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September 25, 2018 (Turning Point Project) – The clerical sex-abuse scandal has done grave damage to the Church.  It may seem that the situation couldn't get much worse – but it almost certainly will.  That's because another scandal is building which, when added to the first, will threaten the Church's very survival.

The second scandal is the facilitation of the spread of Islam by certain Church leaders – often the same leaders who have been implicated in enabling the sex-abusers.

As bad as the first scandal is, the second will be even larger.  The victims will number not in the tens of thousands, but in the tens of millions.

The largest persecution of Christians in history is now underway, yet Church leaders have little if anything to say about the slaughter.  Instead they have covered-up for Islam's murderous ideology, declaring it to be a religion of peace and justice.

Meanwhile, waves of Muslim migrants – most of them men – are bringing unprecedented rates of crime to Europe.  One result is a dramatic increase in rapes, with tens of thousands of victims in England and Sweden alone.  But once again, Church leaders have fallen silent.  They rarely acknowledge the victims, but never miss an opportunity to remind endangered Europeans of their duty to admit even more migrants from cultures that are misogynistic, and violent.

Catholic shepherds provided no warning about the dangers inherent in Islam.  And when the predictable crimes ensued, they covered up for them by insisting that they had nothing to do with Islam.  Instead of alerting the flock, they invited the wolves into the sheepfold.

As the hierarchy's role in enabling the spread of Islam becomes more apparent, the sense of betrayal and anger will grow.  Unless a decisive course correction is taken, the Church will be badly weakened. The outcome of the present crisis will have a profound effect on you, your children, and your grandchildren.

The Turning Point Project is one of the few Catholic voices that is speaking out about the danger.

Published with permission from the Turning Point Project.