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(LifeSiteNews) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is acting like a good dad – using all legal means to stop Disney’s support of sexually explicit content for kids. He gets it. When activists and taxpayer-funded institutions are trying to groom children with sexual propaganda from an early age, politics and parenting must go hand in hand.

I came from a broken home where I didn’t get to have a typical childhood experience. I was thrust into the world of child modeling and acting and at 16, narrowly survived ovarian cancer. As a young adult I wanted to escape my childhood and make my own way, so I fled to Hollywood to seek the dream of being a singer. I achieved that dream, becoming a Billboard Top 100 artist, but found it was a lie – and it taught me how little the “progressives” in that industry care about protecting the innocence of children.

I was revolted by Hollywood’s sexual quid pro quo system that abused young women and kids. I rejected their degenerate propaganda, pedophilia, and practice of exploiting children. When I started to speak out then, few listened. Now it seems every top brand – from Disney, Netflix, and CNN to Sesame Street – has been caught or accused of employing pedophiles who seek to groom children for sexual exploitation.

When I became a wife and mother – an honor far greater than any music award – I knew I wanted to offer my kids a real childhood of innocence and joy. I also knew that we needed courageous leaders to stop the powerful corporations and activists who try to disrupt that childhood stealing kids’ innocence. Uncomfortable as it might be, parents can’t afford to be passive about the politics hurting our children.

That’s what my husband Robby and I realized back in 2015, when we decided to set our professional lives on fire to enter the public square of political activism. Being labeled conservatives or Trump supporters in the entertainment industry is like jumping out of a plane with no parachute. We lost 85% of our business within the year, and our kids stopped getting invited to their friends’ birthday parties. Our entire social life burned down, but it was a gift because it uncovered the true intolerance and hatefulness of the left. It inspired us to fight harder. We grew immensely as our values, convictions, and faith were tested like never before. We were strengthened as a family, and our children are firmer in their convictions because of it.

I started a nonprofit called Freedom Forever to combat the exploitation and trafficking of children in America. We advocate for victims of (CSAM) Child Sexual Abuse Material proliferating online due to the inaction of big tech, and we expose harmful policies like open borders that foment trafficking. My husband Robby came down to the border with me to advocate. Now, he’s running for Congress in TN-5. We joined the fight before this war on American children became so obvious and undeniable. Today, America’s kids are facing unprecedented propaganda, sexually explicit materials in their schools and on their screens, along with so many other struggles in which politics play a central role. The attacks on our children’s identity, our rights as parents, and the subversion of family values require bold counter action.

Millions of parents realized this during the pandemic, as remote learning revealed racist CRT curriculum being taught, and afterward, when masks and experimental drugs were mandated. The moms and dads who went to school board meetings and spoke up – even when Attorney General Merrick Garland tried to brand them “domestic terrorists” – were a courageous force for good.

While Big Tech and entertainment companies are profiting from Child Sexual Abuse Material and grooming children through propaganda and pornography, our public schools are using taxpayer money to push a disgusting sexual agenda on elementary-age students. This is a war on children with epidemic levels of child sexual exploitation, trafficking, and abuse.

Each of these issues is gas on the fire of child exploitation in America. It’s not something parents can hide from. It’s a raging inferno – and all of us need to do our part, even jumping into the messy world of politics, to put it out. Even though our family has to deal with media smear jobs, censorship, personal attacks, death threats, and lawfare from political operatives of both parties, we couldn’t be more motivated to get political and fight the fire. I hope you’ll join us.

Landon Starbuck is a wife, mother, and child protection activist in Nashville, Tennessee. Her organization FreedomForever.us helps prevent child trafficking and exploitation. Her husband Robby Starbuck is a candidate for Congress in TN-5. The views expressed here are her own. LifeSiteNews does not endorse political candidates or parties.