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May 31, 2021 (American Thinker) – Healthy children and young adults do not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Nevertheless, the current administration vaccinates them without informed consent and even using direct coercion (like giving the choice: vaxx or wear a muzzle). About 200,000 kids 12-15 are injected daily. This rate has been sustained since the start around May 12. Additionally, they continue vaccinating older teenagers.

Vaccine technology and data

The word vaccination is associated with kids in people’s minds, but COVID-19 vaccines were not designed for kids or adolescents. Neither were they designed to prevent a mild illness. They were created and rushed to production for emergency use only, for people whose lives are at stake. Corners were cut. Generally, vaccines elicit long-term (years or decades) immune responses, some of which might be not desirable. Vaccines can interfere with the existing immunity, affect the development of immunity to other diseases, can cause autoimmune disorders, etc. It used to take more than a decade after a vaccine’s development to start using it broadly.

No long-term studies or observations have been conducted for COVID-19 vaccines. There is not a single person in the world who received a COVID-19 vaccine more than 15 months ago. Tens of thousands of adult volunteers were vaccinated in a trial less than a year ago. They were observed for a few months. The researchers concluded that the vaccines are efficacious, and short-term side effects are mild-moderate.

The recent trial of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on kids 12-15 was a joke. It included only 1,131 children in the vaccinated group. Within seven days after the second dose, the vaccinated children developed fatigue (66%), headache (65%), chills (42%) etc. 50% of the kids had to resort to painkillers or antipyretics. This trial was incredibly small and short. For example, if the risk of immediate death from this vaccine is 1 in 2,000, this trial had only a 43% chance of discovering it. Nevertheless, the FDA expanded its emergency use authorization (EUA) to kids 12-15. Then somebody decided to inject tens of millions of kids with it. The dosage is huge for kids. It was selected to be effective in the elderly, who have immunosenescence.

This is an mRNA vaccine. This technology has never been used. No mRNA vaccine or other treatment has ever been approved. This first ever mRNA vaccine was designed against a completely novel coronavirus. The virus itself was not yet understood when the vaccine was developed.

So, this is a new vaccine, based on novel technology, against a novel coronavirus. What can go wrong?

This vaccine was not intended for children and was not tested for their safety, except for the joke trial described above. The EUA was extended for the vaccine to use on kids by the same FDA which authorized Gilead’s Remdesivir, later found ineffective and harmful. The same FDA also restricted and then withdrew the EUA for Hydroxychloroquine.

This is not a debate about vaccines or vaccination in general. It is about the health effects of a specific substance in children and young adults. There is no evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe in the long term, and there is a lot of evidence for the opposite.

The science

The Pfizer vaccine and all other COVID-19 vaccines used in the U.S. and other western countries share the same defect: they are designed to elicit an immune response only to the spike protein of the coronavirus. Unfortunately, this is a relatively small part of the natural immune response. Additionally, the SARS-COV-2 spike quickly mutates. Even worse, the variants currently prevalent in the U.S. (B.1.1.7 and P.1) are especially nasty mutants (officially, variants of concern) which are partly resistant to the antibodies elicited by these vaccines.

When “vaccinated” individuals, who had no immunity to the coronavirus prior to the “vaccination,” are later exposed to the coronavirus, they will be unlikely to develop a broad immune response to the whole coronavirus. When their short-term immunity from the vaccination wanes and more resistant variants of the coronavirus appear, the young people are likely to become defenseless against them. They will be dependent on periodic booster shots, which might be harmful. The related concepts are antibody-developed enhancement and the original antigenic sin. Some research suggests that such vaccination can also interfere with immunity to common cold coronaviruses, especially in younger kids. These vaccines are likely to cripple the immune system of a child in the long term, to gain some short-term protection, which is not needed. The younger the patient, the stronger the impact of the vaccine.

Instead of mass vaccination, COVID-19 should be aggressively treated with antivirals upon onset of symptoms (IvermectinHydroxychloroquine, etc.). This will prevent the progression of the disease, limit transmission of the infection, and slow down the virus’s evolution toward more immunity resistant variants.

Herd immunity

About 25% of the 65+ population is not vaccinated. This age group is likely to benefit most from the vaccine and to have the least severe side effects. So why are kids being prioritized instead?

One argument for vaccinating children is to achieve herd immunity in the general population. This is a fallacy, even if we assume that herd immunity against COVID-19 is possible and that it requires a blanket vaccination of the population. A child can carry and shed only a small fraction of virus compared to an adult. Children quickly develop immunity on exposure and maintain it for a long time. The vaccine also has more severe side effects in younger people. Thus, a rational government would have considered vaccinating children only after almost all elderly and supermajority of adults are vaccinated. Only animal predators go after children when they cannot catch adult prey.


Existing child vaccines (like MMR) are given for the child’s health. Achieving herd immunity is a desirable side effect. However, vaccinating children against COVID-19 solely for the sake of herd immunity is illegal and appalling.

Medical procedures involving substantial risk require informed consent. The current COVID-19 vaccination campaign is conducted in bizarre circumstances. Kids and their parents are not informed about the absence of benefits, known risks, and existing alternatives to vaccination. Probably for the first time in the history of this country, the patients are also prevented from obtaining such information on their own, as the federal government and complicit Big Tech are censoring all negative information about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination. Withdrawn or denied information includes the following:

  • Children get no benefits from COVID-19 vaccination. There are exceptions, those who have certain health conditions. Their doctors might offer their parents to vaccinate them.
  • The risks include long term damage to their immune system, including ADE.
  • There is effective prophylaxis of COVID-19, based on Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin.
  • There are effective and safe treatments for COVID-19, based on Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.
  • Some children might already have immunity to COVID-19.

Government-funded colleges and universities are demanding COVID-19 vaccines as well. This is coercion. Some states allow kids to be vaccinated without their parents’ consent. Unfortunately, there are organizations that solicit children for the purposes of purported COVID-19 vaccination over the internet and social media.

Reprinted with permission by American Thinker