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April 13, 2016 (RobertColquhoun) — How do you respond to the challenge that many Churches don’t care about the crisis of abortion? What would it take to reach out and convince so called Christians who are apathetic and indifferent on abortion? How can you be dynamic enough to care passionately in a culture that does not care?

Many Pro-lifers are frustrated by what they see as the apathy and indifference of Churches with regards to the crisis of abortion. In the USA, approximately over a million abortions a year happen and around 185,000 in the United Kingdom. The abortion rate is the same for Christian population in some places as the country at large. Pastors and Priests have often failed to speak about the issue for fear of offending others, or a token Sunday is used to commemorate respecting life once a year. If as Christians our beliefs do not correspond with our actions we can be accused of hypocrisy. In many places there is a chronic disparity or gulf between the belief in the sanctity of human life and the travesty of silence in response to this crisis. Each time there is silence on the issue, we may as well post signs on our Churches saying that abortion is welcome thanks to the Christian community. All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

Enthusiasm is contagious. To the degree that you find people apathetic or indifferent on abortion, you must be as or if not more passionate about promoting a culture of life. A state of passionate zeal is the ultimate antidote to indifference. People respond most positively to passionate people. They are like battery rechargers. Enthusiasm and passion is what people can draw passion out of others. If there is a void, fill it with joy for life. Communicate your message with conviction and clarity and help people to understand the issue and respond with generosity. Some people do not care because they have never heard the message – your witness is a chance to win them over. Some people do not care because they have never thought through the issue – with transparency, help bring the crisis of abortion to light in charity and truth. Some people will respond, some won’t, but your witness can bring people to really care about abortion and perhaps even save a life in their own community.

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What would it take for some people in your community to care about the crisis of abortion? If you can tell them about the crisis of abortion and how you can work as a solution to the crisis then you can engage them on a journey to captivate and inspire them. By storytelling, you need to inform people about how lives can change and people can be inspired. When people see specific examples of lives saved, hearts and minds inspired and eternal souls changed as a result of pro-life witness, then they can be inspired to do the same kinds of things which will leave those results. Passion, witness, enthusiasm and personal touch are all contagious. All you need to do is to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Be a witness for life in your local community and reach out to someone in need. Speak about powerful personal experiences with conviction, authenticity and joy and you would be amazed at the results. We can’t necessarily change other people, but we can change ourselves and when we do this can be the vehicle to change other people. To change the world we must change ourselves first. Be the first to change.

Reprinted with permission from Robert Colquhoun.