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February 6, 2015 (STOPP.org) — Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts found a direct path into the Boston schools through the doors of the city council. Planned Parenthood-endorsed city councilor Ayanna Pressley is taking credit for requiring “comprehensive sex education” in Boston public schools. Pressley was first elected in 2009 and wasted no time getting to work on Planned Parenthood’s agenda.

In a September 2013 interview, while she was a Planned Parenthood-endorsed candidate for reelection, she boasted of her pride in her 2010 move to build a coalition with abortion and homosexuality promoting groups including Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, and MassEquality.

“I am so proud of the partnership I have forged with tireless advocates and that after more than three years of work together, we were successful in getting a robust sexual health education and condom availability policy passed by Boston Public Schools this June,” Pressley said in the interview. She continued:

As founder and chair of the city council’s Committee on Women and Healthy Communities, my maiden hearing as a city councilor was on teen pregnancy in March of 2010. . . .

Following the hearing, I helped build a broad and diverse coalition of advocates including the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy, Hyde Square Task Force, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts, ACLU, MassEquality, ABCD Health Services, and NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts. Over three-and-a-half years we met regularly and had many small wins along the way that made passage of the comprehensive policy possible.

How diverse, you may wonder, was the sex ed coalition that pushed these requirements on young children? As you might suspect, Planned Parenthood has close ties to every organization on the coalition. You can read the details about those organizations and their connections to Planned Parenthood here.

Pressley goes on to brag of her work with the Planned Parenthood coalition: “We advocated and drafted a district-wide policy and our work and recommendations went directly into the final policy.” She continued:

There is no reason that in 2013, the Boston Public Schools should not be providing comprehensive sex ed and making condoms available. Youth need it, parents say they want it, and research shows it works.

Now that we have a district policy that requires this, elected officials, advocates, and families can hold BPS [Boston Public Schools] accountable for providing equitable access. Now the real work begins for our coalition —helping BPS implement the policy.

And Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts just happens to have on hand a curriculum that it wrote and tested as a research project on Boston elementary and middle school students over a three-year period just for the purpose, it would seem, of “helping BPS implement the policy.”

PPLM’s Get Real claims that it can reduce the onset of sexual intercourse in 6th to 8th graders. But a look at the data gathered by the impact study Planned Parenthood paid for shows that the rate of sexual debut for the students exposed to the program are actually well above national averages by 8th grade. And while the study claims the rate of 8th graders having sex was lower than those of Boston-area 8th graders in the comparison group, the study supplies no information whatsoever about the type of sex education provided to the comparison group, revealing neither names nor content of the sex ed.

The study also admits that missing data poses a “critical threat” to the impact evaluation, and identified other problems, but in the end defended the research findings and called for more children to be exposed to the curriculum to facilitate further testing.

You can read our entire report on the skewed impact study being used to bolster Planned Parenthood’s Get Real sex instruction program and see some of the results of the Get Real program on our website.

Not only has Planned Parenthood benefitted financially from the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy $1.2 million dollar grant, it has made giant leaps toward getting its “sex positive,” medically inaccurate, anything-goes-as-long-as-it-is-consensual sex instruction into the hands, minds, and hearts of children as young as 11 years of age. By aligning itself with an up-and-coming city councilwoman who cut her political teeth working for John Kerry, Planned Parenthood found a path that led straight into the Boston public schools.

Planned Parenthood can be stopped, however. Parents in Boston and across the nation still have the ability to pry their children out of the hands of the abortion giant and its allies. Jim Sedlak lays out the plan step by step in his book Parent Power!! It is a plan that has worked time and time again. Please download it today free of charge and rescue your children from the hands of those who would profit exponentially by their corruption.

Reprinted with permission from STOPP.