Steve Jalsevac


Stand up for taxpayer rights for Catholic/Christian schools

Steve Jalsevac

Publicly funded Catholic or other denomination Christian schools get money from the government. The government gets all that money from taxpayers. The parents who send their children to those schools pay the taxes used (from their salaries, investment income and businesses that many own) to fund their schools - just like everyone else.

Anti-Christian types keep saying that since the schools are funded by government, the Catholics or other Christians do not have a right to do Christian things with their students. Is that so? It is their very own taxes that are funding their schools. They must firmly insist that they too are “the taxpaying public”. The government is their servant, not their dictator. It spends their money as much as it spends that from others. Government doesn’t get money out of thin air. It takes it in trust from all the people - for all the people.

Those who don’t like Catholic schools and things like 40 Days for Life (not even remotely “political” - Winnipeg’s Praznik is completely off base on that - What is really going on here?) can go to other schools that their own taxes fund. Simple. Don’t like genuinely Catholic or other Christian schools? Don’t send your children there. Designate your taxes for other schools.

Government is out of control. Secularists are out of control. Stand up to them.

Steve Jalsevac

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