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His Excellency Marian Eleganti, former auxiliary bishop of Chur, Switzerland.KATH.NET / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — The following remarks on COVID-19 vaccines and conscience have been sent to LifeSiteNews by Bishop Marian Eleganti, the former auxiliary in the Diocese of Chur, Switzerland.

These vaccines do not deliver what they promise, on the contrary: They are harmful to health, for many even deadly. They have been produced in an unethical way by people who obviously have no conscience. They are also propagated and imposed by such in many places. The truth is suppressed everywhere. That is why there is no more freedom. But the truth will prevail.

The decision whether or not to accept this vaccination is a judgment of prudence on the one hand (there are strong medical reasons against it) and an ethical question on the other hand: The vaccines are connected to cell lines from aborted children who had to be alive in order to yield valuable cells. The vaccines have been produced or tested with such. How can you force such an industry to develop its products in an ethical way? Answer: By not buying and using them!

Answers given by church leaders in interviews are not part of the infallible magisterium of the Church.

The personal conscience must form itself according to the teaching of the Church, but it cannot be bypassed and it will have to decide, in the end, alone before God. That is why Cardinal Newman has subordinated the papacy to the conscience.

Church documents have their strengths and weaknesses. They are very helpful to arrive at one’s own judgment of conscience. But one must also see their weaknesses — especially in recent times — and judge accordingly.

The narrative of this pandemic is not in the truth. Therefore, it should not be believed. There was never any excess mortality and overloading of the intensive care units. Intensive care beds were even significantly reduced in the same period. The lockdown measures have done more harm than good and have hardly influenced the viral events. But they have destroyed many livelihoods, burned billions of taxpayers’ money in an irresponsible way, and led to a fatal division of society right down to the families. Who can take the responsibility for this? The vaccination of the larger population (especially young people and children) which defeats this disease with normal flu symptoms with their own natural immune system is irresponsible.

There are medically proven treatments for SARS-CoV-2, including Ivermectin. They are harmless and effective.

The Pope and bishops have also allowed themselves to be deceived, in my opinion. They have become health experts instead of witnesses to the faith. They have accepted that the faithful are deprived of the sacraments or can receive them only with great difficulty. This is a historical failure and will also turn out to be one.

The state has massively violated the rights of citizens, and the Church has not stood up against it. It was fixated more on the health of the faithful than on their salvation, an unprecedented event in the history of the Church. The empty St. Peter’s Square with the lonely Pope demonstrated it.

Let us pray that the plans of the powerful will be put to shame and that Christ, the Lord, our only hope, will triumph!

Translation by LifeSite’s Dr. Maike Hickson