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Editor’s note: The views in this article are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of LifeSiteNews.

(LifeSiteNews) — The 30-year project of American Empire has resulted in regime change at home and endless war abroad. A process continued from deep state methods to undermine the Soviet Union has resulted in a state where democracy is destroyed in order to defend it.

In the first week of January, Joe Biden described the leading candidate for president as a “danger to democracy.” In Germany, the mainstay of U.S. imperial power in Europe, the Green-Left globalist government is threatening to outlaw the anti-globalist opposition Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

Aside from opposition to Net Zero policies, and their support of border controls against borderless chaos, what unites these two “dangers to democracy” is their opposition to funding “forever wars.” It is for this reason the law has been reduced to an instrument of a corrupt regime, in an act of self defense which only compounds the self-harm of three decades of death and destruction.

These measures disgrace the rule of law and replace it with the rule of regime lawyers. How did the free world come to this – where democracy must be protected by destroying it?

In this piece I will explain where this idea of American Empire came from, how it is managed, and why its end is good news for anyone who recognizes that its policies in practice are indistinguishable from those of Satan. A new dawn is appearing in this darkness.

For the time being, here is the news that the media never told you.

An empire managed into decline

The United States has seen itself as an empire since the fall of the Soviet Union. With the neoconservative project for a New American Century, the U.S. was directed into imagining itself as a global empire backed by military force. This is the neoconservative project, which inherited the machinery of a “shadow foreign policy” designed to subvert global communism.

It is not directed by Congress, by the Senate, and not even by the president.

The management of the empire is undertaken by the State Department, which has been dominated for 30 years by the neoconservatives. Their policies of regime change have created international chaos – and corrupted democracy completely in the liberal West which it rules.

It has turned its attentions from foreign enemies to “domestic extremists” – a name for people who oppose the criminal regime. In Europe, the Chief Commissioner of the E.U. gave an alarming pro-censorship speech at the World Economic Forum on January 16, warning of the need for “countries… businesses and democracies” to work together against “disinformation and misinformation… in the biggest electoral year in history.”

Ursula von der Leyen’s speech highlights the tremendous panic in the empire over an uncontrolled outbreak of democracy. She has a long history of promoting censorship, going back over 20 years. Yet the attack on free speech is not the only dimension of what is often framed as the “defense” of democracy.

With the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, the U.S. Empire has also attacked nations which were its so-called friends. This is no novel development. The current U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, began his career with a 1987 thesis calling for the destruction of German gas supplies from Russia. In censorship and in sabotage the regime management have a long pedigree – and the current eclipse of their power mirrors that of another Evil Empire, whose collapse provided a vacuum for their abhorrent nature to enter.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, the neoconservative faction continued operations initially conceived under frameworks such as the CIA-backed National Endowment for Democracy to destabilize the communist empire.

Finding enemies around the world to justify its vast military budget, it drove the U.S. into an estimated $9 trillion in debt since 2001, whilst promoting death and destruction at home and abroad.

This is the story of how regime change came home.

The wars that no one won

None of the “wars on terror” against the “axis of evil” or the dictator-enemies of democracy have been won. They have been lost at tremendous cost – in human life, in money, and at the loss of international power and prestige.

What is more, the techniques of subversion used to demonize and destabilize foreign nations have been used increasingly at home. In the U.S. it is now normal to criminalize the only democratic alternative to a corrupt regime which has no solutions to the problems it has created.

‘Democracy’ abroad, censorship at home

The second technique of censorship is presented as a fight against “misinformation” and “fake news.” This is the policy of an empire in which reason has become treason, and arguments for life an attack on human rights. 

The pinnacle of women’s liberation was formerly the “right” to murder your own offspring. The word “nation” comes from the Latin word for “children of the same birth.” In promoting this right, the empire is promoting national suicide as a virtue, as well as endorsing the practice of human sacrifice on a mass scale.

Even prayer is “hate speech” under this regime.

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The gravest wrongs as human rights

Now the pinnacle of human rights is to destroy the natural order of humanity itself. The transgender phenomenon is a means of dissolving God and the God-given order of woman, man and creation itself in an eroticized form of technology worship.

A fitting symbol for an ‘age of sin’

The transgender phenomenon is not a “culture wars” issue. It is an industry which openly embraces Satan in its aims and through the imagery which it uses to reproduce, through social contagion, in the minds of the impressionable and the young.

This is done through the same mass media which censors evidence against lockdowns, “vaccines,” and celebrates the criminalization of the legal opposition.

In this empire, industries of death are marketed as the business of the highest virtue. It is hate speech to oppose them. It is enemy propaganda to ask why we cannot have peace, sometimes, in place of the provocation of permanent war.

It is the policy of permanent war whose vast powerhouse of influence has made of the American Dream a living nightmare.

Policies of national suicide

The war industry has promoted policies of national suicide as virtues. The Net Zero global agenda, which has accelerated the collapse of the German economy, is one example. The promotion of NGOs such as that of George Soros, a global force for the promotion of abortion, is a pillar of Western liberal “civil society.”

The crisis of mass migration itself has been rebranded in the promotion of “diversity.” Yet no one in the mass media will make the connection between destroying nations like Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Ukraine and the vast numbers of people now fleeing into the West.

Virtues of vice

Regime change has made virtues of the vices of national suicide, to make virtues of necessity. It is necessary to use “LGBTQI” rights as a means of demonizing nations you designate for a dose of “democracy” – meaning regime change by subversion or by violence.

It is necessary to make a virtue of accepting millions of mass migrants every year, as the policy of nation wrecking will continue to drive these people from their homes into yours.

The recent pronouncements of the Israeli government on the issue of the Palestinians are a frank reminder of the consequence of forever war. The two million Palestinians in Israel can “go to Ireland or to the desert,” as the Israeli heritage minister recently said whilst calling for a nuclear strike on Gaza.

Why does the US Empire support Israel?

The U.S. Empire is largely directed through the State Department by people who have a personal loyalty to Israel. Antony Blinken himself has said as much, and his stepfather Samuel Pisar was a lifelong Zionist with connections through Robert Maxwell – father of Ghislaine – to Israeli military intelligence.

The neoconservative project was founded by William Kristol and Robert Kagan, two strongly pro-Israel Jews. Kagan’s wife, Victoria Nuland, is another, and is the current U.S. under-secretary of state. She has overseen regime change operations in several U.S. administrations, taking a personal lead in the 2014 coup in Ukraine. Nuland famously asserted U.S. dominance in appointing the incoming Ukrainian cabinet, saying to then-U.S. Ambassador Christopher Pyatt, “F*** the E.U.”

The Israel lobby is so powerful it funds many politicians’ campaigns, with President Biden being the greatest ever recipient of funding from the Israel lobby. See this list for the others.

The abrupt halt to former U.S. ambassador Chas Freeman’s diplomatic career is a case in point. His appointment in 2009 by then President Barack Obama was blocked by smear campaign by AIPAC, the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

His career was ended for being a “realist” – that is, for promoting U.S. interests in a realistic fashion. After this powerful lobby destroyed his career, it went on to call him a “crackpot” – for noting this powerful Israel lobby had destroyed his career.

He said in October 2009:

It is apparent that we Americans cannot any longer conduct a serious public discussion or exercise independent judgment about matters of great importance to our country as well as to our allies and friends.

His comments were denounced by the Washington Post as an “anti-Semitic conspiracy theory” (my phrase, not the Post‘s).

Meanwhile, in reality, Israel remains the greatest beneficiary of U.S. aid. Following the outbreak of war, in which Israel is now proven to have killed most of the Israeli casualties on October 7, President Biden has called for an additional $14 billion to be sent to Israel. This is added to the routine $3-4 billion the U.S. donates in any other year. U.S. donations typically spike when Israel is at war, as this link shows.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he was “proud” to have destroyed any hope of a Palestinian homeland, and hopes to draw the U.S. into a major war by provoking a conflict Israel cannot win alone.

It is Israeli nuclear doctrine to launch nuclear missiles at European, Russian, and Middle Eastern cities should it face the sort of “existential threat” that Netanyahu is trying to provoke.

Israeli politicians have in the past called to “nuke Berlin,” and have in recent months urged the use of “Doomsday weapons” on the Palestinians.

A new regime is coming

With the Israeli prime minister declaring he will strike Iran directly, Antony Blinken’s attempts at brokering a peace on the brink appear to have failed completely.

Blinken’s long history of power plays looks set to end in ignominy. It was his 1987 thesis Ally Against Ally which argued that the U.S. should destroy Germany’s gas supply from Russia to maintain U.S. power over Europe.

Now the only means of securing imperial dominance in Germany is to criminalize a popular party who opposes the policies of national suicide that Blinken and his State Department faction have inflicted on them.

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The choice for the U.S. Empire is no longer between global domination or a peace dividend. It is a case of survival. Orange Man may be bad to many, but he is not as bad for business as the regime change racket. In fact, many in the regime itself now seem to see in him the only capable actor on a crowded stage of second-rate performers.

It is for this reason that even some deep state factions are now mobilizing to prepare for a Trump victory. The New York Times published this week that “in private, many business and political leaders at the World Economic Forum say they expect Donald Trump to return to the White House.”

With even Alex Soros saying that a Trump victory is a “done deal,” the coming election presages an end to this iteration of U.S. Empire, with a dramatic revision of U.S. foreign policy in the making.

Ahead of a likely preliminary judgment of genocide against he self-declared policies of the Netanyahu government, the U.S. State Department is seeking a way to distance itself from Israel. Moves toward the Saudi-brokered peace deal are one indication of the way the wind is blowing.

Amidst the fog of war a clear path is emerging for a new regime change in November 2024 – one back to reality, and away from forever war.

Coming soon: LifeSiteNews’ exclusive insight into the new Trump foreign policy