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February 2, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) — Did you know that Norma McCorvey – “Jane Roe” — was told by her lawyers to say she was gang-raped, in order to make her case stronger to obtain an abortion?  Today, her daughter is alive because the Texas Court protected them both from that abortion.

As a woman who was conceived in rape, I find myself sharing my story over and over again at many pro-life events.  I have to ask, “Are you pro-life except in the case of Mary?”  I know that about 60% of people who claim to be pro-life are okay with exceptions, but after they hear real life stories like mine, only 1% will still believe in exceptions.

Living in the great state of Michigan, I have learned significantly about pro-life politics surrounding this issue. Michigan has never passed a pro-life law with an exception.  When the Michigan Legislature tried to pass a pro-life law in 2013, the Governor would not sign it because there was not a rape exception. So instead of submitting one, Right to Life of Michigan put together a petition drive. Once they had enough signatures, it was sent back to the Legislature. Of course, those on the left began to yell out, “What about in cases of rape?” Again, instead of adding an exception to the bill, those of us from Save The 1, who are conceived in rape, mothers from rape, or post-abortive from rape, held a press conference to explain that our lives matter.  The discussion quickly shifted, and the bill passed – with no exceptions!

This, my friends, is how we are going to overturn Roe v Wade — not by saying abortion is okay in some cases, but rather explaining to everyone that we fight for life because we truly believe that every life matters. To further the discussion, Right to Life of Michigan has produced some beautiful 30-second TV ads which tell the stories of women conceived in rape.  My friend Travon Clifton’s story and my own story are being aired throughout the state. Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Those in favor of abortion have pointed to survivors of rape to justify legalized abortion. There is a misconception that women who become pregnant from rape want to abort their children. This is a false stereotype not supported by fact.”  You can see more about what they are calling the “Compassion Project” by visiting www.RTL.org. Besides the 30-second ads, our 5-minute stories can be viewed there as well. 

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We cannot overturn a law that was based on a woman's claim of being raped, by continuing to allow rape exceptions.  Instead of offering confused compassion to the rape victim by letting her believe that even pro-lifers think her child deserves death, we need to care for both victims, so they can both be survivors and overcomers. The woman needs real help to deal with her extraordinary crisis. We need to offer that help, counseling and support.  The child simply needs life.  We need to educate everyone that they can have compassion and understand — even my life matters.

Mary Rathke is a wife, mother of 4, ordained minister at Bay Valley Christian Church, and pro-life speaker and blogger for Save The 1. She's also the President of HELP People Inc., serving the hungry and homeless. Her website is www.maryrathke.org.