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September 24, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – How did a pro-abortion socialist who repeatedly insulted President Trump become the darling of the Republican Latin American foreign policy establishment?

The best way to describe the Organization of American States (OAS) is as the globalist nerve center for Latin America based right in the heart of Washington, D.C.

It might be a fiscal mess (when does socialist globalism lead to anything but a fiscal mess?), and it might have the budget of an average community college, but it is globalism's most effective arm in Latin America. Using the activist Inter-American courts' interpretation of international treaties à la living constitution, there is nothing that is safe from the clutches of the Organization of American States. If you live in a country that recognizes the jurisdiction of the OAS's juridical organs you better hold on tight to your babies, your Bibles, your wallets, and your guns, because the OAS is coming for them all. 

President Jimmy Carter tried to get the U.S. to submit to the jurisdiction of the OAS courts, but thankfully Congress didn't ratify his signature of the American Convention. Still, the U.S. funds 60 percent of the total budget of this globalist train wreck and if the U.S. wanted to, it could exert immense pressure upon the organization to limit the harm it is doing. Unfortunately, like all international organizations, limitations on the jurisdiction or mandates of the OAS are never respected, and instead of focusing the organization on a legitimate function such as international disaster relief or as a forum for international dialogue, the OAS continues to push toward its delusions of grandeur envisioning itself as the judicial, legislative, and executive body for the Americas.

Driving the OAS bus down the hellish road to a globalist socialist utopia is the Uruguayan politician and OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro. 

The OAS, like many other international multilateral organizations, has been rotten for decades, but what is amazing is that Mr. Almagro and his globalist cultural Marxist agenda currently have the full support of those who advise President Trump on Latin American affairs. 

Last year, appearing on President Trump's behalf at the OAS, Vice President Pence had these glowing words for Secretary General Almagro: “Today, this institution essentially represents our entire Western Hemisphere. And the United States is proud — proud to stand with the OAS. And we’re especially grateful for the principled leadership of Secretary General Almagro.”

“Especially grateful for the principled leadership” of a cultural Marxist globalist who considers the dehumanization and legalized murder of babies in the womb his top policy priority for Latin America? How could Vice President Pence, a committed pro-lifer, utter such words? After all, Mr. Almagro's pro-abortion activism is well known to those who follow the OAS (which, in their defense, probably does not include the president or vice president).  

Driving the OAS bus down the hellish road to a globalist socialist utopia is the Uruguayan politician and OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro.

In 2015 Luis Almagro was elected to a five-year term as the head of the OAS and immediately got to work imposing abortion, the legalization of drugs, and gender ideology as the cornerstones of his “human rights” vision for Latin America. When the Zika outbreak occurred in Brazil, Almagro called it a “historic opportunity” to advance the legalization of abortion in Latin America. Mr. Almagro openly publishes selfies of himself and the leadership of International Planned Parenthood Federation and the radical Center for Reproductive Rights strategizing on how to legalize abortion through the OAS. In fact, the abortion activism at the OAS got so bad that United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced earlier this year that the United States would reduce funding to the OAS in the proportion that they use American taxpayer funding to actively lobby for abortion.

Unfortunately, the reduction in funding will not deter committed ideologues like Mr. Almagro, who has vowed not to give an inch in his quest for “more human rights for more people.”  

To get an idea of the human toll of Mr. Almagro's “human rights” agenda, we can extrapolate the abortion rate in Uruguay, where he is proud to have personally pushed for legalizing abortion, with the rest of Latin America. Doing this we can safely say that Almagro's plan to legalize abortion in Latin America would lead to the killing of 4.6 million unborn children in Latin America and the Caribbean every single year.

But Mr. Almagro isn't just a committed abortion activist. He also despises Donald Trump and his America First policy. Just after Mr. Almagro's election as Secretary General of the OAS, he was asked by the Mexican newspaper El Universal about then-candidate Donald Trump's comments regarding illegal immigration. Mr. Almagro's answer was unexpectedly direct: “we need to eliminate narratives like Donald Trump's.”  

When he was pressed further on the future president of the United States, Mr. Almagro insisted that “we don't need to worry about the imbecilic comments of Donald Trump.”  

How could the most pro-life president in recent history support such a disastrous candidate as Mr. Almagro?

The answer lies in the Republican Latin American foreign policy establishment, which has one and only one priority – Cuba. Look at any of the positions of influence in the Republican party with respect to Latin America and you will find the Cuban-American lobby and its representatives. The Cuban-American lobby is essentially neocon, and in fact many have close ties to the Bush administrations, especially the second. For those who have forgotten, neocons are primarily known for an obsessive focus on foreign interventionism and a relegation of every other policy matter to that single purpose. Think of John Bolton, and you have a good definition of a neocon.  

That is not to say that combating the Cuban communists is a bad thing – quite the opposite. To their credit, Americans of Cuban descent have never forgotten their oppressed brothers and sisters and have always pushed for an uncompromising approach to the Castro regime and its attempts to influence other Latin American countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua. Unfortunately, the Cuban-American lobby, in true neocon fashion, would likely support the devil himself, as long as he was openly against the Cuban regime and its puppets in Latin America. This myopic vision of American foreign policy has direct consequences for the millions of babies whose lives are being traded in this geopolitical gamble. It also shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the modern left.  

While the old guard Latin American left might have sought to control the people through military force, the modern globalist left seeks to control and oppress the people through international organizations whose bureaucrats and politically correct courts will reach into people's lives much more effectively than a communist with an AK-47 ever could. Unfortunately, in fighting off the last remnants of the old guard Latin American left, the Republican Latin American foreign policy establishment is unwittingly ensuring the ascendancy of the new globalist cultural left.

If Che Guevara and Fidel Castro were the poster boys for the militaristic Latin American left, Secretary General Luis Almagro should be the poster boy for the new globalist cultural left.

Mr. Almagro, who is a self-described socialist – but also a wily political animal – realizes that cultural Marxism and globalism are much more effective tools for achieving leftist hegemony than the Soviet-Cuban-Venezuelan militaristic Marxism. But we would be foolish to think that the ends of Almagro are any different than the ends of Castro, Chavez, Maduro, or any other Marxist.  

While months before the election of Donald Trump he referred to the president as an “imbecile,” and openly spoke of the need to “eliminate narratives like Donald Trump's,” as soon as President Trump was elected, Almagro changed his tune. He then positioned himself as a defender of “democracy” and “human rights,” and as opposing the disastrous regime in Venezuela not for its Marxist ends, but for its uncouth use of the military to repress opposition.

Proof that Mr. Almagro is still a committed Marxist is his support for Bolivian Marxist Evo Morales. While harshly criticizing the Maduro regime's blatantly fraudulent “elections,” Mr. Almagro traveled to Bolivia to support Evo Morales' attempt to remain in power, arguing that the ability to run for office beyond established term limits is a “human right.” This deliberate distortion of the concept of human rights is Almagro's most dangerous weapon. 

Mr. Almagro, like all good cultural Marxists, is of course not just an enemy of unalienable God-given rights like the right to life, but he is also an enemy of the traditional family and even of the concept of national sovereignty. In a recent interview, he criticized the concept of a U.S. border wall by stating that the wall was not a wall with Mexico but with all of Latin America. For globalists like Mr. Almagro, the concept of nationhood and controlled immigration is just another anachronism that needs to be eliminated in order to reach the globalist utopia. 

It is not too late to alert President Trump and other patriotic pro-life Americans to avoid the terrible mistake of supporting Secretary General Luis Almagro's reelection.  

The election is not until March of next year. Mr. Almagro is already intensely disliked inside the OAS for his heavy-handed use of the office of Secretary General, acting more like a president of Latin America than as the secretary of a multilateral organization of sovereign nations. The United States, Brazil, Chile, and other conservative nations have to come together and put forward a Secretary General who represents the voters who elected the conservative governments, and not a globalist elite like Almagro who is momentarily playing the card of democracy and human rights to a blinded group of foreign policy neocons in Washington, D.C.

If the United States wants to encourage fair and free elections in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua, it should start by ensuring that there is a real choice in the election of Secretary General at the OAS. In his election of 2015, Mr. Almagro ran unopposed.

For the sake of millions of unborn babies, of Judeo-Christian family values, and of the sovereignty of nations, the United States cannot resign itself to another five years of the OAS under Secretary General Luis Almagro.