March 8, 2013 (Bound4Life.com) – The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is less than two miles from Bound4LIFE’s headquarters in Washington, DC. I have visited it many times, and I have always been profoundly impacted by what I encounter there both mentally and emotionally—whether it’s standing in an actual train car once filled with Jews being transported to death camps or first learning about Aktion T4.

From 1933 to 1945 Eugenics research reached a quick and inevitable maturity in the form of Nazi Germany and their reign of terror. We have long heard quoted the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis to be six million, all in the name of “racial hygiene.” We now call it a holocaust, but, ironically, Nazis credited America with having discipled them in eugenics theory and study.

Aktion (Action) T4 was a clandestine agenda enacted early on to euthanize the infirm and disabled throughout the nation. Nazis claimed it was the duty of German citizens to not waste finances on caring for such people. All for a stronger Germany! A Nazi propaganda poster reminded German citizens that it cost them 60,000 Reichsmark to care for a person suffering from hereditary defects throughout his lifetime. What a reasonable and fiscally sound position to suggest, right? Just look at the doctor in his nice white lab coat. Seems trustworthy, right? RIGHT?

Official Nazi records indicate that 70,273 people were legally euthanized through Action T4. Perhaps it was too bold and too sudden for the German people though. Loved ones and children alike who had been entrusted to medical institutions were disappearing, and the registration of ill children had begun. When the euthanasia program was uncovered, public outcry seemed to cause a halt to the brutal order. However, during the Nuremberg Trials, evidence was discovered that the work had secretly continued, and the program was responsible for perhaps 275,000 people being killed. 


“More recent research based on files that were recovered after 1990 gives a figure of at least 200,000 physically or mentally handicapped people that were killed by medication, starvation, or in the gas chambers between 1939 and 1945.”1

Remember that these atrocities occurred in places characterized as hospitals and medical facilities. The lethal injections and gas chambers that were disguised as “showers” developed under the program were a foretaste of the killing methods Nazis would become infamous for using to achieve their Final Solution. The truth that was revealed after the war was that the actual number of deaths were far greater than anyone had initially realized.

On March 1st, The New York Times reported on a story that has stunned experts. Researchers from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum began in 2000 the task of documenting all ghettos, slave labor sites, concentration camps and killing factories established by Nazis throughout Europe. The sheer number of sites discovered has “shocked even scholars steeped in the history of the Holocaust.” When work began, lead researcher Dr. Geoffrey Megargee expected to find about 7,000 sites based on post-war estimates. The numbers quickly rose and continued to rise until reaching an overwhelming 42,500 sites.

“The numbers astound: 30,000 slave labor camps; 1,150 Jewish ghettos; 980 concentration camps; 1,000 prisoner-of-war camps; 500 brothels filled with sex slaves; and thousands of other camps used for euthanizing the elderly and infirm, performing forced abortions, ‘Germanizing’ prisoners or transporting victims to killing centers.”

Again, the take-away from this story is that the actual number of deaths were far greater than anyone had initially realized. Only now can we consider that history has woefully underestimated what really took place.

When I saw this report, I couldn’t help but think about the holocaust of abortion that we are facing. We’ve just passed the 40-year mark since Roe v Wade, and currently most pro-life organizations are quoting 54 million abortions total. We begrudgingly point to Guttmacher Institute currently reporting more than 1.21 million annual abortions in the U.S.2 I say “begrudgingly” because the preferred source of statistics is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Guttmacher Institute was the invention of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and is the primary tool used to justify their failing programs. Their namesake, Alan F. Guttmacher, was once the vice president of…drumroll please…the American Eugenics Society.

The CDC, however, only notes 784,507 abortions annually.3 That’s a discrepancy of almost half a million people. Why the huge difference? It’s because, as the CDC points out, not all states care to report their numbers. Namely California, Delaware, Maryland, and New Hampshire are not included in their most recent report. California has the most abortion centers of any one state at 522 providers,dwarfing even New York’s 249.5 The huge disparity in numbers created by the inability to accurately determine the true amount of abortions casts long shadows of doubt on the whole situation. Now compound this with the reality of abortive birth control, and the mess grows to unimaginable proportions impossible to quantify. The numbers that most pro-life organizations are quoting, truth be told, are very very conservative. In other words, they’re low. Even though it’s already difficult to wrap our minds around the legal murder of 54 million Americans, the truth is that those numbers are still tragically low.

Eugenics ideology is alive and well today, and we’re not really all that different from the Nazi physicians carrying out Action T4. Right now, a staggering 92% of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.The culture calls the termination of their lives “merciful.” By definition that’s euthanasia—“mercy killing.” Hitler’s Euthanasie Programme at least created some public outcry, but virtually no one blinks an eye over the murder of these precious ones. God help us.

Action T4 was the abbreviation of “Tiergartenstraße 4.” That was the address in a Berlin borough of Tiergarten of the headquarters of the Gemeinnützige Stiftung für Heil- und Anstaltspflege. That translates as “Charitable Foundation for Cure and Institutional Care.” Under the guise of healthcare and medicine, Action T4 was carried out right under the noses of the German people. Consider today that the fact that Planned Parenthood uses the words “clinic” and “preventative care” doesn’t mean much. Just because the President or a congressman says the words “women’s healthcare” doesn’t mean that dark agendas aren’t really at work. Those buzz words are designed to strike all the right nerves, but they’re a thinly veiled attempt to calm us all down. I refuse to calm down.

“When principles that run against your deepest convictions begin to win the day, then battle is your calling, and peace has become sin; you must, at the price of dearest peace, lay your convictions bare before friend and enemy, with all the fire of your faith.” –Abraham Kuyper

The New York Times article concludes:

“In Berlin alone, researchers have documented some 3,000 camps and so-called Jew houses, while Hamburg held 1,300 sites. Dr. Dean, a co-researcher, said the findings left no doubt in his mind that many German citizens, despite the frequent claims of ignorance after the war, must have known about the widespread existence of the Nazi camps at the time. ‘You literally could not go anywhere in Germany without running into forced labor camps, P.O.W. camps, concentration camps,’ he said. ‘They were everywhere.’”

Currently, statistics show that by age 45 nearly one in three women will have had at least one abortion.7 This percentage makes one thing abundantly clear: Everywhere you go in America there is abortion. We cannot deny that it’s happening, or say that we don’t know about it. Like many well-meaning and upstanding citizens of Germany, will we feign ignorance? Will we choose to turn a blind eye and deaf ear?

Our issue with abortion is eerily similar to what is now being realized about all the deaths at the hands of the Nazis. Simply put: there’s more than anyone could have guessed. Can we not learn from past mistakes? Does no one see the parallels? Almost 70 years later new light is still being shed on the Holocaust. Will the day come when truth about abortion finally comes to light? I believe it’s worse than we thought. A lot worse.

Matt Lockett
Bound4LIFE Director

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