February 21, 2012 (LiveAction.org) – Abortionists claim that the pro-life television ad which aired during the Super Bowl ruined everyone’s “chip-dip and light-beer, good times.” Well it should have. The Super Bowl ad was a wake-up call for America, and I hope it knocked millions of people out of their brainwashed, ignorant, “abortion isn’t murder” frame of mind. It’s the ones that know abortion is murder and still support it that we have to fear, because people who advocate the murder of innocent children should be considered armed and dangerous.


Take The Abortioneers for instance. This group of abortion practitioners blog about what life is like when your job is killing babies. And on February 5, they admitted that abortion is “the loss of human life”. They also referred to it as a “motherly sacrifice”. Interesting. I thought motherly sacrifice was about sacrificing your own wants for your child so that your child can live, grow, and succeed. I had no idea that a motherly sacrifice involved killing your child so that you don’t have to make any changes to your life.

The Abortioneers not only know what abortion really is, and choose to make money off it, they also believe that motherhood and success cannot go hand in hand. In the same post in which they slam the pro-life commercial as desecrating a “motherly sacrifice”, they praise Misopolis: Abortion for Successful Living.

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Women on Waves and The Yes Men created the Misopolis website as an attack against Diesel (the clothing brand). It is based on Metropolis, a 1920s classic, and misoprostol, an early abortion drug. The site claims to be about labor injustices against women, and it includes a lack of access to abortion in those injustices. Confused yet?

From Women on Waves: “Women on Waves designed a hoax campaign ‘Diesel for Women’ to expose the violations of women’s rights that take place in the garment industry. The hoax is a parody on the PR campaigns and the reluctance to address human rights by the fashion industry in general and Diesel in particular. It intends to show that violations of human rights never happen in isolation and that the right to a safe abortion is connected with the broader framework of social rights, workers rights and the right to autonomy.”

Misopolis’ homepage says that, “We have a stupid dream. What if we gave female factory workers the same rights as successful people? A factory where they decide over their own bodies. Where they can have happy accidents without consequences. A factory for only the brave.” It goes on to call abortion pills a gift from God. It says that abstinence is “f***ed up”. And it continues with sacrilegious photos and tag lines including “immaculate contraception” and “happy communion in misopolis” (which depicts an orgy). If orgies, abortion pills, and the death of innocent babies are what define success today, then this country is in bigger trouble than any of us realize. Diesel reacted with anger, and we should all do the same.

Abortion ads are disturbing, just as photos of any human who has been ripped apart or chemically burned to death would be. But with marketing tactics like Misopolis, abortionists are reaching the already misguided youth of our world and pulling them into a life of despair and empty relationships. If it takes unsettling pro-life television ads to show people the truth about abortion, then bring ‘em on.

Reprinted with permission from LiveAction’s blog.