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(LifeSiteNews) – There are three ‘dimensions’ to the Church in her pilgrimage through time: The Church suffering, in purgatory; the Church triumphant, in heaven; and the Church militant, here on Earth. These terms are muted in the current Catechism, but the idea is implicit.

The Church is not at war in an earthly sense – as Christ’s reply to Pilate signifies – but in a spiritual one: Against all the principalities and powers, Satan and his minions, angelic and human, who, in their envy and malice, seek to block as many souls as possible from entering paradise.

More on that anon, but for now to the point that, as a military organization, it is requisite the Church maintain her structure and discipline, especially when things seem to be falling apart, when they are needed most.

A significant component of that ‘structure and discipline’ is the hierarchy and, as much as possible and practical, our respect and obedience.

A significant part of the ongoing problem in the Church is the lack of obedience, for any hierarchy only works when everyone buys in. A lawless Church militant is an oxymoron, and it is disconcerting when the officers themselves so often don’t seem obey what their own institution – in this case, a divinely-guided one – tells them to do.

We are left flummoxed, and are like foot-soldiers who have seen the master-plan of their general, but find their officers flouting it: Do they obey the bishops, or the Church?

Here are just a few examples of laws, decrees and disciplines, that have been formally promulgated, and are binding upon the Church. They are sort of random, and of varying degrees of gravity, some moral, some disciplinary. But the point is how well they are preached, observed and obeyed.

  1. The Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Only those in full communion with the Church may receive, and those persisting in manifest grave sin are to be denied. This has been clarified to include politicians who formally support legalized abortion. What we do to Christ’s little ones
  2. Same-sex attraction is inherently disordered, and acting upon such is objectively sinful. Persons with such attraction must be treated with compassion and respect, but the truth about the meaning of sexuality must never be denied.
  3. The apparent compromise of “same-sex unions” are at the very least an occasion of sin, and a public scandal.
  4. Contraception is intrinsically evil, and never permitted. Large families are a blessing from God.
  5. Pornography and attendant masturbation are also grave evils, corrupting the persons involved.
  6. One must enter marriage in a state of grace, if not virginal, at least living in chastity and continence.
  7. Marriage forms an indissoluble bond. Couples should be prepared to make this commitment, and annulments should be rare, and rarely given.
  8. Outside of the danger of death, children should be baptized only if there is practical certainty they will be raised Catholic.
  9. Catholics schools should actually teach the Catholic Faith, in its entirety, without compromise. Teachers who have rejected the Faith should not be permitted to teach.
  10. Latin is still the universal language of the Roman rite, and its liturgy should be prayed and celebrated so, with some allowance for the vernacular (and not the other way around).
  11. Gregorian chant should be the primary music at Mass, and the pipe organ is to be the primary instrument at Mass. Any other music must be “apt for sacred use.”
  12. All Latin-rite priests are to be proficient in Latin. Very few of them are – and it’s often not their fault, with the deficient formation they receive. See Catholic schools, above.
  13. Nowhere is there is a mandate to say Mass “facing the people.” And, while we’re at it, the traditional rite can never be abrogated.
  14. All priests – indeed, all students – are to be taught in their course of studies with “Saint Thomas Aquinas as teacher.” That means, primarily, the Summa Theologica.
  15. Catholics should have a knowledge of their Faith and its doctrine on the same level as their secular knowledge.
  16. The sacrament of Confirmation is to be given before Holy Communion, both at the ‘age of discretion’ (i.e., at the dawn of reason, when the child can discern between good and evil, right and wrong) and First Confession before either of them.
  17. Communion is to be given on the tongue, with reception on the hand an indult, which was permitted only for extraordinary reasons.
  18. Confession should be widely available, and even beyond this, whenever the sacrament is reasonably requested by the faithful. In fact, the faithful have a right to all the sacraments, even in the midst of various “risks and dangers.”
  19. Barring extreme necessity, churches should be open during the day for private prayer, and not locked up like Pharaoh’s tomb.
  20. Christ and the Church He founded are the only certain and sure paths to salvation. Extra ecclesiam nulla salus is still doctrine, and only non-culpable ignorance can save one otherwise.
  21. We are bound to seek the truth, especially salvific truth, and to follow the conclusions of such truth in our pilgrimage through life. Every one of us will be judged on our response to truth.

The reader may come up with any number of others, but these twenty-one I hope provide a beginning for seeing why the Church is in disarray. As someone once put it to me, no two Catholics think alike, and that includes priests and bishops.

There is a good sense of diversity in matters that are not binding, but the Church should signify far more in the way of unity, which is one of her divine marks. Such unity is the only basis for a legitimate and enriching diversity.

Although there is some allowance for “pastoral application,” bishops, even the bishop of Rome, are still as bound to the Church’s official teaching as any of the rest of us. To paraphrase Machiavelli, the will of a bishop is not, by that fact alone, the law.

Law must derive from written principles, pondered by the wise and learned over a long time, and often given by God Himself. Saint Thomas warns against “animate justice” wherein the “law” – if we may call it so – derives rather from the whims and proclivities of persons in authority (bishops, priests, presiders, liturgists, canonists, curial officials) who may not like Latin, or chant, or ‘Communion on the tongue’; who think extra-marital sex is no big deal, and often a good release, and any condemnation pastorally insensitive; who are friends and boon companions with various compromised politicians and potentates; or at least don’t want to rock the boat or jeopardize tax exemption and ‘long term’ influence; or the timid, whose primary aim is to avoid vilification or shaming in social media; the comfortable and complacent, as well as all those who simply do not know any better.

And such applies to each one of us. We all must seek, and fight courageously, for the truth, even unto the shedding of our blood, metaphorically or otherwise.

As Catherine of Siena exhorted, which we quoted the other day, “Preach the Truth as if you had a million voices. It is silence that kills the world.”

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PETITION: Urge U.S. Bishops to publicly excommunicate Joe Biden for scandalously promoting abortion
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Keep me updated via email on this petition and related issues.


To his eternal shame, self-professed "Catholic" Joe Biden has done it again.

In the last 10 days, Biden directly acted to promote the evil of abortion. Twice.

And, to their shame, the bishops of the United States continue to tolerate this ongoing scandal as though it's business as usual.

But, let's not give up on our shepherds!

Please SIGN this petition and let's CONTACT our bishops again, and ask them to do the right thing (or, do something!), and excommunicate Joe Biden.

In the latest episode of this ongoing tragedy, Biden nominated abortion-friendly (and, Planned Parenthood supported) Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

Then, as if to underline his Supreme Court pick, Biden made the following statement promoting abortion during his State of the Union address:

"The constitutional right affirmed by Roe v. Wade — standing precedent for half a century — is under attack as never before. If you want to go forward — not backwards — we must protect access to health care. Preserve a woman’s right to choose..."

Of course, we know that making a decision to exclude public figures from Holy Communion is not easy. But, sometimes, this is the only way to make them understand the error of their ways, and to preserve the Church from serious scandal.

And now that Biden has left no doubt as to his intentions and actions - attempting to anchor the United States to the evil of abortion for generations to come - it is high time for the bishops to act to stop this grave scandal from continuing.

Public excommunication would be a suitable response for Biden's obstinate, public and grave sin of scandalously promoting abortion.

Please continue to SIGN and SHARE this important petition. Thank you!


'Biden announces Ketanji Brown Jackson to replace Stephen Breyer on Supreme Court' - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/biden-announces-ketanji-brown-jackson-to-replace-stephen-breyer-on-supreme-court/

'Pro-life groups warn about Biden’s Supreme Court nominee' - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pro-life-groups-warn-about-bidens-supreme-court-nominee/

'These Republicans could help Biden install his far-left Supreme Court pick' - https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/these-republicans-could-help-biden-his-left-wing-supreme-court-pick/

'Biden reiterates support for Roe v. Wade, radical LGBT policies during State of the Union' - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/biden-again-vows-supports-for-roe-v-wade-radical-pro-lgbt-law/

'Biden says he won’t debate ‘theology’ when asked on Ash Wednesday why he supports abortion' - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/biden-says-he-wont-debate-theology-when-asked-on-ash-wednesday-why-he-supports-abortion/



Following the US Supreme Court's decision to allow Texas' Heartbeat Law to go into effect, Joe Biden made the announcement that he would initiate a "whole-of-government" response against the new pro-life statute which could ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

This is yet another, outright confirmation of Biden's openly pro-abortion policies, policies which have the main objective of ensuring that women will continue to be able to kill their own children without impediment.

This anti-life, anti-Catholic stance needs to be urgently addressed and condemned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

For the good of the Church, for the good of pre-born babies, for the good of the faithful, and, indeed, for his own good, Joe Biden needs to be publicly rebuked by the bishops and excommunicated until such time as he repents from his pro-abortion policies.

Please continue to SIGN and SHARE this petition, which asks the bishops of the United States to act in unison to exclude Joe Biden from Holy Communion for his scandalous promotion of abortion - the murder of the innocent.

After signing, please take a moment to CONTACT the offices of the USCCB to politely, but firmly, encourage the Conference to take the necessary steps to exclude from Holy Communion public officials who continue to show blatant disregard for innocent human life and the Church's teaching.

The USCCB's Office phone number is: 202.541.3000

Thank you!


"No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon." - Matthew 6:24

In the lead-up to their meeting in mid-June, we call on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to exclude Joe Biden and other “Catholic” politicians (like, Nancy Pelosi) from Holy Communion over their public, obstinate, and scandalous promotion of abortion.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition which asks the USCCB to act to stop the abuse of the reception of the Holy Eucharist by politicians who promote the murder of innocent pre-born babies.

We know that making a decision to exclude public figures from Holy Communion is not easy. But, sometimes, this is the only way to make them understand the error of their ways, and to preserve the Church from serious scandal.

Indeed, Canon Law (Canon 915) declares that those who persist in manifest, grave sin should not be admitted to Holy Communion

Beyond that, at this point, public excommunication appears as the only suitable response for Biden's obstinate, public and grave sin of promoting abortion.

In doing so, we do not hold ourselves up as judges over Joe Biden's eternal soul, but we encourage the bishops to make known one of the consequences of public and obstinate support of abortion by our 'Catholic' politicians.

The fact is, in terms of the manifest, grave sin of abortion, Joe Biden is as bad as he said he would be before the election.

Therefore, it is cold comfort that the USCCB is only preparing to discuss this issue only now.

But even now, if the USCCB publicly excommunicate Biden for his pro-abortion stance (as well as other pro-abortion politicians), the Conference could reclaim some of the moral authority which they lost by their largely silent assent to Biden's candidacy.

Please SIGN and SHARE this petition, now.

Since Joe Biden was sworn-in on the 20th of January, he has wasted no time in signing orders and bills which facilitate the destruction of unborn human life.

  • In one executive order, Biden rescinded the Mexico City Policy prohibiting the federal government from spending taxpayer monies on abortion and the promotion of abortion.
  • Biden also signed (instead of vetoing) the COVID relief bill, which, for the first time in 44 years, contained funding for abortions in America, using taxpayer dollars.
  • Biden said that he wouldn't defend Hyde, and he hasn't.

And, if he and the Democratic Party get their way, a lot more of the same regarding abortion is on the way.

Strong action must be taken lest anyone, especially young people, be confused by the scandal of a "Catholic" in Biden's position aggressively promoting abortion, enabling the killing of innocent human beings.

American rank-and-file Catholics don't want any more compromise and equivocation from the Bishops Conference on this "pre-eminent" life-and-death issue.

We want clear action, not twenty more years of dithering and "dialoguing."

50 million babies have been lost to abortion in the U.S. since Roe!

So, we will NOT accept any more lives lost as a result of dithering and "dialoguing." [**Please see "Notes" below about how it has been reported that some senior U.S. clerics are trying to prevent this discussion from even taking place.]

And, we will especially NOT accept one life lost to abortion by politicians who claim the Catholic Faith, but who promote grave evil. God forbid!

With all due respect to these bishops, they diminish the Holy Eucharist and their high office, as well as cause grave scandal to the faithful, by not imposing public canonical penalties on a man who is promoting mass murder of the unborn against the constant teaching of the Church.

The bishops are now at a crossroads and must choose either God or mammon.

We call on them to choose God and choose Life!

And we also continue to encourage those brave, true and good bishops who have done well to warn Amercian Catholics about the perils to the unborn and the Faith resulting from Biden's promotion of abortion!

SIGN and SHARE this petition, which asks the bishops of the United States to act in unison to exclude Joe Biden from Holy Communion for his scandalous promotion of abortion - the murder of the innocent.

After signing, please take a moment to CONTACT the offices of the USCCB to politely, but firmly, encourage the Conference to take the necessary steps to exclude from Holy Communion public officials who continue to show blatant disregard for innocent human life and the Church's teaching.

The USCCB's Office phone number is: 202.541.3000


Joe Biden: I support abortion ‘under any circumstance’ - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/joe-biden-i-support-abortion-under-any-circumstance

Biden administration has opened the way for ‘abortion by mail on a massive scale’ - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/biden-administration-unleashed-by

‘Catholic’ Biden marks Roe v. Wade anniversary with pledge to make abortion available for ‘everyone’ - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/catholic-biden-marks-roe-v-wade-anniversary-with-pledge-to-make-abortion-available-for-everyone

BREAKING: DC archbishop affirms he will give Holy Communion to pro-abortion Joe Biden - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-dc-archbishop-affirms-he-will-give-holy-communion-to-pro-abortion-joe-biden

Vatican puts brakes on US bishops confronting problem of pro-abortion Biden receiving Holy Communion - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/vatican-puts-brakes-on-us-bishops-confronting-problem-of-pro-abortion-biden-receiving-holy-communion

Abp. Aquila backs call for pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ Joe Biden to be denied Holy Communion - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/abp-aquila-backs-call-for-pro-abortion-catholic-joe-biden-to-be-denied-holy-communion

Cardinal Burke floats ‘excommunication’ for Biden over his ‘aggressive’ abortion promotion - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/cardinal-burke-floats-excommunication-for-biden-over-his-aggressive-promotion-of-abortion

Biden’s HHS is lying about Title X to push abortion - https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/bidens-hhs-is-lying-about-title-x-to-push-abortion

List of US bishops for and against denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians like Biden, Pelosi - https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/list-of-us-bishops-for-and-against-denying-communion-to-pro-abortion-politicians-like-biden-pelosi

Notes about USCCB's June Meeting:

For nearly twenty years, the US bishops have been dithering about whether or not to excommunicate pro-abortion politicians by formally withholding Holy Communion from them.

Their indecision on this gravely scandalous matter is a scandal in itself, but one of the biggest obstacles has been internal opposition from senior U.S. bishops.

And, although the faces have changed in the last 20 years, their morally-and-intellectually-challenged arguments against excommunication have not changed.

Liberal bishops of the USCCB say that excommunicating Biden (for example) would divide the Church, divide the bishops, and would politicize the reception of Holy Communion.

Indeed, in the name of “unity,” it is reported that some senior U.S. clerics, including Cardinal Blase Cupich (Chicago), Cardinal Wilton Gregory (Washington, DC) and Cardinal O’Malley (Boston), have been working overtime to prevent any substantial discussion of so-called “Eucharist coherence” (that is, what qualifies as worthy reception of Holy Communion).

It is also reported that at least 57 other American bishops allegedly joined these Cardinals in a recent letter to the Head of the Bishops Conference, Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, to try to pressure him to drop the planned discussion at the full meeting of bishops in June.

And now, even the Vatican is getting involved, with the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith suggesting that even more “dialogue” is needed.

These same clerics may mistakenly believe that any attempt to suppress the objective connection between a politician’s promotion of abortion and his unworthy reception of Holy Communion will fool anyone.

But, it will not.

Rank-and-file Catholics are not stupid and can smell compromise a mile away, and we’ve had enough.

With all due respect to the Cardinal, bishops, and the Vatican…those who fail to act diminish the Holy Eucharist and their high office, as well as cause grave scandal to the faithful, by “dialoguing” with a man who is promoting mass murder of the unborn against the constant teaching of the Church.

Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition urging the bishops Conference to take action at their June meeting to exclude pro-abortion Joe Biden and other abortion-promoting “Catholic” politicians from Holy Communion.

**Photo Credit: Joshua Roberts / Getty Images

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Bishops are not the Church, and they do not so much make law, as the law is given to them, to apply and enforce in their own particular circumstances. Their task is to lead and shepherd the Church and the faithful, by safeguarding Tradition, and the laws and customs deriving therefrom.

Thomas More pointed out to his son-in-law Roper that ignoring the law is a short route to chaos, which is what reigns at present, seen most vividly in the German episcopacy synodalling themselves off a cliff. Curiously, Saint Paul describes the antichrist as anthropos tes anomos, (2 Thess 2:3) the “man of lawlessness” – and more on that in a subsequent post. Might our current milieu, both ecclesiastical and secular, be a remote preparation for his coming?

I’d rather teach and write about theology, saints, history, science, music, and try to live a sacramental life, and I dare say the same could be said of most Catholics, simply striving to raise families and make ends meet, and who just want a Church they can trust, and in which they can flourish. But such becomes more difficult as things fall apart, and the centre no longer holds.

So, yes, exhort and challenge our bishops and priests to obey rightly ordered law, but always with the respect and dignity that befits their office. God will take care of things, once we have done our duty in our own sphere of authority.

In all things, pray, for truth and goodness to prevail, and for charity in our own hearts, in the garden of which, to paraphrase Solzhenitsyn, the wheat and tares grow. May God find us all fulfilling His holy and perfect will, that we not only survive His winnowing, but may be welcomed joyfully into His kingdom.


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