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SportsLife with Damian Goddard

Steve Jalsevac

TORONTO, November 27, 2012, ( –  Readers may be familiar with Damian Goddard, the Rogers Sportsnet anchor who was unceremoniously fired one day after sending a personal tweet expressing support for true marriage. While still fighting his dismissal out of his 20-year career in sports broadcasting Goddard has been seeking other ways to use his media talents and experience.

Today we present a unique brief video by Damian .

Goddard presents a professional sportscaster’s view of surprising developments in pro football related to the same-sex “marriage” issue.

This production is for pro-life, pro-family sports fans who know the personalities and all the lingo that goes with the various games and leagues. And if you don’t know much about sports, well, give this broadcast a try to see how Damian adeptly ties together actions and comments by current sports personalities to convey a message on an important issue.

Pass on the link to your friends and relatives who are die-hard football and other sports fans. They will probably enjoy it.

Click on the full screen icon in the YouTube site version (first click on YouTube icon at the bottom right of the popup video) to get the most enjoyment out of Damian Goddard’s presentation.

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