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(Conservative Treehouse) — This is a good opportunity to emphasize a key point that is often missed. In the research and discussion outline on March 20, about President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency publishing new regulations for the auto industry, we dove deep into the background of what actually creates the issue.

The issue that should concern everyone is not the Biden administration and its ideology around climate change, or the EPA, or even the viability of electric vehicles (EVs) themselves. The issue that should draw the biggest concern is how the regulation originates: what is the impetus? Who are the beneficiaries?

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The regulation itself did not originate in the EPA, nor was it created from an origination process amid climate ideologues in the administration. Everything starts with BlackRock positioning their assets. From that empirical point, all political activity then takes place, which includes the regulations to support the BlackRock objective.

A massive, multinational investment firm is in control of political outcomes in the USA. That should be the emphasis, not necessarily the regulation that flows as an outcome of that control, and certainly not the debate over whether EVs are a viable alternative to combustion engines.

BlackRock, and the control agents of finance, banking, and investment would like nothing more than to see Congress have debates about climate change, the viability of EVs as an alternative to combustion engines, the nuances of power grid generation from alternative energy sources, the scale of energy need as estimated and debated for the next two decades, etc.

All these points of debate become useful political policy issues that divide and contrast. Sure, Congress would love to hold hearings about EV viability, U.S. grid compliance, the need for subsidized charging stations, etc., because what is not discussed in this debate is where the subject matter comes from.

BlackRock positions their money to benefit from policy. BlackRock, like others, then manipulate the policymakers to support their position. We The People end up in a debate over EVs, while the BlackRock executives dance merrily into cocktail hour, discuss the latest climb in their value, and debate which politician should get a cut of the proceeds.

Nowhere in the political process on Capitol Hill does anyone ask, “How did the BlackRock investment group know to support Chinese EV plants in Mexico?”

The obvious fire of corporatism/fascism is ignored while the politicians, and us, debate the ramifications of the smoke, EVs.

Democrats would love to debate EVs and say the Republicans are planet killers. Republicans would love to debate EVs and say the Democrats are taking away your freedom.

Meanwhile, corporations are running the U.S. government… and people are oblivious.

The elected political representatives are dancing tools, useful for the purposes of distracting the American people, and funded by the corporations who need them to continue the distractions.

In a very similar fashion to how laws are written by K-Street corporations and sold by lobbyists, so too are regulations originated by outside groups and then pushed into the administration. The politicians and/or bureaucrats in the administration then benefit financially from implementing the regulation.

The issue with Joe Biden’s EPA mandate for EV use is not an issue over which form of energy development is more useful for the passenger transportation needs of American consumers. The issue with Biden’s EPA mandate is that BlackRock originated it.

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Once you elevate to the level of root cause, then you start to ask, “What else is BlackRock originating?” From Reuters:

BlackRock Inc’s (BLK.N) chief executive, Larry Fink, said on Thursday that the Russia-Ukraine war could end up accelerating digital currencies as a tool to settle international transactions, as the conflict upends the globalization drive of the last three decades.

In a letter to the shareholders of the world’s largest asset manager, Fink said the war will push countries to reassess currency dependencies, and that BlackRock was studying digital currencies and stablecoins due to increased client interest.

A global digital payment system, thoughtfully designed, can enhance the settlement of international transactions while reducing the risk of money laundering and corruption,’ he said. [Emphases added]

Russia enters Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Less than four weeks later, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is outlining a dollar-based central bank digital trade currency.

Huh. Imagine that.

Everything else is chaff and countermeasures.

Reprinted with permission from Conservative Treehouse.

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