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Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner.

(LifeSiteNews) — Editor’s note: In the following verses, New York poet Nicholas Rao presents a problem to his readers: how can satirists ply their trade when transgender ideology has effectively erased the line between farce and reality?   

Satire’s Dead

I thought—I’ll craft a knock-down play

That really blows the Left away!

They’ll see the massive farce, and crack,

And laugh the Transcendentals back.


So I sat down without delay

In my non-binary cafe,

Beneath a flag of rainbow silk,

With coffee and some plant-based milk.


On clean new paper, soon I set

A first satirical vignette:

A gender-fluid man of wealth

Who’s bound in marriage (to himself).


He soon discovers that his beau

Was only in it for the dough,

Divorces the unworthy spouse

And kicks himself out of his house.


But, being fluid, can’t decide

Which was the former groom or bride,

So ends within a prison fence

For alimony negligence.


Well… just as I had penned the close

Of this man’s tragicomic woes,

I jolted back to life to hear,

“Now, Sally, give your pronouns—Dear!


I saw the source of this command

Before the cafe counter stand,

While Sally showed her shy alarm,

Face burrowed in her mother’s arm.


Her mother, visibly nonplussed

By Sally’s xenophobic thrust,

Excused the girl’s vestigial flaw:

Biology and natural law.


I laughed an inner, bitter laugh

And deftly snapped my pen in half.

I crumpled up my paper, cloyed,

And threw it at the bust of Floyd.


Satire’s dead. No written word

Could make the facts seem more absurd.

If Caitlyn Jenner lacks the clout,

Hyperbole and farce are out.


Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy at St. Louis University, Nicholas Rao is a graduate of Catholic University of America.