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Jeffrey Epstein.ABC News / YouTube

July 30, 2019 (American Thinker) — In 2015 at CPAC, Donald Trump said Jeff Epstein was “a nice guy, but I believe Bill Clinton will be in trouble over the [Epstein] island.” Epstein has now been re-arrested for systematic underage sex abuse, and already the partisan fingers are pointing at each other. Clinton flew on 26 trips in Epstein's private plane, Trump accused Epstein and Clinton in public at CPAC 2015, and the screen grab below is of that moment in 2015. 

There is little question that “sex travel” to third-world countries has always been this way. It appears in famous novels with only the names concealed, including Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet, Kipling's Kim, and one of the Patrick O'Brian novels. In the U.K. press, notably the Telegraph, Pakistani child “grooming gangs” have also been selectively exposed. It is political dynamite, of course, and the British protester who calls himself “Tommy Robinson” was arrested for demonstrating in front of a law court where four Pakistani kidnappers and abusers were sentenced. Robinson is back in politics now, and the established parties are extremely afraid of his activities. But the new Brexit Party (Nigel Farage and Ann Whitcomb, among others) has risen in the polls from nowhere a month or two ago to a majority or plurality in the E.U. elections for the European Parliament, where they are demonstrating loud and clear. The E.U. political elite is also panicked by the possibility of exposure. The new populist parties in Europe almost certainly know about this, and Putin's recent critique of “neo-liberalism” may be aimed at this scandal, which also has implications for Pope Francis.

I believe that Trump's successful election in 2016 came as a shock to the established political and big-money class here and there, because this scandal has been well known to them since Bill Clinton, who was clearly caught in one or many honey traps. The CPAC photo above must have been widely circulated, but not publicized via the big media.

This story is now breaking wide open, there will be mutual accusations, and Trump has been preparing for this moment at least since his CPAC speech in 2015.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.