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February 19, 2019 (Real Women of Canada) — The tax supported CBC is a tool for left wing social activists to indoctrinate the Canadian public.

It collects $1.7 billion each year from the federal government to promote its left wing ideological objective which most definitely does not reflect the views of most Canadians. It does so, even though the Broadcasting Act, which was updated in September, 2018, specifically states in Section 3(l)(i) that broadcasters are required to provide a balance of information and in Section 3(l)(iv) that the CBC must provide a reasonable opportunity for the Canadian public to be exposed to differing views on matters of public concern. The CBC is operating outside its mandate.

Former CBC President, Hubert Lacroix, and current President, Catherine Tait, have ignored the Broadcasting Act and have allowed the CBC to promote only left wing propaganda programming. They have had no hesitation in doing so since the CBC is assured that the Liberal government will continue to fund its operation, regardless of its bias, or perhaps because of it.

A recent example of CBC's intolerance to differing views took place on September 23, 2018, when it interviewed former Conservative leadership candidate, Maxime Bernier, who has formed his own political party, the People's Party of Canada. Regardless of one's opinion of Mr. Bernier, he should never have been exposed to such a derogatory and insulting interview as took place when rabidly partisan journalist, Wendy Mesley, interviewed him. She lobbed ideologically loaded grenades at him, insinuating that he was part of a vast right wing conspiracy. Ms. Mesley's contempt for Mr. Bernier and his views, are similar to that exhibited by another CBC journalist, Rosemary Barton, when she interviews individuals with conservative values.

A network should fire such journalists for their unprofessional behaviour, but the CBC supports such behaviour as do most other mainstream media.

The CBC is also attempting to indoctrinate children by its program, CBC Kids News, which is thinly disguised propaganda to promote the left wing agenda. Children as young as 10 years old are the stars of this program, which discusses such issues as sex education curricula, transgenderism, recreational marijuana, etc. The children on this program are puppets for the adult journalists and producers who feed them their lines. For example, a little girl, aged 11, identified as “Jasmine”, in a program in August, stated that, “There's not only just two genders. There are people that, like, they don't feel like who they really are and they just wanna be somebody else and you have to respect that”. Another example occurred when one of the child hosts stated that the legalization of recreational marijuana “will be good for economic development”.

Anyone who knows children knows they do not speak or think like this. These children are obviously quoting lines from seasoned producers and journalists. It is significant that these children are acknowledged to have prior acting experience. They are pawns to push Liberal ideologies on other children. Alarmingly, CBC is planning to expand the number of its young hosts for CBC Kids next year.

Because of the highly partisan slant exhibited by the CBC, viewing numbers have declined. Out of 30 most watched TV programs in Canada between August 13 and 19, 2018, not a single one was provided by the CBC. Why waste one's time watching programs designed to tell you what to think, rather than providing the facts?

Even though it is funded by the taxpayer, the CBC refuses to make public its employees' salaries, not to mention the pensions they receive. CBC investigates “itself” for wrongdoing or complaints, and is not and has never been held accountable for its incredible bias.

On the other hand, the privately-owned CTV broadcast network provides programs and news programs that are in the top 30 most watched shows. These include CTV's National News, CTV Evening News Weekend, and its series, “Cardinal”. Global News Hour and Global National News also make the most popular programs' list.

It is acknowledged that there is a decline in TV viewers because many are switching to streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon Video. The decline experienced by the CBC, however, is much more drastic than that experienced by the competing private broadcasters.

The CBC received $556.9 million in revenues (advertising) in 2017, and $1.7 billion in government funding. After expenses and non-operating items, the CBC still managed to operate at a net loss of $7.8 million.

Can the CBC Change?

It is always possible that the CBC may change its bias and provide programming that is objective and balanced. This is highly doubtful, however, since the CBC has embedded to its very depths, bureaucrats and executives who are deeply committed to the left wing agenda. We can expect that the CBC will be grovelling over Trudeau and his Liberal party in advance of the October 2019 federal election, while being contemptuous of the Conservative Party.

The CBC's biased focus contrasts with other countries that have radically changed the bias of their national broadcasters. For example, the Danish Ministry of Culture, on September 18, 2018, issued a new set of guidelines which require the national Danish broadcaster to bolster Denmark's native cultural heritage, as well as emphasize the foundational role of Christianity in Danish society. By doing so, it has conspicuously dropped the network's previous emphasis on multicultural integration, radical sectarianism, globalism and feminism.

This change in policy is an indication that religion, of any kind, is not merely a personal or private conviction, but has immense cultural significance.

Throughout Europe, Judeo-Christianity has been the foundation. This fact is particularly noticeable in former Soviet countries which are realizing that left wing multicultural globalism has diminished the integrity of individual nations. This situation needs to be fought, not only by politics, but also with the recovery of the Christian culture, which is the foundation of Europe.

If the CBC continues to be unwilling to change its current policies, financial support must be eliminated. The CBC's left wing radicals should operate their own private media enterprise. Other TV networks manage to survive financially, so can't the left wing social activists who now operate the CBC do the same?

The Canadian taxpayer should not have to fund the abomination that the CBC has been for decades.

Published with permission from Real Women of Canada.