth replied, “It is legal.” Dr. Miller responded, “Some things are legal but not right. Slavery was legal, but it was immoral.”

Miller just stoically ignored her words and the truth.

It is quite sickening to think about what kind of policeman this guy is, let alone what kind of father!

Pray for him. And all of the prosecution’s pro-abortion witnesses.

In the video footage, Monica Miller can also be seen showing the officer photos of victims of abortion explaining, “I took this baby out of the trash can” at an abortion mill. Once again, he completely ignored her. And the victims of violence.

Meanwhile, rescuer Laura Gies can be heard in the background exclaiming, “They are killing children here!” A female officer responds, nonplussed, “It’s a right.” To this Dr. Miller exclaimed, “Killing people is not a right!”

Revealing the systemic nature of the abortion holocaust in American government, this policeman claimed that Monica was “interfering with [him] ‘doing his job’” when Miller sat down in the hallway outside of the door to the abortuary. “His job,” as a member of law enforcement is apparently, in his mind, aiding and abetting those who murder for money. He told her to get up and commanded, “I gave you a lawful order. You are going to jail.” Monica replied by speaking clearly to him, “You need to listen to your conscience.”

“No, I don’t,” said the pro-abortion cop.

Considering what grave injustices the police, prosecutor, and judge believe is their duty to commit, we see how the abortion holocaust is perpetuated by government structures of evil.

Videos played during police testimony showed profound pro-life witness

The prosecution brought three more police officers in to testify Thursday afternoon. It is lamentable to see how the city’s money and resources are being spent to protect child killing.

What follows are some highlights from videos played while the police testified. The rolling cameras revealed both the rescue mission and the profound witness given by the rescuers whose truthful words were matched only by their courageous actions.

Laura Gies had said, speaking through a window into the abortuary, “We are here to help the women. Choose life today for your child. We are begging you. You are a mother already. What about the little ones? Let us help you. Choose life! We are here to help you.”

This was before a so-called “guard” assaulted her by pulling her backwards from the kneeling position.

In response Laura exclaimed with determination, “I won’t be silent! I will say ‘don’t do it’ today and every day. I will say it as long as I can, and as much as I can!”

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She could also be heard in a separate video saying to the abortion mill staff: “You are making money today, using the ‘law’ to protect the baby killing business. You should shut this place down!  God does not bless making money off of bloodshed, Sarah and Renee! Make sure each patient is not being forced to abort; coerced abortion is against the law. Boyfriends and mothers with their daughters often force the pregnant woman into doing what she doesn’t want. We see this all of the time. You have the duty to check the safety of each woman.”

To the police Gies had stated: “You are all called to protect life. Don’t be a part of keeping this abortion mill open. Shut it down. Will the baby be alive tomorrow? Or aborted at six months? Women are suffering because they are routinely pushed into having abortions. They suffer too. You have the authority to go in there and do something to help these mothers.”

Fr. Fidelis, kneeling on the ground and holding a photo of a slain victim of abortion, had declared, “I will walk out if you close this abortion facility. We want to stop the abortion of babies. The Holocaust was legal, but it was immoral. We are willing to leave when they close everything inside that room [abortion chamber]. We are here to intervene in a life or death situation to save lives. We are here to protect life like you do in your job.

In one moving shot from the officer’s body cam, Fr. Fidelis could be seen in his religious habit, lying face down on the floor near the abortion mill door, and in his hands, which are behind his back, there was a single red rose.

Monica Miller had said to a crowd of police officers: “What will happen to these babies if we leave? Babies that are 24 weeks old, six months, most of them viable. This rescue is not about us, but these innocent babies. Killing is happening inside there. [She pointed to the abortuary door.] God says, ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ Human life is sacred, as each person is created in the image and likeness of God. Here is the ultimate desecration. [She showed an image of an abortion victim]. A baby aborted on Good Friday and thrown in the trash. We took her out of the trash.”

Then turning to Sarah Flabell, the abortion mill manager, Dr. Miller had pleaded, “You are exploiting women. You should be offering healthy, living alternatives.”

Elizabeth Wagi, beaming, had shared with the officers, “I just saw my beautiful grandbaby in an ultrasound.”

Jacob Gregor speaking patiently with the police and the “guard” that assaulted him, had said: “I cannot leave in good conscience while innocent lives are dying inside this abortion facility. Children are dying here. I cannot walk away from them in good conscience.”

Matthew Connolly while kneeling on the ground and talking to the police, the “guards,” and the abortion mill staff had said: “Little babies here are invisible, but science detects them. What other protection do the unborn have here? I cannot cooperate with my unjust arrest because of the babies. I am in solidarity with the babies. Can a baby get up and walk out? Can they run away from the serial killer? Can they escape the poisonous chemicals in abortion pills?”

Matt could also be heard on the video praying the Psalms; chanting hymns; singing the Gloria, Our Father, and Hail Mary in Latin; and evangelizing everyone around him with his gentle words: “Jesus Christ came to set you free.”

When Monica was being told by the police that she was “resisting” them, she had asked: “I peacefully sat on the floor; in what sense is that trespassing?”

After she was placed in a wheelchair and brought out of the office building into the parking lot, pro-lifers could be heard saying, “God bless you Monica!” and “Thank you for defending life!” Similar things were said as each rescuer was unjustly removed from the killing center.

A female reporter asked Monica why she was being arrested. And while being wheeled to the police cruiser, Dr. Miller said, “I have been placed under arrest trying to defend life and offer help to women.” The reporter followed up asking, “Is it worth it?” Monica, handcuffed and about to be placed into the police vehicle, spoke with firm determination, replying: “It is worth getting arrested to save a life.”

In the background, another pro-lifer could be heard calling out to the arrested rescuers, quoting the words of Jesus Christ:“No greater love has a man than this, but to lay down his life for his friends.”

The prosecution rests its case

Without any further witnesses, the prosecution rested their case. And after the jury was dismissed for the day around 4:20 PM, there was a long legal discussion regarding what the judge and the prosecutor were going to allow Muise to say tomorrow in his direct examination of the rescuers.

Ever consistent, the government officials exploited every means by which to prevent the cries of the slain preborn from reaching the ears of the jury.

“As we all know these courts [and collaborating police] are a key piece of government sanctioned, government protected, government funded daily mass murder of God’s preborn,” stated Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, a veteran Red Rose Rescuer.

Reminding pro-lifers of the spiritual battle, Fr. Imbarrato also praised those rescuers who witness in court saying, “You are standing up for these babies. You are not fighting this evil abortionist and her minions, but the satanic government itself who use these killing facilities just as Hitler and Stalin used their extermination camps.”

Pro-lifers left the courtroom recognizing that the judge, prosecutor’s office, police, abortion mill staff, and their hired guns are all uniformly arrayed against the most innocent and helpless of victims.

Some of these kill the little ones directly, others collaborate in the butchery, while others stand by and ignore the plight of those dying, thus empowering their killers.

Still,  both those in the gallery who cherish life and those who do not were able to see a vivid demonstration of charity by six amazing human beings willing to offer their full measure of selfless, sacrificial love for their unborn sisters and brothers.

In the end, they gave all they could so that others might live.

The trial resumes Friday morning at 8:30 AM at the courthouse in Southfield, where the rescuers will have the opportunity to testify.

Please keep praying that Almighty God might use this trial as an opportunity to save lives and save souls. Thank you.

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