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This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

(WND News Center) — There is a perverse phenomenon taking place in America. As the nation crumbles, a significant number of the population engages in the chaos by committing acts of depravity that seem to be violence for the sake of violence. These criminal acts are not driven by greed or desperation or the need to survive. The perpetrators seem to delight in their violence, and give particular attention to inflicting as much suffering upon their victims as is possible.

What has changed in America? Many victims of crime would come home from work to find their television set grew legs and walked out of the home. Once upon a time the criminal either needed a new TV, or the cash to buy more drugs. Today, it is not uncommon to find the entire house trashed. Destruction for the sake of destruction. The 80-year-old lady navigating her walker down the sidewalk probably is not carrying a lot of cash when she is knocked down and beaten to death. Often the video captures the joy on the faces of the murderers. These people seem to enjoy the killing. Deviate sexual crimes are a daily staple of crime reporting, and Frankenstein surgery is practiced in the nation’s hospitals.

Society cannot survive this daily diet of Charles Manson-style bloodshed.

What changed to create mass societal suicide? Marxists have been verbally abusing personal freedom and free enterprise for more than a century. In Los Angeles after World War II, UCLA was often referred to as the “little red schoolhouse.” That never changed, but the Marxist propaganda is now the position of the national government, sways both major national political parties and dominates nations on all continents. Down south, way south, Argentina just said “no mas.”

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Americans are told daily their nation was founded by evil people, always has done evil things, and so Western civilization, particularly Christianity, must be destroyed. It seems logical to assume some people will be influenced enough to lash out at their perceived oppressors.

Add to the mix the fact that an extraordinary number of Americans have voluntarily engaged in self-destructive drug abuse. At the beginning of the 1960s, the homeless population had a problem with alcohol consumption. Then marijuana was added, and now we are flooded with synthetic drugs and life destroyers. Somewhere, some time along that journey, the individual may decide nothing is his fault, society has failed him, and then he becomes violent.

It also is logical to be concerned that those who eject the idea of the United States of America might also gravitate to a new world order. The prevailing political outlook in this nation now characterizes everyone, not as a person, but part of a “community,” and that community also is oppressed by a corrupt society. There is a parallel demand government make repairs to fix its failures. The last place a person in this position should go to seek help is government – which cannot repair the roads, operate a profitable railroad, or even provide a basic education to the children.

Government’s response to the drug crisis has been to legalize it, go into the drug business itself to tax it, and abandon the nation’s borders to increase the population’s dependence upon drugs and government. If one wanted to grow government, is there a better way?

This leaves the responsible, working American angry at the government as he navigates the sidewalk excrement. Both the homeless sidewalk dweller and the beleaguered homeowner share an anger at our social condition. Added to that anger is the news of invaders from Africa, Asian, South and Central America all lined up for taxpayer-provided free housing, free food, free medical care and free education.

Imagine the riots when the free stuff is no longer provided.

So one side aligns the American middle class and the lower income folks who have had it up to here with government abuse pitted against the Ivy League graduates who also think nations and elections failed. Their solution is absolute power over a new world order run by them and their computers.

Last week the world leaders of tomorrow, the folks who intend to do away with nations and elections and eliminate half the population, bragged about their plans. The attendees at the World Economic Forum were giddy with enthusiasm. That is how confident these masters of the universe are about their own destiny. Why not? President Biden echoes their every word. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, fresh from his trashing of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, maintained his ardent enthusiasm for the WEF plotters. John Kerry was at Davos to save earth from humanity.

How do the plotters and the schemers plan to transition from nation states run by local citizens to a singular social, economic, and political organization for the world?

Probably, the coup will come after a devastating world war. These plotters have that covered too. In case you missed it, Klaus Schwab called for Europe to go to war with Russia, using beleaguered Ukraine as the excuse.

Klaus Schwab makes Vladimir Putin look like Peter Rabbit. To those Americans who lived through the Cold War and appreciated President Ronald Reagan to bring it to a non-violent close, Schwab sounds very much like a mad man in search of an asylum.

Reprinted with permission from the WND News Center.