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Photograph of 26-week-old baby in womb.Lennart Nilsson

October 13, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — The Democrat Party has long facilitated the deaths of 1.5 million unborn American children annually. Today, the Democrat Party not only embraces abortion on demand throughout nine months of pregnancy, but also promises to make all American taxpayers fund it, and promotes the infanticide of babies who survive abortion.

At the urging of his party, presidential nominee Joe Biden reversed his onetime opposition to taxpayer funded abortion, and also promised to enshrine Roe v. Wade in federal law to prevent its reversal. Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as running mate signals that a Democrat win in November will unleash not only a radical expansion of unrestricted abortion on demand, but also a rabid persecution of pro-life advocates.

Kamala Harris was California’s Attorney General when David Daleiden, director of the Center for Medical Progress, presented evidence that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling aborted baby body parts. Rather than investigate Planned Parenthood, Harris ordered law enforcement to raid Mr. Daleiden’s home and investigate him. Kamala Harris’s political career has long been funded by Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider. Daleiden has since sued Harris alleging that she conspired with Planned Parenthood to violate his civil rights.

Protecting our inalienable right to life is the overriding human rights issue of all time because the right to life is the foundation of all other human rights. Reason, Scripture and Apostolic Tradition agree that it is always and everywhere wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human life. There is no greater crime.

Mother Teresa, a living saint who embodied social justice and the Beatitudes, understood this. She often decried the evil of abortion stating, “A child is a gift of God … And if we accept that a mother can kill her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another? The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion.”

Similarly, the US Catholic Bishops document entitled Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship states, “The direct and intentional destruction of innocent human life is always wrong and is not just one issue among many.” Pope Benedict XVI elaborated, “Not all moral issues have the same weight as abortion and euthanasia. There may be legitimate diversity of opinion among Catholics about war, the death penalty, immigration … but not with regard to abortion and euthanasia.”

Increasingly, Americans also recognize that the Democrat Party’s radical abortion stance is part of its march toward socialism. Socialism is a Marxist form of government that violates human dignity and destroys individual rights. Since the Democratic Party first removed God from its party’s platform in 2012, it has increasingly promoted an atheistic socialist form of government that promises a man-made “equality for all” including free education and free healthcare.

As Margaret Thatcher once quipped, “The problem with socialism is that you always run out of someone else’s money,” and the results are fatally disastrous. Socialism is recognized as the leading man-made cause of misery and death across human history.

The current administration, in contrast, has fought for and continues to promote an America rooted in the Judeo-Christian heritage of our Constitution; an America governed by the rule of law based upon our God-given inalienable rights. President Trump has fought for the protection of the unborn, appointed justices faithful to God’s natural law, stood for parental rights and school choice, strengthened our military, secured our borders while working to improve legal immigration procedures, and negotiated fair trade agreements to improve our economy. Most importantly, our President has fought to protect our right to conduct our affairs in the Public Square and workplace without discrimination against our religious faith.

For all American citizens of good will — especially those who are faithful Christians — who value our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and the Bill of Rights, particularly our First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech, Religion and Association, the choice to make this November has never been clearer.

Maria Parker, MBA, DM, is a former United Nations Representative for World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations, Director of Public Policy for MA Catholic Conference and Respect Life Coordinator for the Diocese of Providence. Michael Cretella, MD, is a member of Catholic Medical Association’s Health Policy Committee.