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Pro-life rescuer Will Goodman being led away by police, June 1, 2018. Lynn Mills / Facebook screen grab

(LifeSiteNews) — One of the pro-life activists caught up in the FACE Act crackdown has spoken out in defense of his former colleague Caroline Davis.

Will Goodman, best known as a Red Rose rescuer, recently published a message on social media asking the pro-life community not to be too hard on the young woman.

Davis testified in D.C.’s U.S. Circuit Court last week on August 16. This ongoing trial is related to a pro-life rescue protest that was carried out in the district’s late-term abortion mill owned by the notorious abortionist Caesar Santangelo.

Davis was a defendant in two separate non-violent direct-action rescues which were later aggressively prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

In an agreement with the federal government, Davis accepted a “guilty” plea in exchange for the hope of obtaining a reduction in her potentially lengthy prison sentence. Besides confessing that she had done something “wrong” in participating in peaceful acts of loving civil disobedience to save lives in danger, the federal government also imposed several other requirements.

One of those requirements was that she must testify as a government witness against her friends and fellow rescuers.

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Some have ridiculed Davis and called her a “traitor” or a “Judas” because of her decision to cooperate with a malicious DOJ, and thus aid in the unjust persecution of rescuers. Many of the words she said on the witness stand were very painful and hurtful for those in the pro-life and anti-abortion communities.

In response to such criticism of Davis, Will Goodman posted a version of the following message. LifeSiteNews shares this version now with his permission:

 Will Goodman’s Statement

My friend Caroline had no idea what was coming. None of us did. How could we know that the Department of Justice would charge rescuers with a brutal conspiracy charge? It’s the first of its kind and totally unprecedented in the history of the pro-life non-violence movement.

After the grand jury indictments, there were predawn raids of peaceful Christians by body-armored FBI agents with guns drawn.

Then the defendants were told by the feds that they could not speak to their fellow rescue friends because of the “conspiracy” charges.

This was designed to isolate the defendants from one another and from united legal representation.

Caroline was probably threatened continuously by the DOJ and US attorney’s office with a maximum of 20 YEARS for the 2 rescues in which she participated.

All this after her FBI raid and terrorizing arrest.

Imagine an innocent young girl in her early 20s threatened with TWO DECADES of federal prison.

TWO DECADES away from her family and friends.

TWO DECADES away from education.

TWO DECADES of barrenness.

TWO DECADES [of being] at risk of rape and [other] sexual abuse from guards and inmates.

TWO DECADES of being separated from her Christian community.

These kinds of warnings, threats, and manipulative fear tactics are forms of pressure used by partisan thugs, and almost certainly sound something like what the feds may have whispered or shouted in Caroline’s ears.

Can any one of us put ourselves in her shoes and think we’d “easily and certainly” act differently if we were surrounded by intimidating evil people with power while being isolated from (or abandoned by) those who are good?

The federal government has not shown such draconian prosecutorial animus towards non-violent citizens since the arrest of members of the Underground Railroad who violated the evil Fugitive Slave Act.

That wicked federal act protected those individuals and institutions which enslaved their fellow humans. And harshly persecuted those who acted justly to save them.

Today we have the nefarious federal FACE Act which protects the individuals and institutions which slaughter their fellow human beings. And severely punishes those who try to save their lives.

Whenever the federal government promotes and protects such massive grave moral evils which greatly offend against the divine law, like brutal slavery and baby murder, inevitably there are many more evils which are spawned from that same governmental apparatus.

This includes turning the executive and judicial branches into brutal weapons against truth, freedom, and justice.

The serious conspiracy charge being deployed against pro-lifers was originally established to help counter terrorism.

Now in the Biden administration, these laws have become […] weapons to be used against Americans who oppose the injustices of child sacrifice.

The crimes of killing babies with government protection leads to the abuses of unjust politicians who wish to defend the abortion industry with maximal determination and all of the power of the federal government.

This abusive rot is poisoning our land today.

Something must be done.

We need brave Americans to stand up and say “Enough!” by their words and, more importantly, their actions.

We need bold citizens to stand up to the government bullies with truth and charity.

As for us rescuers in this DC trial, we have only mercy and compassion towards Caroline. We forgive her and pray for her. 🙏🏽✝️

It’s difficult to imagine the emotional trauma these certain bullies in the federal government have put her through. 😥


Let’s pray for Caroline.

Let us also pray for all those government pawns who are persecuting pro-lifers and, more importantly, the babies.

Let us pray for more people to take this stand today, and for our own courage to bear witness to what is good, true, and right.

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