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October 4, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — In 1976, the future Saint John Paul II, in reference to modern Western societies, said:

When Christ is denied all rights of citizenship, those same rights are denied to men; and when the ‘death of god’ is proclaimed, the ‘death of man’ is being planned as well.

Now to the football game!!

There are two teams on the field, one team in red jerseys and the other team in blue jerseys. The  field is marked by yard lines; however, the goal posts are supported by the Culture of Death in the center post and crossbar and the uprights represent “death of God” on the right and “death of man” on the left.

Over history, the games play out in this way. The red team typically moves the yard markers downfield with little opposition and during the course of a game scores a number of touchdowns, sometimes adding two-point conversions. The team in red jerseys seldom, if ever, has to resort to kicking a field goal.

When the blue team is on offense, it never move the ball beyond the line of scrimmage – i.e., the line where the team in red jerseys has given the blue team the ball. At best, the blue team attempts a field goal but with little success. The team in blue jerseys never moves the ball downfield for fear of offending No. 13.

Then the team with the red jerseys takes possession of the ball again and moves ever closer to the goal post – the Culture of Death.

The game now in progress is nearing the end of the first quarter, and the team in the red jerseys has the ball.  In the first quarter, the quarterback has completed three touchdown passes without the remotest threat of a sack:

  • Passing the most liberal euthanasia legislation in the world
  • Abortion for the province of PEI
  • Legislation to advance the LGBTQ agenda (with two-point conversion!)

One can only imagine what the score will be by the end of the fourth quarter.

In the pregame huddle, the quarterback for the red team tells the players that if they want to play they must worship his pro-abortion–pro-death ideology. The quarterback also promotes the team through appearances in various parades and numerous photo-op charades.

There you have it, folks — the sad reality of this game of Canadian football!!!