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Now-deceased mass shooting suspect Audrey HaleTwitter

(LifeSiteNews) — A young woman who insisted on being called a man may have been motivated by “resentment” to commit a mass shooting, according to police. 

Following reports of a mass shooting at a Christian elementary school on Monday, Nashville Police Chief John Drake told NBC news “There’s some belief that there was some resentment for having to go to that school.”

According to many sources, a manifesto has been found at the shooter’s home, along with a map of the Christian elementary school at which Audrey Hale killed three nine-year-old children and three adults. It has been reported that Audrey had identified as “trans.”

Audrey Elizabeth Hale seen entering The Covenant School

How has President Joe Biden addressed this murderous outrage, which is an act of homicidal vengeance upon the normal? 

He has condemned the ownership of guns, which he claims are “ripping our communities apart.”

There are forces tearing apart communities, but they are not wielded by guns – but people. People whose aggressive promotion of an agenda of resentment and advantage through extreme identity experimentation instructs children to deceive their parents about the fact their teachers are grooming them into a deeply disordered lifestyle. 

In the mainstream media it is usual to hear that guns are to blame for the murder of people by the mentally unstable – or those motivated by an agenda of hate. 

Such a framing leaves aside the fact that the majority of gun deaths are the result of illegal weapons being used by the crime committing community upon one another. A Department of Justice survey of federal prisoners showed that the overwhelming majority of gun crime was committed by persons who had obtained the weapon illegally. 

The DOJ’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reports that in 2016, some 287,400 individuals were imprisoned for committing crimes while in possession of a firearm and 90% of those firearms were obtained illegally.

It is extremely rare for anyone to deliberately murder other people’s children. 

The murder weapons used by Audrey Hale had been personalized, with one (pictured below in the top right) inscribed with the name “Aiden” – a name Hale used on some social media profiles to refer to her imagined identity. 

Video footage of Hale arriving at and entering the school has been released by Nashville police, where Hale is alleged to have shot dead the school head, as well as two other adults. 

What makes this crime particularly heinous is the intentional murder at close range of nine-year-olds. It is a case of exceptional mental disturbance – or hatred – which could compel a person to search the corridors of an elementary school to execute children. 

Yet this is not the first instance of a vengeance killing in a school by a female claiming to be a man. 

It is unclear whether transgender teenager “Alec” McKinney has been classified as female or male, being described as “born female” in reports of her murder of a former classmate. In an attack which left eight teenagers wounded and one dead, McKinney admitted to being motivated by “bullying”. 

McKinney said he [sic] wanted students at the school to ‘experience bad things’ and ‘have to suffer from trauma like he has had to in his life,’ according to an affidavit from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

In the case of rage murders the media prefers the narrative of extremist hatred. It is a standard unlikely to be applied in this case for several reasons – aside from the fact that this is an act of hatred committed against normal Christian people. 

One, the status of transgender people is that of a protected group, whose actions are always excused and never explained. 

Two – the reason for this is that the claims of the transgender faction closely resemble insanity.  

Three – the transgender phenomenon has been aggressively publicized by schools, media, medical professionals and corporations. Working with advocacy groups, a sense of grievance has been engendered in the transgender.  

The very phenomenon has a type of vengeance at its heart. There is an element of revenge upon normal people which is inseparable from the transgender movement.  

To compel normal people to contradict the evidence of their eyes and of nature is to humiliate them. To refuse to participate in your own humiliation may result in the loss of your livelihood. Now it may also result in the loss of your life. 

The hysterical narrative of victimization created around this bizarre trend is one which confers both attention and advantage upon impressionable young people – often at the expense of irreversible damage to their minds and bodies. There is an agenda at work, and it has destruction and revenge upon all that is natural and holy at its heart. 

Yesterday’s horrific attack will likely be forgotten by the media because it is an outrage of extraordinary cruelty. As with the transgender trend itself, no rational explanation can be offered which does not violate the hallowed ideology of the rainbow.  

It is tragic, but unsurprising, that such a person would determine on this course of terrible action in an environment which labels the Godfearing as hateful, and deserving of unlimited spite. Christianity is the basis of our norms. This is a violent episode in a campaign which never sleeps – the demonization of the Divine, and the vengeance politics of normophobia.