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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

(WND News Center) — A lawyer who was “of counsel” with former Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell is warning Americans they should fear the “weaponized” government that can “manufacture crimes” against opponents.

The comments come from lawyer Molly McCann Sanders, formerly with Sidney Powell.

Powell this week pleaded guilty to several misdemeanors regarding “conspiracy” to interfere with the election duties of officials in Georgia.

She was one of multiple defendants named by a pro-Biden prosecutor who alleged they engaged in a criminal conspiracy when they were contesting the state’s 2020 president election results.

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President Trump also has been charged in the case, which has been blasted by his supporters as his comments, for which he was charged, were nearly identical to statements by Al Gore, 2000 election loser, only he never was investigated, much less charged.

According to a report in BizPacReview, Sanders said Powell is innocent, but made the right decision to plead to misdemeanors in exchange for felonies being dropped.

“Sidney Powell is absolutely innocent,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “The fact that Fani Willis dropped all 7 felonies tells the tale. She had no case, but she did have the coercive power of the state.”

She pointed to the liberal jury Powell would have faced had she gone to trial, the report said.

“Criminal prosecution is crushing, and it has become clear that juries are no longer the protection to unjust prosecution they were created to be,” she said. “Juries in these Democrat strongholds convict political opponents. It’s that chilling and simple. And the process of a trial alone is, as I say, crushing.”

Sanders also said Powell has not “flipped.”

“She has made the right decision for herself and her family… The rest of us should be very afraid, though. Why should any successful lawyer put his or her head above the foxhole in future election struggles if the weaponized state can manufacture crimes to destroy them after the fact?”

Reports noted that in exchange for Powell’s plea to misdemeanors, seven felonies were dropped.

Reprinted with permission from the WND News Center.