September 26, 2013 (LiveActionNews) – Breaking news yesterday that absolutely no one could be surprised by: pro-abortion darling Wendy Davis will, indeed, be running for governor of Texas, Politico announced.

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis and her advisers have begun informing influential Democrats that she intends to run for governor in 2014, according to multiple sources familiar with Davis’s conversations.

The Fort Worth legislator made a national name for herself in June when she mounted a filibuster against new proposed abortion clinic regulations. Texas Republicans ultimately passed those restrictions into law in a special session called by outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Perry.

Davis’ sole claim to fame is her overwhelming support for late-term abortion. That’s it. She even gained herself a catchy little nickname because she supports it so steadfastly (without, of course, actually knowing anything about it). And her gubernatorial run is rather hypocritical as well, considering she blasted politicians for using abortion to make a name for themselves — and yet, is building her political career on literally nothing but support for late-term abortion. Had she not become a media darling by filibustering a bill outlawing abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, then she wouldn’t be in this position, and she knows it. But hey, when opportunity knocks, right?

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Does Davis have a chance at winning, though? It doesn’t seem likely. Texans don’t seem as fond of her extreme pro-abortion position as she seems to think they are. Most of the support she enjoys isn’t coming out of Texas. The majority of Texans supported the bill she filibustered. And she insulted those Texans by saying they were too dumb to understand why they should support late-term abortion.

Let’s face it: it looks like her challenger, Greg Abbott, has this in the bag. She won’t go down without a fight, though. She’ll likely rake in donations, albeit mostly from out-of-state supporters, and the abortion lobby will be backing her fiercely. But the problem is that abortion isn’t the only issue that Davis is out of touch with Texas voters on — and Abbott has already amassed a pretty sizable war chest. This is going to be an uphill battle for Davis, but you can bet that Abortion Barbie, along with her abortion industry backers, will do everything they can to make this Battleground: Texas 2.0.

Cassy Fiano is a blogger currently living in North Carolina with her husband, a United States Marine. They have a toddler named Ben, and a second son named Wyatt, who has Down syndrome.

Reprinted with permission from LiveActionNews