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Prayer protest for SatanCon 2022LifeSiteNews

(LifeSiteNews) — The moment I heard about SatanCon, a convention put on by the Satanic Temple in Scottsdale, Arizona, I knew that I had to go and represent the members of our parish. There were about eight of us that made the trip. SatanCon was an affront to all that is good, decent, and holy in this world, and we had to go and stand against this abomination.

The weeks leading up to the event were hard on me and my family. We were definitely diabolically attacked as a result of my decision to go, but once I realized what was happening, it did really die down, and we persisted and overcame the affliction.

There was also a lot of division and confusion among the faithful, with the bishops deciding to go and then changing their minds, some Catholics insisting that we need to be there and others thinking it was disobedient to go.

Prayer protest for SatanCon 2022

It was really disheartening, and I suspect the evil one had a hand it that, too. Popular Catholic speaker and radio host Jesse Romero was instrumental in getting the lay faithful and the clergy united in our effort before the day came. And the results of those efforts were starkly clear on the day of the event.

I have to be honest: I was truly afraid going down there, I did think something bad might happen. Following Romero’s advice, my group all went to confession on Wednesday, and on Friday morning we all went to Mass together and received communion. We were as protected as a person can possibly be.

Upon arriving at the event, there was true excitement evident in the crowd. We processed a statue of Our Lady of Fatima around the hotel for about an hour. We prayed all mysteries of the rosary, prayed psalms and chaplets. It was a tidal wave of prayer, and I truly feel that even if the satanists wanted to do something about us, they would not be able to. The power of God, and the protection of Our Lady would not allow it.

This event was one of the most moving and inspirational things I have ever been part of. There were roughly 300 people all united in one goal to pray for the lost souls at the conference, and for their conversion and return to the Lord.

Prayer protest for SatanCon 2022

I came away that day thinking about the possibilities of riots and violence that I had conceived of in my head, and then comparing it to what actually happened. I was moved by how great Our Lord is, and that if we are faithful, prudent, and magnanimous in our spiritual lives, he will always protect us.

I also reflected on the fact that this is always how the devil works. He peddles in lies, fear, and confusion, and he will do anything to prevent us from bringing God’s light into the world. But on the day of the fight, he is nowhere to be found. The truth is that the devil is a coward, and we should never forget that. Do not let fear keep you from doing what is right, and the Lord will always be there with you, shoulder to shoulder, until the battle is won.

If these satanists ever try something like this again, I hope you will have the courage to step into the breach and fight back, against this nonsense. Because the evil one will never stop. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Don’t let this be you! Viva Christo Rey!

Editor’s note: The LifeSiteNews staff member who participated in the prayer meeting and wrote this article wishes to remain anonymous.