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December 24, 2020 (American Thinker) — The silver lining to this COVID virus is that we are experiencing lockdowns similar to police-state rule. We have lost our freedom to assemble (except to burn and pillage) and our freedom to worship. We have experienced empty grocery shelves and long lines as seen so often in socialist countries; it is why socialism always fails — one set of rules and outcomes for the peons and others for the leaders who never obey their mandates. The Great Reset has knocked on our door, and it isn't pleasant.

In addition to the little tyrants flexing their mini-muscles, we are experiencing suppression and manipulation of the truth by meddling technocrats, the moronic blue media, intel traitors, and money-grubbing politicians in bed with the Chinese Communist Party. Globalist all, and proponents of the Great Reset. How many of the goons mentioned above have been bought by Communist China? It is time to follow the money.

Some may consider this abbreviated glimpse of the Great Reset (a more palatable name for global socialism) as a potent warning. On the other hand, proponents of socialism see the crisis as a catalyst to push their vile ideology. Is it any wonder why they promote the idea of lockdowns? They are banking on the unsustainable wreckage and destruction of millions and millions of lives to give them the space to waltz in and burn down the whole system and replace it with a socialist Gulag. And make no mistake: the Great Reset's endgame is to get rid of capitalism. It is of little wonder why the godfather of globalism, entitled billionaire Bill Gates, wants bars and restaurants closed for the next four to six months.

Constitutionalists have never successfully exposed Americans to the truth that socialism brings economic strangulation and strangulation of our freedoms. Our youth, the future leaders of America, whose minds are infected as early as fifth-grade world history classes with the “flowers of socialism,” have had the most challenging time complying with government control. And why wouldn't they? Our youths, more than any of us, thrive and grow with social contact. When this ugly chapter of our history takes a pause, will they understand the conflict between their indoctrinated thoughts and their desire for freedom? Lovers of liberty and freedom can only hope that the anti-constitutional dictatorial actions imposed on Americans have been an antidote to extreme academic and political indoctrination imposed on Americans. 

Published with permission from the American Thinker.