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March 4, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – LifeSite has officially launched a 50-state campaign calling on U.S. Senators to reject the nomination of Dr. “Rachel” Levine for Assistant Secretary of Health and, as a resident of Pennsylvania, it has my full support.

While many Americans were first introduced to Dr. Levine last week after he refused to answer Sen. Rand Paul’s question regarding whether minors should be subjected to dangerous hormone therapy and transgender procedures during the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee’s confirmation hearing, I’ve had the sincere displeasure of becoming acquainted with Biden’s handpicked nominee here on the homefront.

For the last year, I, along with friends and family members, lived under the excessively oppressive coronavirus restrictions implemented by Levine’s Department of Health here in Pennsylvania, and now fear that our entire nation could be headed down a similar path at the federal level.

Since last March, Levine, a man who has become notable for being transgender rather than being a competent public servant, has been responsible for implementing what seemed like never-ending, arbitrary shutdowns of Pennsylvania businesses throughout 2020. He has also introduced laughably absurd outdoor and at-home mask mandates and even state-issued advice on how to “safely” pursue romantic and sexual relationships in the midst of a pandemic.

Additionally, Orwellian action was taken on Levine’s part to develop protocols that made it possible for businesses deemed “non-essential” to be turned in to the state for not complying with Pennsylvania’s unconstitutional, livelihood-destroying lockdown orders.

Most concerning, though, is Levine’s own disastrous judgment, and unconscionable handling of Pennsylvania’s nursing homes.

Taking a page from the Cuomo playbook, Levine, under the watchful eye of liberal Governor Tom Wolf, made Pennsylvania one of only five states to mandate all nursing homes and certain care facilities admit patients who tested positive for COVID-19, regardless of the threat it posed to our state’s most vulnerable. When data showed that 70 percent of COVID-linked deaths from those facilities were a direct result of the policy, Levine’s own mother was immediately removed from one of them.

The deadly policy, however, stayed in place.

It’s disturbing, though not at all surprising, that the left no longer even tries to hide its collective desire to prioritize gender confusion over professional qualifications when filling important vacancies in our government. If not for identity politics, we wouldn’t even know Levine’s name, and he certainly wouldn’t be in contention for any leadership role in our federal government.

The last thing the American people need at HHS right now are leaders who ignore science, prioritize politics over public health, and put lives and livelihoods at risk, just so Biden can earn “woke” points.

Take it from me: Levine is entirely unfit to serve. The Senate should promptly reject his nomination.